A First Look At The New DeWalt DCW620 18V Router -Coming 2024

DeWalt is set to release the DCW620 18V 1/2″ router later this year, if you’re a DeWalt fan and into any type of carpentry, buckle up your work belt and fasten your harness because this one’s exciting! In this article, we will be going over the new router and exploring all the information currently available.

What do we know so far about DeWalt’s New DCW620 Router?

We’re expecting to see the DCW620 18V 1/2″ router hit shelves around August/September 2024. These dates are subject to change but we will update this article with any further info.

As the first of it’s kind, the DCW620 1/2inch router is set to be DeWalt’s most powerful cordless router to date.

Years in the making, this router allows users to “cut the cord” and finally complete worktops, doors and more with a 1/2″ collet. (previously DeWalt’s battery range only included a cordless 1/4″ router).

What Does Dewalt’s DCW620 Router Offer?

For those that don’t know, routers come in two different types. 

There are fixed base routers which allow you to set depth, lock in and stay the same depth as well as plunge base routers in which you can lock in a maximum depth, but then also change that depth whilst using the tool. This is great for when working with intricate designs where you may not want to start at the edge of your wood.

The DeWalt DCW620 falls into this category. Being a plunge router, you can adjust the depth, by pushing downwards, and then on release the router springs back to it’s original position.

router set 2

Dewalt DCW620 Key Features

DeWalt Router Inforgraphic m 1

  • The router offers a plunge depth of 70mm, which is more than enough for most woodworking jobs.
  • To set the maximum depth of cut, you can use the depth stop on the right hand side by releasing a lever, setting up your depth and then locking it back into place. The stop also has 3 different heights which you can set by rotating the screws.
  • When using the router, there is a plunge lock trigger on the left hand side which can be used to quickly lock the plunge at a height without applying force to the router.
  • The speed can be controlled on the left using a wheel to scroll through 7 speed settings ranging from 11,000 RPM to 23,000 RPM

DCW620 Technical specifications

Collet SizeMax Cut DiameterNo Load SpeedPowerWeight
1/2 Inch (12mm)2.5 Inch (63.5mm)230001700W3.6kg

Ben Using Router

Additional Information

Overall, the product feels great in the hands. DeWalt has most definitely stepped up their game putting a lot of thought into the design of the tool.

The router comes with a massive improvement to dust extraction – the dust and debris shoot up through an inner chamber in the plunge rail, through the handle and into the attached dust extractor.

This is a really efficient use of space from DeWalt here which shows how much they’re thinking about improving the customer experience. No one wants a messy station after every job! The router also features wireless tool connect, so when matched to a dust extractor the routers trigger will simultaneously start the tool and dust extractor.

Finally, the DCW620 features an “Anti Rotation” electronic clutch, which will automatically turn the tool of if it ever gets stuck on a material.

The DeWalt DCW620 is a release that should provide DeWalt users a great quality of life update. If we find out anymore about release schedule, we will update this article!

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