Dewalt Cordless Router – What do we know?

DeWalt recently announced that a new range of cordless woodworking tools would be coming to their USA market with releases spread out across late this year and early next year. One of the most exciting tools in their line-up was the DCW600 Cordless Brushless Router.

Details are typically scarce but what we do know is that the DCW600 will feature:

  • Dual LED lights
  • Adjustable quick release clamp
  • Quick release tabs for the base
  • Depth adjustment ring
  • Large button spindle lock
  • 12-position ratcheting lock

As well as your standard electronic speed controls, soft start, and electronic brake.

We have a picture of the full line-up of new tools coming to the market and from what we can see, the router follows the same typical design as Makita’s effort. The battery on top gives it a good balance and the slim body design makes it easy to use with one hand.

Dewalt Cordless Tools

A front on picture shows us the one hand speed adjustment and the spindle lock button for easier bit changes.

Dewalt Cordless Router

The DCW600 is also said to be compatible with a plunge base as the below image illustrates, whether this is a US only feature is yet to be seen.

Dewalt Cordless Router image 2

The DCW600 has been long awaited by tradesmen up and down the country and is sure to be a great seller and another fantastic addition to the DeWalt XR range.

The US release is slated for Spring 2019 and it usually takes a while for new DeWalt tools to cross the pond, however it is unusual for DeWalt to allow Makita sole access to the cordless router market for so long. I wouldn’t be surprised if DeWalt pull out al the stops to get it over here as quick as possible.

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