Top 10 Dewalt Tools you didn’t know existed

Dewalt is one of the leading brands of power tools, hand tools, and accessory manufacturers in the world, and as well as the usual drills, saws, and sanders, they also make some pretty obscure tools.

Here are just a few of our favorites.

1. The DCL079 LED Tripod Light

Dewalt LED Tripod Light

This light is a must on any site, with over 11 hours runtime on a single battery you know your covered for the whole day. Its easy to transport and store thanks to its compact size and durable construction and the base provides great stability.

It has 3 settings with the highest setting being 30% brighter than a 500W halogen light.

The light will extend up to 2.2m high to optimise lighting over your whole site and because the LEDs are bonded directly to a substrate it increased the lumen output per square inch

2. DCE800N 18V Brushless Drywall Sander

Dewalt 54V Brushless Drywall Sander

The DWE7800 240V electric drywall sander has a powerful 530W motor and first class dust extraction. The unit is lightweight and guarantees improved balance and a lower weight at head level. This means that you can keep working for longer without having to worry about aches or fatigue

The telescopic handle lets you quickly change the length of the unit and the side positioned head mounted dust extraction hose provides a clear line of sight in your work area

This sander is amazing for getting to those hard to reach places, perfect for stairs and ceilings.

3. The DWST1-75663 Toughsystem Jobsite Radio

Dewalt DWST1-75663 ToughSystem Radio

Having not only Bluetooth but also DAB as well as AM/FM gives you the ability to tune into and store all your favourite radio stations, whether they’re digital or not. (12 FM pre-sets and 6 AM pre-sets available)

Built using the Dewalt Toughsystem storage cases as a base users will be able to combine this radio with a pre-existing stackable Toughsystem toolbox family. This means it’s got the same protective qualities as the tool cases with the added benefit of being able to carry tools and the radio at the same time. Additionally, it can be stacked onto a Dewalt trolley.

One of the radios best features is its ability to charge your 18V batteries when plugged into the mains, this means you can always keep on top of your charging whilst listening to the latest tunes

It has 6 audio drivers, 40W RMS and 2 sub woofers to make it the best in its category.

4. The Dewalt DT70620QZ Impact Shear Attachment

Dewalt Impact Shear Attachment

This is a really clever piece of kit. It attaches to your impact driver or drill and creates a powerful shear for HVAC cutting and metal fabrication.
The head rotates 360° which gives you greater manoeuvrability when cuttings and helps get to those hard to reach areas. It will easily cut upto 1.3mm in metal and is faster in straight & curved sections vs. conventional hand held shears.

What i love about this is the universal fitment, so if your not a Dewalt user this will still fit on most competitors tools and work exactly the same

5. The Dewalt DCN701 18V XR Electricians Stapler

Dewalt 18V XR Electrician Stapler

I’m so excited to share this one with you, if you work with cable it really is the best time-saving tool you can have.

No more trying to hammer at the ceiling while balancing on a ladder, just point and pull the trigger. This will actually pay for itself just by increasing your productivity. It has an integrated cable guide for easy alignment of cables and because of its compact design it’s perfect for getting into confined spaces and between joists.

6. The Dewalt DCLE34031D1 18V Compact 360° Green Laser

Dewalt 18V Compact 360 Green Laser

The DCLE34031D1 green laser is a brand new compact laser, and they have moved the battery to the underneath or the unit for better 360 degree operation. Because the unit is extra compact it is so much easier to handle and gives better results.
It has an accuracy of +3mm at 10 metres and can compensate for angles up to +4 degrees.

Now, because of the compact design it is only compatible with 18V XR batteries up to 5.0Ah and not the FLEXVOLT batteries. You will still get around 11 hours of runtime on a 2.0Ah battery though so i don’t see it as a negative point.

I love the versatility of this machine, it’s perfect for plumbers, carpenters, electrical and much much more.

