Garden Leaf Blowers – Why I am (and you should be) Using These All Year Round

hub leafblowers

A couple of weeks ago, my boss* mentioned that garden leaf blowers and garden vacuums deliver consistent sales throughout the year. This certainly raised a few eyebrows around the office.  Our buying team thought there was an error in the figures, but after checking and re-checking, low and behold, for the last years, garden blowers, …

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Garden Multi Tools – what are they and why do you need one?


Garden Multi Tools are a relatively new addition to the range of garden power tools available on the market. Unlike in the past, where you would have to use a separate tool to complete each gardening job, these multi-tools come with a power head and different attachments that allow you to easily complete up to …

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whats new 2024

With tonnes of new tools being released, we know it’s hard to keep up. But do not fret, ITS is here to help you out! We’ve picked out our favourite stuff to showcase to you guys. Be warned though, these are pretty cool – so you may end up treating yourself after checking them out. …

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Milwaukee’s PACKOUT Workshop Wall Mounted Range Keeps Getting Better


With Milwaukee expanding their range of wall mounted storage solutions once again, we at ITS thought what better time than now to expand upon our Milwaukee PACKOUT Article collection and run through the Milwaukee PACKOUT Workshop range. Before we get into the article, here’s a video from Dan explaining the Milwaukee PACKOUT Range. What is …

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Milwaukee’s Best Site Lights Explored

Milwaukee 1

In the Autumn and Winter months, nothing’s worse for construction than losing daylight. Less visibility means less safety, less time to work and ultimately, less money in your pocket. That’s why at ITS have compiled this list of 14 essential Milwaukee lighting products designed to keep you productive in low-light conditions. If you’re new to …

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Guide to Milwaukee M18 Power Tool Battery Charging Times

M18 Thumbnail

Understanding the charging time for your Milwaukee M18 power tool battery is vital for effective task management. Our experts have collaborated with Milwaukee to offer a comprehensive guide on M18 battery charging times. Below, you’ll discover specific charging durations for various charger models and battery ampere-hour (Ah) choices. Sustaining a full battery charge is crucial …

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