New Milwaukee Tools in 2024 – COMING SOON

Milwaukee coming soon

It’s been a busy year for Milwaukee with loads of product releases since last Christmas. Milwaukee have continued to bring out a wealth of new tools, accessories, even workwear. We’re going to go through some of the highlights of what’s coming soon from Team Red Milwaukee M12 FCN18GS-0 12V FUEL Brushless 18Ga Straight Finish Nailer …

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New Milwaukee Tools in 2024 – Have you missed anything?

milwaukee missed

Milwaukee has been continuously pushing the limits of technology with new, incredible and popular new tools. We’re going to go through some of their releases in case you’ve missed out and find the perfect tool for your kit. Milwaukee M18 FN16GS-0X 18V FUEL Brushless 16G Finishing Straight Nail Gun Milwaukee M18 F2LM46-0 Twin 18V FUEL …

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New Dewalt Tools in 2024 – COMING SOON

dewalt new comingsoon

We’re really excited to go through some of the confirmed new releases from Dewalt in their anniversary year. Let us guide you through the details that we can confirm of whats coming soon from Team Yellow this year. Dewalt DCMBL777 54V XR FLEXVOLT Brushless Axial Blower Dewalt DCF860E2T-GB 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver Dewalt DCMPS520N …

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New Dewalt Tools in 2024 – Have you missed anything?

dewalt new missed

DeWalt is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and it has been a busy year with the release of some incredible new power tools by one of the world’s market leaders. It’s a good time to review what is already available in case you’ve missed out on something you really want. This is the place to stay …

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New for 2024 – Makita’s New Tool Releases

hub mak new new new 2

We’re halfway through the year, and although Makita has already released a fair few new tools, there are still more to come. We’ve got wind of some information, specs, and pics to bring you the latest new tools that are due to be released over the coming months. In the last week or two, Makita …

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NEW Makita Cordless Tools in 2024 – What Have You Missed?

hub mak new 3

As we head into Summer and we’re nearly halfway through the year, I thought this would be a good time to look back and check out all the new tools that Makita have brought out this year! So if you want to keep abreast of all the latest and greatest from Makita, then this is …

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Garden Leaf Blowers – Why I am (and you should be) Using These All Year Round

hub leafblowers

A couple of weeks ago, my boss* mentioned that garden leaf blowers and garden vacuums deliver consistent sales throughout the year. This certainly raised a few eyebrows around the office.  Our buying team thought there was an error in the figures, but after checking and re-checking, low and behold, for the last years, garden blowers, …

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Garden Multi Tools – what are they and why do you need one?


Garden Multi Tools are a relatively new addition to the range of garden power tools available on the market. Unlike in the past, where you would have to use a separate tool to complete each gardening job, these multi-tools come with a power head and different attachments that allow you to easily complete up to …

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