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DeWalt’s range of workwear and PPE has steadily been increasing in recent years.

You may be familiar with some of DeWalt’s popular tool belts and suspenders, or maybe even their work boots, but did you know that they also did trousers, belts and gloves?

This article aims to show off DeWalt’s ever-expanding workwear range so that next time you’re on the hunt for some swag, you’ll know what’s available.

DeWalt Hats

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Starting from the top, DeWalt offers a range of hats, caps and beanies to keep your head warm and protected from the elements when working.

They’ve also released a couple of bucket hats on limited runs which are pretty cool. (Re-release them please Dewalt!!)

You’ll usually find these hats in a black and yellow colourway with the iconic Dewalt logo in yellow.

I have, however, seen a cap from years ago that was yellow with a black logo. Keep your eyes peeled for these as they usually run limit runs on their hats!

DeWalt Safety Goggles / Eye Protection

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Keeping your eyes protected whilst working is a no brainer. DeWalt’s range of goggles and glasses are designed to keep your eyes safe from rogue debris on the job.

They also produce green and red tinted laser glasses which make it easier to see green/red lasers in day light / high light situations. For example, when using a green light laser for a patio.

NOTE: Please bare in mind that they don’t protect your eyes from the laser itself, but only enhance visibility of the laser in certain lighting conditions. Never look directly into the laser!

DeWalt Hoodies, Jackets & Coats


Featuring Bodywarmers, jackets and more, DeWalt’s hoodies, jackers & coats range is all you’ll need to keep warm on the site.

DeWalt has been bringing more and more jackets out over the years and I’m here for it!

For example, the “Dewalt Force” is one of DeWalt’s most popular body warmers / gilets (also my favourite), it’s great as an underlayer or over garment, and keeps you warm throughout the day.

DeWalt T-Shirts & Polo Shirts

When working on a job the last thing you want is a shoddy T-shirt making you sweat and eventually becoming a bother for the people around you…

That’s why good work T-shirts and work polos are breathable and lightweight. They let you get on with the job without feeling drenched while also keeping you relatively warm.

For example, DeWalt’s “Rutland” Polo shirt is made from 100% polyester fabric that is fast drying and has anti-microbial properties. It’s also enhanced with “Stain breaker” which releases stains from fabric.

Or for those colder days, DeWalt’s “Truro” Long sleeve shirt is crafted from a thicker wicking polyester which retains heat, whilst its mesh side and a back panel help with airflow.

DeWalt Gloves

DEWDPG24L 24247

There’s a a saying that goes “you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands”. The same rings true on the site, or when working on a project!

DeWalt’s range of gloves are designed to keep you safe whilst working, with different sets of gloves for different jobs you’ll always find a snug fit for your needs.

DeWalt Tool belts & braces/suspenders

DEWDWST406031 A 47741

DeWalt tool belts are designed to keep your essential tools accessible and organised on site, making them an excellent addition for people who need to reach for tools over and over.

DeWalt tool belts are some of the best on the market, made from durable fabric. Their belts are built to withstand tough working conditions. With reinforced stitching to make sure the pouches maintain their shape and integrity over time.

DeWalt tool belts often come with multiple pouches to cater to various needs. For example, a typical setup might include a single pouch for general tools and a specialised pouch for nails or screws.

There are so many options for customisation available with different pouch combinations etc.

DeWalt Work Trousers & Shorts


DeWalt work trousers are designed for comfort and durability. Packed with loads of features such as multiple pockets including side cargo pockets, holster pockets, phone pockets, knee pad pockets, and rear internal pockets.

With this many pockets, you’re sure to be able to store away tools, pencils, tape measures, wallets, cash, and other items.

Material wise, DeWalt’s trousers don’t scimp out either. For example the DeWalt “Harrison Pro-Stretch Holster Trousers” use a Nylon and Elastane fabric mix for a four-way stretch, ensuring flexibility.

This material also provides toughness, abrasion resistance, shape retention, and water repellence, making them ideal for site work.

Dewalt Work Boots & Safety Trainers


DeWalt’s safety boots combine comfort and modern design. Often featuring a nubuck leather upper. These lightweight materials enhance flexibility and ease of movement.

Depending the pair of shoes they’ll often feature either a steel toe cap to protect you from mishaps!

The steel toe cap provides strong protection against falling objects. The padded tongue, and collars are also there to protect your ankle from damage.

Thanks for reading, if there are any bits and bobs you think we missed out let us know below!

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