New Makita Tools You May Have Missed – 2023


With 2023 quickly coming into an end we at ITS thought what better than a recap of the Makita tools you may have missed this year! It’s been a pretty active year at Makita, from their microwave launch to the 40v XGT range expanding the tool giant has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. …

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The Best Makita Multi Tools – Range Review: 2023

Best Makita Multi Tools 1

Finding the best Makita multi tool for your money can be a hard task. This article aims to clear the air around Makita’s multi tools and arm you with the information needed to make an informed buying decision. Makita’s multi tools are the true all-rounders for working on the job. These incredibly diverse machines are …

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The Best DeWalt Impact Drivers – Range Review: 2024

The Best Dewalt Impact Drivers Thumbnail

When it comes to Impact Drivers, DeWalt truly stands out as a brand that dedicates itself to honing and perfecting its craft. DeWalt keeps a slim range of impact drivers simply because the impact drivers they offer are just that good. This makes looking for the best DeWalt impact driver easier. DeWalt stock over 300+ …

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Nailers Made Easy: A Complete Guide to Types of Nail Guns and Applications – 2023

Nail Gun Thumbnail

It can be difficult to understand all the nail gun terminology and names thrown around in the trade, especially when starting out as people often refer to the various types of nail gun in many different ways. This can depend upon not only the size of nail they can fire, but also the materials they …

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The Best Petrol Lawn Mowers Of 2023

Petrol Lawn Mowers

In this article I will be going through the different types of Lawn Mowers available on the market and explaining the differences in fuel sources – namely petrol, cordless electric and corded electric lawn mowers and how it may affect your buying decision. At ITS our tool experts go above and beyond to ensure the tools we supply are the best on the market.

Why the Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler is Essential for Electrical Work

Milwaukee M12 Cable stapler thumbnail

If you’re on the hunt for a cable stapler, you’re likely considering your options. Perhaps you’re researching cable staplers in general. Either way, have you checked out the Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler yet? It might be just what you need! In this article I will be exploring Milwaukee’s M12 BCST-0 Cable Stapler and delving into …

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