How to clean to your boots

Clean Boots

How to clean your work boots

Well we’ve all done it, bought a nice pair of “Honey coloured” boots, worn them for a couple of days and before you know it there’s a big black mark all down the side or a scuff on the toe! Now your nice new boots resemble something dragged out of a bin, or something that belongs in one!

Secret Weapon - Wipes

Once you’ve calmed down and got over wishing you had bought the brown or black ones, the question arises “how do I get these clean again” or even, “is it worth it?

This was the exact situation I found myself in recently and after consulting the fountain of all knowledge otherwise known as the Missus, I was presented with a quite ingenious solution.

Now I know what you are thinking, just get a bowl of soapy water, but that would leave a mark, or use a scourer but that would discolour the leather so you know what she suggested?

Well, believe it or not, the answer is… BABY WIPES That’s right you just have to raid the baby’s changing kit or the other half’s make up bag, as believe it or not, they really are the best thing I’ve found for cleaning your boots!

Boots - Before and After

I wrapped a couple of the wipes around a duster (to give added depth) and just rubbed over the surface until the mark was hardly visible. Panic did start to set in when my boot turned a muddy brown but have no fear once dry, the brown mark miraculously disappeared. This would obviously work just as well on the Brown and Black versions.

Now I don’t know the science behind baby wipes but she who must be obeyed obviously does! Something to do with the connection between babies and boots. If they can’t have one, they want the other!
Of course, prevention is the best cure and treating your boots with Scotch Guard, or something similar, will go a long way to prevent the stains in the first place! But hey, I’m a bloke, when do I ever think ahead?

If you found this helpful or have found another way to get your boots looking as good as possible please share and comment below.

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