New Milwaukee M18 Fuel CAG115X GRINDER & CCS55 CIRCULAR SAW

New Milwaukee CAGCSS

Milwaukee have always been famed for their high quality and innovative products, as ‘All American’ and reliable as Hulk Hogan – and just as tough (handlebar ‘tache optional). So, it comes as no surprise that from the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee have created some ace new products that would be a rootin’ tootin’ addition to any serious toolkit.

The new CAG115X Grinder & CCS55 Circular Saw have some solid intelligence going on in the REDLINK PLUS system. Impressively, this technology regulates the power going to the tool by measuring the pressure, resistance and stress the unit is under. Basically, the tool decides when to give it more or less oomph so you don’t have to! Doing this means the batteries will work more efficiently and therefore last longer, just what you want when working on big and small jobs alike.

Brushless may not be the way forward with Olympic Curling or when cleaning your teeth but in this arena, it rocks. The POWERSTATE brushless motor in these tools means that you can benefit from longer motor life and increased runtime per charge. So let’s have a more detailed look eh?…

The M18 CCS55-402C FUEL Circular Saw

Needless to say, being the Milwaukee premium range, this product has some awesome features – some of the best I ever ‘saw’. Geddit? ‘Saw’? Oh OK, I’ll get on with it…

With the REDLINK PLUS system, POWERSTATE motor, REDLITHIUM-ION batteries and built on the solid foundations of Milwaukee’s previous stable of excellent circular saws, this bad boy means business. Magnesium forms the basis for its shoe and upper and lower guards reducing weight and maximising durability. With its cut and depth scales designed for easier visibility, LED light and dust blower this circular saw has an abundance of great features and looks great to boot.

Here’s the spec:

  • 165mm blade diameter
  • 20mm bore size
  • Max cutting depth at 45°: 41mm
  • Max cutting depth at 90°: 55mm
Milwaukee M18 CCS55-402C FUEL Circular Saw

The M18 CAG-115X-402C FUEL 115mm Angle Grinder

Again, this badass of a grinder mirrors the circular saw’s use of the REDLINK PLUS system, POWERSTATE motor and REDLITHIUM-ION batteries so certainly doesn’t pull its punches when it comes to power generation and delivery. It has all the power and longevity of its corded counterparts, giving you the performance of a corded machine whilst having the flexibility of a cordless tool.

Being the top-notch tool that it is, this grinder has a premium gearing system plus the neat addition of the distinctive job site ‘Armor’ screen at the base. This screen is designed to prevent metal debris produced during a job, entering the body and therefore clogging up the grinder on the inside. Nobody likes being clogged up on the inside. It’s kind of like Imodium for a grinder. Or a muzzle. Or a mask. Anyway, moving swiftly on…

Combining all this with a body that’s 20% smaller than its competitors, a max cutting depth of 33mm, the ability of a tool-free blade change and an anti-vibration handle that reduces user-stress on long jobs means this grinder really hits a home run (though we wouldn’t recommend using it as a baseball bat).

Milwaukee M18 CAG-115X-402C FUEL 115mm Angle Grinder

FUEL Crisis? Nope!

These tools are an awesome addition to the Milwaukee range – well worth a butcher’s and is available from ITS, both in the body-only and with batteries versions so click here and check them out today!

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