The New Vaunt Premium Multi Tool Blade Range

The new Vaunt premium range of accessories concentrates on the most popular cutting and scraping blades that allow you to cut a range of materials from soft woods, hard woods and plastics to metal and fiberglass, as well as heavy duty scrapping (even for pesky chewing gum removal!!)

All blades are coated with an blue oxide finish that prevents the blade from leaving marks on your material, as well as helping to prevent rust.

The premium blades have been produced using the latest manufacturing techniques and using high quality materials to give produce not only a durable and long-lasting blade but one that offers superb value for money.



Vaunt are proud to launch our new range of premium multi tool blade, after listening to customer feedback and consulting industry experts, we have made great strides in the quality, finish and the overall lifetime of the blades over our previous range and on test, they will last considerably longer and outperform our old blades.

We truly believe in the quality of this premium range.

Types of Blade

Below is a short guide to the 4 types of cutting blades and 2 styles of scraper that make up the Vaunt Premium multi tool blade range.

Japanese Tooth blades

The Japanese tooth blades are made from Chrome vanadium steel with a double row of alternating bevel teeth, this offers an aggressive fast cut, while retaining superior precision.

The blades tooth set offers unparalleled cutting speed as well as letting the blade sit as flat to the material as possible, allowing you to work flush in tighter areas. The blades are very similar to Japanese hand saws and prove very effective on MDF and chipboard, where the adhesive in the material will bind up finer tooth blades.

The blades configuration also allows for sawdust and small debris to be quickly removed, reducing heat and the possibility of burning which increases durability and the overall lifetime of the blade. The blades are perfect for plunge cutting, even into laminate flooring as well as cutting door jambs and casings for new floorings.

Fine Tooth blades

The fine tooth blades are also made from chrome vanadium steel and offer a finer precision cut than the Japanese tooth blades, but reduces the speed of the cut slightly. A single row of fine teeth allows for a very clean finish that is very precise.

Fine tooth blades are specialists in soft woods and fiberglass and are more suited to shallower cuts, the blades tooth sets allow for a superior clean, precise finish and can cut flush.

Fine cut blades are generally the choice for people who find the near perfect cut more important than the speed of other blades.

The blades are perfect for plunge cutting in plasterboard for socket boxes as well as small, detailed trimming and plunging.

Bi-Metal blades (flat)

Bi-Metal blades are a chrome vanadium blade with a row of high-speed steel teeth. These blades offer a fine finish on multiple materials (including some metals) and their wave tooth set makes them perfect for plunge and flush cuts in a wide range of materials, including hard and soft woods, copper pipes, aluminium profiles (non ferrous metals), PVC, wood with embedded nails, plasterboard and plastics.

Due to the variety of materials cut and the small form factor the bi metal blade makes an oscillating tool perfect for getting into small gaps for multiple materials that other power tools like circular saws, recip saws and other plumbing tools would struggle to access to cut.

The bi-metal construction keeps a sharp edge and resists breakage and are a tougher, stronger blade, that stays sharper than standard CSV blades for longer, as well as increasing durability and overall lifetime, which in turn will increase productivity, reduce down-time, reduce costs.

The bi-metal blade is a real allrounder and although not a specialist blade for wood like the Japanese tooth blades, they offer a great way of having one blade that will cover most materials without continually switching for woods and metal applications.

Bi-Metal Segmented blades (circular)

The Bi-Metal segmented blade offers many of the benefits of the standard flat bi metal blades (cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, plasterboard, plastics, fiberglass and more), but is far more suited to longer cuts in wood and is perfect for terminating cuts without overcutting into adjacent materials. The segmented blade can also be turned around so the toothless section is facing forward, avoiding potential costly damage to materials in front of the blade.

The segmented blades are perfect for long plunge cuts and is a real favourite for cutting plasterboard for socket boxes.

Scraper blades

There are 2 scraper blades within the new premium Vaunt range, these are a 52mm rounded edge scraper and a 50mm heavy duty scraper.

The 52mm rigid scraper should be part of every tilers kit, the rigid blade is perfect for the removal of grout, adhesive removal, paint, silicone and other soft material compounds, as well as aiding in the removal of linoleum.

The 50mm Heavy duty rigid scraper is perfect for tougher scraping tasks including Stubborn Silicon and adhesive removal, as well as paint, flooring glues and heavier applications. One of the favourites uses is for the removal of flooring tiles with heavy adhesive.

Mixed Sets

To finish the Vaunt premium range we have brought together the best cutting blades into 2 great value packs, there is a 4 piece and 8 piece packs and both include Japanese, fine and bi metal blades, the set contents are listed below.

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