Top 10 Lockdown DIY Fails

Lockdown had us all going a little stir crazy and looking for jobs to do around the house. However, with a lack of professionals around, many tried to expand their skillsets with some hilarious results.

10. What’s hiding under that turf?

As the sun started to shine many people were more active in their gardens. Ripping up your lawn is a big step when this is the result! Wouldn’t want to have a few drinks and then try walk across this lawn!

Hiding Under That Turf

9. Good as new.

How not to avoid a disaster. When a crack like this appears on your ceiling, PLEASE call in an expert. Not like this chap with the ultimate Friday job fix, wonder how long this one will hold!

Good as New

8. Sticky Situation

Toilet falling off the wall? Can’t get hold of a plumber? Duct Tape… end of discussion.

Sticky Situation

7. Stepping up your tv watching

A lot of us have completed Netflix during lockdown and were desperate for more TV to watch. Installing your own dish can be tricky if you chose that route, at least his ladder won’t fall over!

Stepping Up Your TV Watching

6. Someone open a Window!

I’m one for upcycling, but this one takes the p*ss! Or flushes it.. I can only hope this was done in an emergency!

Open a Window

5. When they don’t specify how full it can be

I feel this one. Having a clear out but with dumps shut and skips costing an arm and a leg, it was time to get economical! Bet the skip company had a laugh when they came to collect this one.

Specify How Full

4. Bear Grylls DIY Survival

Even starting a DIY job can be difficult, especially when you don’t have the right tools! Luckily with a nail and a bit of patience, you can fashion an emergency one! Or, you could get one from us and have it delivered the very next day!

Bear Grylls DIY Survival

3. A Little Helper

Even if you’re a true professional, working from home can provide a new set of challenges… cheers kiddo!

Little Helper

2. Give Me Strength

If its not the kids it’s the other half! He left his wife for 5 minutes with the flatpack and..

Give me Strength

1. New Paint Job

My head hurts just looking at this one. Poor fellow has no doubt been hassled to freshen up a wall with his spare time but now has this headache to deal with! New car needed I think!

New Paint Job

Luckily enough sites are starting to re-open and DIY jobs can be put to the back of your mind where they belong. As you get back to work ITS has over 25,000 products ready for next day delivery. Get shopping here!

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