The Best 8 Toolboxes & Tool Case Ranges – 2024

Let’s paint a picture: you’re working all week on a project. Let’s say you’re building a patio – you’ve got your saw, your impact driver, all your batteries, bits, blades and hand tools sprawled across the back of your van. You finish up, job done! Great – invoice sent, time to let loose. Monday comes, you head to your next job and “Oh crap! Where the hell is my saw? Where’s my chisel set gone? “

There’s nothing worse than not knowing where your tools are. That slow sinking feeling: wondering if you left a battery at a clients house, or a bit set on site. My mate even lost his combi drill on the top of a movie set a couple months ago and only just got it back (Pretty sure you can still see it in the final cut).

In this article, we will be exploring the best storage systems on the market to date.

Rather than go into the specifics of each tool box, backpack, tote and drawer case, we will be looking at different range in general and taking a look at what you can expect if you decide to invest into a specific brand or system.

So, in no particular order, let’s get into it!

Milwaukee Packout

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Packout is Milwaukee’s premium tool storage solution. Packed full of cases, bags, workshop units, drawers and so much more. The Packout range includes one of the largest selections of tool storage on the market with Milwaukee releasing regular updates to their arsenal.

All the cases are IP65 rated waterproof and feature space for a padlock if you need to lock your tools away whilst unattended! The build quality is absolutely top tier with a stylish sleek matte black finish (unless you’re in America where Packout is red). Overall, Packout is a solid choice for those who want to protect and organise their tools in transport or in a workshop.

Milwaukee Packout Connectivity

Milwaukee Packout features a unique clipping style where each and every product in the range can connect in some way shape or form to another Packout product.

Some cases feature clipping slots on the top and bottom which allows the cases to be stacked on top of each other creating a fully customisable and personal system.

Milwaukee Packout Customisation

As I’ve previously mentioned, Packout really shines when it comes to customisation – so much so that they have even designed tools such as a work light, dust extractor and radio that can be attached to your storage kit.

There are also accessories, additional clips and even a Packout water bottle/flask that can lock into the storage slots creating a fully equipped experience.

With so many choices available, no two systems look the same!

Milwaukee Packout Drawers

OK, so you’ve customised your kit, but now you can’t open that case at the bottom where all your SDS drill bits have been thrown in.

Milwaukee has thought about this: a range of Packout Drawers will allow you to access your tools without removing the case from the system.

This makes them great for quick access to your smaller essentials like drill bits, tape measures and a whole array of other accessories.

Dewalt Tstak

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TSTAK is one of DeWalts interlocking storage solutions. Most DeWalt Tool Kits / bundles will come with a TSTAK case making it the most popular storage system for many DeWalt users.

DeWalt has ensured that as a DeWalt customer, you will (most likely) already have a TSTAK case. This is great marketing at play! If you already have a case within the range, you’re much more likely to buy another, and for good reason too! The TSTAK cases can be configured with and customised to create a solution for all of your storage needs.

DeWalt TSTAK Customisation

DEWTSTAK3 1 88206

The great thing about TSTAK is the amount of freedom and customisation that the cases allow for.

You can use dividers to organise your TSTAK any way you’d like.

There are also inlays that can be used to efficiently stack away tools and protect them from moving around in transit. 

DeWalt TSTAK Security

With TSTAK’s padlock slots, you can lock your tools in your box giving you that extra safety when on-site or when leaving tools out of sight. The cases are also made of tough polypropylene material and are built to last.

DeWalt TSTAK Trolleys

Dewalt trolley tstak

DeWalt’s TSTAK system also includes trolleys and carts that you can use to transport your TSTAK kit around. If you don’t have a trolley or cart no worries, TSTAK cases come with a carry handle.

Dewalt ToughSystem

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DeWalt ToughSystem is DeWalt’s strongest most durable storage system for the professionals in the trades. Big enough to fit a whole kit and strong enough to protect your investment. Made from reinforced robust structural foam, the ToughSystem is built to last and protect your tools.

