The Best Makita Multi Tools – Range Review: 2023

Best Makita Multi Tools 1

Finding the best Makita multi tool for your money can be a hard task. This article aims to clear the air around Makita’s multi tools and arm you with the information needed to make an informed buying decision. Makita’s multi tools are the true all-rounders for working on the job. These incredibly diverse machines are …

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Milwaukee’s PACKOUT Workshop Wall Mounted Range Keeps Getting Better


With Milwaukee expanding their range of wall mounted storage solutions once again, we at ITS thought what better time than now to expand upon our Milwaukee PACKOUT Article collection and run through the Milwaukee PACKOUT Workshop range. Before we get into the article, here’s a video from Dan explaining the Milwaukee PACKOUT Range. What is …

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14 Milwaukee Lighting Products To Keep You Working In The Dark

Milwaukee 1

In the Autumn and Winter months, nothing’s worse for construction than losing daylight. Less visibility means less safety, less time to work and ultimately, less money in your pocket. That’s why at ITS have compiled this list of 14 essential Milwaukee lighting products designed to keep you productive in low-light conditions. If you’re new to …

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Guide to Paslode Power Tool Battery Charging Times


Knowing the time it takes to charge your Paslode power tool battery is important for managing tasks. Our experts have teamed up with Paslode to create a detailed guide on Paslode battery charging times. Below, you’ll find exact charging times for various charger models and battery ampere-hour (Ah) options. Keeping your battery fully charged is …

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