Garden Multi Tools – what are they and why do you need one?

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Garden Multi Tools are a relatively new addition to the range of garden power tools available on the market. Unlike in the past, where you would have to use a separate tool to complete each gardening job, these multi-tools come with a power head and different attachments that allow you to easily complete up to 80% of the tasks in your garden.

Lets give you an example…

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The Makita UX01GZ 40V XGT Brushless Multi-Function Head is a versatile gardening power tool that serves as the basis and starting point for various attachments.

While it comes with many features, let’s focus on its key benefits.

If you need a line trimmer, you can easily attach the EM409MP Line Trimmer attachment, and voila! You have a line trimmer at your disposal.

Similarly, if you need a pole saw, you can attach the EY403MP Pole Saw attachment, and just like that, you have a pole saw.

The beauty of this tool lies in its flexibility. You can switch between different attachments by simply removing one and adding another.

The power head, controller, and batteries remain the same, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution for all your gardening needs.

Power & Attachments

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Garden multi-tools are not limited to specific brands. Makita, Stihl, Milwaukee, Einhell, Dewalt, Mountfield, and Stanley all offer a range of garden multi-tools powered by either petrol or batteries.

Mountfield’s selection is petrol-powered, which allows users to work without worrying about battery life. The gardening specialist brand offers complete kits with several attachments available.

Stihl, a well-known brand for gardening power tools, offers both petrol and battery-powered machines that use the AP battery range.

Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Einhell also offer battery-powered garden multi-tools on one battery platform. However, Makita offers three models across the 18V LXT and the 40X XGT ranges.

With Makita’s battery offerings, if you already have a power tool that is part of a particular battery platform, you can easily take the battery from your drill, grinder, impact driver, and add it to the garden multi-tool.

There is a wide range of attachments available for each brand.

Common attachments include hedge trimmers, pole saws, grass trimmers, and edging tools.

However, there are also some lesser-known attachments that are quite useful.

One of these is the blower attachment. It can be used throughout the year to clear paths, flower beds, driveways, and other areas of debris like leaves, grass cuttings, and small stones.

Another attachment is the sweeper, which is essentially a motorized broom. It’s great for removing debris like wet leaves, snow, stones, and sand.

Finally, the most surprising attachment is the water pump unit.

It’s capable of draining water from flooded areas, ponds, and paddling pools, and can even work in water as shallow as 20mm.

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Personal Picks…

Mountfield MM2605 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi Tool with Attachments

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This is an impressive petrol-powered gardening tool that comes with all the attachments you need in one convenient bundle.

The attachments include a pole pruner, hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, extension pole, and metal grass cutter blade – all powered by a reliable two-stroke engine.

This versatile 5-in-1 multi-tool from Mountfield boasts a powerful 25.4cc 0.7Kw output engine with a manual choke, easy-start recoil, sponge air filter, rotary valve carburettor, and 0.65 litre fuel tank capacity.

Once you’ve mixed the petrol and oil at a ratio of 40:1, you’ll only need to decide which tool to fix and use first.

STIHL KMA 135 R Brushless KombiEngine

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The Stihl KombiEngine range comprises a limited number of power heads but an extensive variety of attachments.

It is equipped with a loop handle to facilitate tasks on slopes, around trees, or on uneven terrains.

The KMA 135 R features a potent brushless EC motor and speed adjustment on the control handle, which can be set at three different speed settings depending on the task at hand.

Additionally, it has an LED display and infinitely variable speed control. The KombiEngine utilizes a quick-release coupling for efficient tool exchange, allowing you to dismantle it into two parts for easier storage.

To reassemble it, all you have to do is connect the parts and wait for the click, and you’re good to go.

Einhell GE-LM 36/4in1 Li-Solo 36V (Twin 18V) Brushless Garden Multi Tool

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This all-in-one kit from Einhell uses the 18V Power X-Change batteries, which are compatible with their entire 18V range.

The kit includes a Grass Trimmer, Power Pruner, Hedge Trimmer, and Pole Saw, all powered by a powerful Brushless motor that delivers longer runtimes, requires less maintenance, and provides more efficient power control.

The pole-mounted pruner function features a high-quality OREGON cutter rail and chain, and the extension pole allows you to trim high hedges and cut high branches.

An oil tank ensures automatic lubrication of the chain during operation.

Milwaukee M18 FOPH-0 18V FUEL Brushless Outdoor Power Head with Quik-Lok


The M18 FOPH is a power head that acts as the starting point for your system, similar to the Stihl KombiEngine.

With a no-load speed of 0-6860 / 0-8680 rpm, this head incorporates three of Milwaukee’s exclusive technologies for your benefit.

The design is space-saving, allowing you to take only the attachments you need for a particular job. With the Powerstate Brushless Motor, the power head and corresponding attachment can achieve full throttle in under 1 second, with a choice of two speed settings up to 8680rpm no load speed.

The POWERSTATE Brushless motor assists in maintaining the tool and ensures a longer operational life.

The REDLITHIUM Battery packs provide exceptional power for longer and the REDLINK PLUS overload protection maximizes the power you need when you need it.

Makita UX01GZ 40V XGT Brushless Multi-Function Head

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I’ve already discussed this product before, but in my opinion, it has the largest range of attachments available.

Although many of the attachments are compatible with the LXT version as well, this particular model generates enough power for specialized attachments such as a water pump, sweeper, power brush, edging tool, cultivator, blower, and more.

It’s designed to work for extended periods and comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and a split shaft that includes a loop handle for precise control.

The split shaft also features overload protection, variable speed control, and a reverse switch to help remove grass clippings.

Furthermore, the split shaft includes Active Feedback sensing technology that will shut down the machine if the attachment’s rotation suddenly slows or stops due to resistance.

This feature not only protects you but also the split shaft and any attachment.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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If you’re considering purchasing a garden multi tool, you’ll quickly discover the benefits of saving both money and space. These tools are versatile and can be used by both homeowners and professional landscapers, making them a jack of all trades.

The standout feature of garden multi tools is that they can replace multiple gardening power tools with just one power tool and different attachments.

This is not only a worthwhile investment, but it can also be a game changer for mobile gardeners and landscapers.

Do you see yourself using one of these tools either at home or on the job? Let us know in the comments.

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