Depending on the job sites you frequent, you may need something more durable than your standard TSTAK box. This is where DeWalt ToughSystem comes into play. All of the ToughSystem boxes have an IP65 rated water seal against dust and water to ensure your tools are fully protected. Sometimes, you just need that little bit of extra protection!

DeWalt also has a range of ToughSystem compatible tools such as the DeWalt ToughSystem radio. This is one of the best 18V Speaker/radios on the market and conveniently clips into any DeWalt ToughSystem kit.

DeWalt Toughsystem 2.0 DXL

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Released in 2024, ToughSystem 2.0 DXL is DeWalt’s new eXtra Large tool storage solution, more suitable for a workshop rather than a daily carrier the DXL range offers some of DeWalt’s most tough and secure cases.

The DeWalt DXL system currently comes as 4 modules: a deep drawer case, a shallow drawer case, dolly and worktop – all of which can be configured around as you see fit.

Each drawer module comes with a locking mechanism that prevents the case from opening accidentally whilst in transit. The handy locking bars allow to fit a padlock to keep your tools safe on site or in the workshop.

The ToughSystem DXL cases will ALSO connect to older ToughSystem cases. So if you are thinking of upgrading, you can keep your older cases and build a kit to your specs.

Festool Systainer

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The Festool Systainers have been designed precisely for the purpose of safely storing and transporting high-quality power tools and accessories. The extremely robust, impact-resistant boxes store all of the tools in a space-saving manner as well as protecting your equipment from dust, spray water and extreme temperatures.

The various compartments and plastic containers inside the Systainers provide a clearly arranged storage space for accessories and consumables. The Systainers’ special modular design means that they can be stacked and connected to each other.

The Festool Systainers ensure that everything is perfectly protected and in its proper place, whether at the workshop, during vehicle transport or on the construction site .

Both the front carrying handle and the pull-out aid make it easy to remove the Systainer³ from a shelf system.

The front carrying handle additionally allows for ergonomic carrying close to the body – however, this only applies to the smaller Systainers with a greater depth than height.

It is best to carry the taller Systainers using the lid handle, which is why these are fitted with a pull-out aid.

Festool Sortainer

FES491985 84266

Clever organisation and time savings at the workplace:

The Sortainer³ offers lots of space and provides a perfect overview of accessories and small parts.

To make transport simple, Sortainer³ products can be seamlessly integrated into bott vario3 vehicle equipment.

Makita MakPac

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When you think of Makita MAKPAC Cases, it’s hard not to think of the standard square blue cases. Like the previously mentioned bands, Makita cases conveniently stack together to create a personalised set up.

These are great for storing your tools, but there is more to offer. A lot of people jump to the assumption that this is all Makita MAKPAC has available.

There is so much more to Makita MAKPAC than you may have originally thought. Makita’s MAKPAC range includes organisers, drawered tool cases, cool boxes, open totes, and much more.

Makita Makpac Drawered Cases

MAKP84327 1 38624

Starting with a very popular option, the Makita MAKPAC drawers. There are quite a few different options depending on what size of drawers you want and how many drawers you want in your MAKPAC case.

The Makita MAKPAC drawers stack nicely on top of your MAKPAC systems. The beauty of that is that you then have a bunch of different drawers with different sizes to keep your tools/accessories nice and organised.

These cases are great for storing smaller hand tools, your fixings, your screwdrivers, and drill bits. The different sizes of drawers are something that Makita has gotten right where other manufacturers are leaving much to be desired.

Makita Makpac Totes

MAKP83842 39958

If you’re looking for a top for your MAKPAC set, then the Makita MAKPAC totes are a perfect way to go about it. With both a “full-sized” and “half-size” Small and large tote, there is enough variety to fit almost any MAKPAC setup.

The perk of having something like this is that you can reach in and grab the tool you need at a moment’s notice.

Einhell E-Case

einhell e case

The Einhell E-Case system is a versatile and durable storage solution designed to cater to the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and those in the trades. Engineered with high-quality polypropylene, these cases are heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and splash-proof, ensuring the protection of your tools and accessories in various conditions.

