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This article was supposed to be about what’s coming soon from Dewalt, but finding out what is due for release is like trying to talk to a human at your energy supplier! So we’re going to look at what’s available overseas, we don’t know if any of them will ever see the light of day over here in the UK but we can only live in hope that Dewalt will hear our prayers and send some of them over to us.

First up we’re going to talk about a new power tool accessory range called ELITE SERIES.


What Is Elite Series

ELITE SERIES is a brand new range designed to increase productivity and reduce interruptions. Only products proven tough enough to outperform everything else are included in the range and because it’s built to last you can finish your job without interruptions.

The range includes reciprocating blades, saw blades, hole saws, circular saw blades and cutting wheels.

The reciprocating saw blades will cut efficiently through hard materials and will last up to 25% longer than the nearest competition.

They will also be introducing SDS Plus and SDS MAX bits to the range soon.

The Dewalt DCF513 ⅜ In Ratchet

Dewalt DCF513 In Ratchet

This 18V (20V MAX in the USA) has been engineered to give you high torque and versatility. The fully Brushless motor will give you 70 ft-lbs of torque and because of its compact design it’s brilliant working in tight spaces. The ratchet is made with a glass filled nylon housing which helps combat damage caused by oils and solvents. Especially handy if you work in the automotive industry.

The Dewalt DCN623 Pin Nailer

Dewalt DCN623 Pin Nailer

The DCN623 pin nailer is part of the ATOMIC Compact series and has a high output brushless motor. It will drive around 2000 nails per charge on a 2.0Ah battery and when it’s time to reload the LED indicator will notify you. It has been designed for ease of use and features a tool-free jam release and tool-free depth adjuster. The pin nailer is perfect for carpentry jobs such as skirting, panelling and cabinets thanks to its compact size its great for getting into small spaces.

The Dewalt DWHT38125S 25ft Tape Measure

Dewalt DWHT38125S 25ft Tape Measure

The ATOMIC COMPACT SERIES tape measures deliver durability and reach with a compact design.

They have been designed to give you more control when measuring and they have an integrated finger brake which helps to achieve that. It’s perfect for measuring studs, plywood and for all drywall applications. It has 20% more compact grip and a durable blade coating for a longer blade life. The tape offers 13ft of max reach which ensures you can get the job done on your own and the fractional blade graphics make measurements quick and easy.

Dewalt MobileLock

Dewalt Mobilelock

Dewalt MOBILELOCK is a portable, wireless alarm system with GPS that offers you the ability to monitor and locate your valuable assets quickly and easily. The device, about the size of a deck of cards, can be mounted in a hidden area on any remote or mobile asset. It is completely weatherproof and lasts over a month on a single recharge.

The Mobile Sensors have the following built in sensors:

  • Movement / Tilt
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Tamper
  • Lower and lost power

These can be selected and customised depending on the application.. A built in siren can also be activated to sound in an alarm event as a deterrent or remain silent for stealth notification and locating.

Dewalt DWHT51001 Curved Claw Hammer

Dewalt DWHT51001 Curved Claw Hammer

This looks to be a brand new design and I think it looks ace. It features ergonomic balancing and great weight distribution for ease of use. The new design has a new shaped head, an I-beam style handle and a new curved claw. Now we don’t really expect to see this one over here but how nice would this look in your toolbox. I expect a few admiring glances from your work crew if you even manage to get your hands on one of these.


Dewalt DCS438 Powerstack Tool Kit

Now this one is due out here very soon and we’re super excited about it. The kit includes the DCS438 Brushless 75mm cut off tool, 2x 18v XR Powerstack batteries as well as a charger and a case. The features of this machine are impressive; including forward and reverse modes to allow for quick and simple directional changes (this also allows you to redirect any sparks if in a confined area); single trigger switch for comfortable operational control which is further emphasised by the large overmold grip area.