7. The DCE530N-XJ XR Heat Gun

Dewalt XR Heat Gun

The Dewalt DCE530 18V XR Heat Gun is one of our most popular models and perfect for plumbers, electricians, decorators and almost every trade in between!

It’s perfect for shrinking cable tubing, stripping paint, it can bend PVC and is great at removing stickers and decals.

This 2-temperature level heat gun can reach up to 530°C in 340seconds in high setting and 290°C in the low setting.

Ideal for a range of applications, the heat gun can be kept on using the lock-on button which protects against operator fatigue and improves comfort.

It maintains the output temperature at a constant which saves against cooling and restarting.

It also has a lock-off switch to prevent against accidental activation during storage and transport.

8. The DWST1-81333 ToughSystem Cooler

Dewalt Toughsystem Cooler

The TOUGHSYSTEM DS404 Cooler Box is fitted with commercial grade foamed PU insulation providing 5 day ice retention without any batteries or power.

It comes with all the standard TOUGHSYSTEM features you’d expect: side latches for stacking, side handles for carrying or use with the trolley, racking or van racking.

Complete with an integrated bottle opener and can holders on the lid, large 25.5 Litre/40kg capacity & lid basket, you can use this for more than just keeping your lunch chilled.

IP65 Rated against water and dust ingress.

9. The DCE581N 18V XR Cordless Caulking Gun

Dewalt 581N

The DCE581 caulking gun is capable of holding a 600ml sausage or a 300ml cartridge. It is comfortable to use and easy to handle and there is no worry of waste with the auto-retract drip feature
The gun gives you control over your usage thanks to the variable speed trigger.

It’s perfect for trade professionals and should be an essential buy for any plumber or building contractor, when it comes to saving time and effort this really will come into its own.

10. The DCC018N 18V XR Inflator

Dewalt 18V XR Inflator

Now I know this is number 10 but it was too good to miss out and I know your going to love it as much as I do.

This XR triple source inflator is compact and lightweight so it’s easy to store or carry around with you all day. It has a digital gauge which allows you to preset desired PSI and the digital display is easy to read. It also has a handy auto shut off feature which prevent over inflation.
Ideal for tackling big tasks thanks to its high/low pressure output. The inflator is capable of inflating at a rate of up to 0.35L/min. @ 6.2 bar or 0.6L/min. @ 2 bar.

It comes with a 12V adapter so you can run it from your van/car and includes a high pressure adapter, bicycle tyre adapter and a ball needle.

Honorable mentions

Here are some exciting new products available in the USA at the moment, and we have everything crossed that they make their way across the pond soon.

The DCE151B Cordless Cable Stripper

Dewalt Cordless Cable Stripper

This nifty tool will strip up to 4 inches of casing from your cable without any risk to your fingers and it takes seconds.
The kit comes with 20 different size attachments , meaning no cable is to big. It will easily strip copper and aluminium cable and the depth gauge means you only strip exactly what’s needed.

This is a must for anyone who works with cables, i can imagine just how much time this would save you every day.

The DXSTAH025 Adjustable Shop Stool with Casters

Dewalt Adjustable Stool

Just think how many admiring glances you would get whizzing around on this in the workshop.

The stool has a heavy-duty all-steel frame and can hold up to 300lb (21.4 stone). The seat is height adjustable, and it even has a wires shelf to store tools and snacks

I’m wondering how i can get my hands on one of these as i know everyone in the office would have proper chair envy, i mean what’s not to love about this. It looks amazing and the seat looks so comfortable.

The DW0150 1-1/2 in Stud Finder

Dewalt Stud Finder

This centre detect Stud Finder has a detection depth of 1-1/2 inches for wood and metal.

The difference between this stud finder and all the rest is that this will find the centre of the stud rather than the edge.

So, that’s the end of my list and i hope you found something you like on there. Was there anything i missed that you think should have been included?

Have you got any of the listed tools? If so what do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.

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