The system is highly modular, featuring cases like the E-Case M and E-Case S, which can be interlocked and stacked together, allowing users to transport and organise a wide range of equipment, including tools, attachments, and smaller items like screws and drills.

The E-Case L, with its deep storage capacity and built-in wheels, serves as the foundational unit of the system. It is capable of holding up to 120 kg, making it ideal for heavy-duty use.

The large rubberized wheels and an extendable handle facilitate easy transport, even over stairs, thanks to integrated bumpers and a practical running board. Complementing this, the E-Case S models are designed to fit snugly on top, enhancing the system’s functionality with additional compartments and foam inserts for sensitive equipment.

Whether in a home workshop or on a construction site, the Einhell E-Case system offers a reliable and efficient way to keep tools organised, secure, and readily accessible.

Stanley Fatmax

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Stanley’s range of tool cases and storage boxes features many unique “one size fits all” solutions that are great for those starting out, or DIY users that need a bit of space for everything. One great example of this is the rolling cantilever shown above which features a large compartment for tools, an organiser, and a smaller deep tray at the top.

Stanley FatMax Pro Organisers

STA175779 2 29054

Stanley’s Fatmax Pro Organisers are a range of organisers that conveniently clip together to create a well organised system that is mainly used for accessories.

The Organisers are fully compatible with other PRO organisers and can be fully stacked and carried together connected by the side latches.

Its versatility allows for a combination of various organiser sizes, with small cups, that create a complementary family of products that utilise the organisation of small parts.

Stanley Fatmax Large Tool Chests

STA175531 37066

Stanley’s tool chests are some of the largest, deepest and widest available. Great for storing away hefty tools, materials and hand tools.

For example…

This FatMax Tool Chest has an extra large 240 litre capacity, large enough for everything you’ll need for the job in hand.

It features innovative top aluminium rails, allowing materials to be strapped to the top of the chest for versatility.

An IP65 rated water seal protects against the elements and the heavy-duty metal latches and hinges add strength & durability.

Honourable mention – Toughbuilt Stacktech


Although not currently available in the UK, I wanted to give a special mention to Toughbuilt’s highly anticipated StackTech range, featuring cases, trolleys, drawered unit, workshop units and even totes. This range is set to disrupt the market when it hits our shores.

Stacktech’s Auto Stacking Technology

Tool Box Gif

StackTech’s intuitive stacking is a market first. The tool cases are inherently self aligning and “nesting” , making them easy to slide into place.

Not only this but storage and accessories in the range feature an autolocking interface.

When the case “nests” into place the auto locking mechanism automatically activates and locks your storage into place.

The lock features an easy to read lock indicator so that you can see at a glance if your cases are secure or not.

Stacktech’s Clip Connection Technology

Stacktech clips

Toughbuilt have really taken a deep dive into the needs of the trades, their cases feature “connection points” which can be used to clip on and attach multiple accessories such as tool holders, trays, cables and more.

It even allows you to connect your Cliptech storage too.

There are numerous accessories that can be attached to your StackTech and Toughbuilt seem to be designing and releasing more as time goes on.

Stacktech’s Water Resistance

StackTech cases are not only waterproof to an IP65 rating, but also have incredible features to ensure your tools stay safe in unfortunately accidents. They feature and durable silicone gasket, which is built to seal out water and dust.

Stacktech’s Lifetime Warranty

If that’s not enough, ToughBuilt goes the extra mile by offering a limited lifetime warranty with their StackTech toolboxes and cases. All ToughBuilt products are protected by a 25 Year LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE to the original purchaser against defects in material or workmanship. You can learn more about their warranty here

As soon as StackTech is in the UK you can be sure that we will have it here at ITS.CO.UK

In closing, there’re countless toolboxes / tool case ranges to sink your teeth into, and there are even more factors that go into choosing the range that’s right for you. Heck you may love BBQ’s or cracking a cold one after work, and in that case you might want to specifically pick a range that offers coolboxes.

Every one is different and the possibilities are almost endless. My hope is that this article has armed you with some of the tools required to go out there and look for the system that works for you.

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