Now the great thing about this kit is the powerstack batteries. Compared to standard batteries the powerstack model has proven to last twice as long, have improved thermal performances, increased cycle life as well as increased output and increased durability. If you would like to learn more about Dewalt Powerstack we have written an article that you can read here.

Dewalt DCB1102E2 18V XR Powerstack Starter Kit

Dewalt DCB1102E2 Powerstack Starter Kit

This is another one that we have on order and can’t wait for it to arrive. The Dewalt DCBP034 1.7Ah 18V XR Compact Powerstack Battery signals a new development in battery technology. Traditional, Lithium-Ion batteries were constructed using cylindrical cells. This updated design does away with that and uses stacked, pouch cells. This incredibly unique design reduces the size of the battery, optimizing the size for compact applications as well as increasing the length of time the battery lasts. When compared to other Dewalt batteries, the Powerstack model has proven to last twice as long, have improved thermal performance, increased cycle life, as well as increased output, and increased durability.

So… faster, smaller, better output…what’s the catch?

Traditionally, a new battery design means changing tools. Not in this case. The Powerstack 18V Battery is 100% compatible with all your Dewalt 18V power tools. No Catch. If you would like to learn more about Dewalt Powerstack we have written an article that you can read here.

Dewalt DCB094 18V & 54V USB Power Delivery Charging Kit

Dewalt DCB094 USB Charging Kit

Now technically this one is out now but its so new I just had to include it. The Dewalt DCB094K conveniently charges your compatible devices and accessories. It can rapidly charge DEWALT 18V and FLEXVOLT battery packs and use the USB-C port and output power to charge your other personal devices up to 100 W.

The fast charger’s USB-A port acts as an adapter, allowing you to charge devices up to 12 W using your traditional USB cords. This kit includes our DCB094 USB Charger, a 100 W USB cord, a 65 W power supply, and a belt hook for on-the-go stowing. It also has a stage 1 and 2 state of charge indicator to keep you aware of power levels when charging your batteries. If you would like to learn more about Dewalt Powerstack we have written an article that you can read here.

Dewalt Welded Storage System

Dewalt Welded Storage System

If you have a workshop these would look awesome and so professional. From what I understand the range will include floor standing cabinets, wall cabinets, worktops and backsplashes. The cabinets have large recessed handles and levelling feet on the freestanding units, there’s even a power strip built into the backsplash. It looks like there will be five different sets available each set having between 4 and 7 units each.

Now this is another one we don’t think will make the long journey over here but we can live in hope that it, or something very similar does end up in our warehouse for you.

Dewalt Folding Welding Table

Dewalt Folding Welding Table

The Dewalt welding bench features all-steel construction and has a weight capacity of 453kg while only weighing in at 18.1kg. The work surface measures 46” x 18” and has ¾” holes and slots to fit clamps and mounting fixtures. The table legs fold in for compact storage, and also feature a double-locking mechanism to prevent them from retracting under heavy loads. One of the legs has a convenient cord-minder to take up cable slack.

When fully extended, the adjustable legs bring the free-standing working height up to 36″. What I love about this is it gives you the ability to use it with an existing wood or metal workbench with the legs folded.

Dewalt ToughSystem 2.0 2-Drawer Tool Box

Dewalt Toughsystem 2 Tool Box

This is another new item that’s due very soon and we can’t wait.
It has two deep drawers that have been built to securely hold your tools and accessories. The box features metal slides and has a 10kg load capacity. It is compatible with the original ToughSystem and ToughSystem 2.0 and quickly connects using the units patented side latches.
It can be used with foam inserts to offer additional protection to all you power tools

Remember most of this equipment is NOT available in the UK and we don’t know if it will ever make it across the pond, this is more of a #teamyellow wishlist

So, has anything taken your fancy on this list? I for one love the new Elite series, anything that offers longer life on power tool accessories is a winner in my book. Have you seen something you think should have been added to this list? Let me know in the comments and i’ll get some info and add to my list.

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