Guide to Milwaukee M18 Power Tool Battery Charging Times

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Understanding the charging time for your Milwaukee M18 power tool battery is vital for effective task management. Our experts have collaborated with Milwaukee to offer a comprehensive guide on M18 battery charging times. Below, you’ll discover specific charging durations for various charger models and battery ampere-hour (Ah) choices. Sustaining a full battery charge is crucial …

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The New Milwaukee Cordless Plunge Saw – Preorder now

The New Milwaukee Cordless Plunge Saw

Milwaukee’s Pipeline event always turns heads and 2022’s was no exception. Full of brand new technology and products, the star of the show was the M18 Fuel Brushless Cordless Plunge Saw. Whilst we’re unsure what the UK model number will be at the time of writing, we’re going to break down all we know about …

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New Milwaukee M18 Fuel CAG115X GRINDER & CCS55 CIRCULAR SAW


Milwaukee have always been famed for their high quality and innovative products, as ‘All American’ and reliable as Hulk Hogan – and just as tough (handlebar ‘tache optional). So, it comes as no surprise that from the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee have created some ace new products that would be a rootin’ tootin’ addition …

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