Top 10 Budget Tools

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As much as we want to spend more money, we understand that it can be taxing on your wallet or purse to get everything you need. But help is available.

Our friends at Vaunt are in a unique position to offer a ‘best of both worlds’ solution to your tool kit requirements, which is hard to come by.

They provide high-quality tools and accessories that are durable and affordable. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top ten budget-friendly products that Vaunt has to offer.

Vaunt Essentials Compact Green Crossline Laser

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This compact laser is perfect for putting up shelves, pictures, mirrors, curtain rails, kitchen cabinets, wallpaper, and tiles. It creates both horizontal and vertical lines for accurate and precise measurements.

It is powered by two AA batteries, which are widely available.

The laser offers an accuracy range of +/- 3° and has a working range of up to 7.5m.

No matter what project you are working on, whether at home or on a job site, having straight lines is always important.

  • Pendulum lock protects the internal electronics ensuring safe transport
  • Foldable wall bracket with ¼” to 5/8” adaptor
  • Strong, durable casing protects from knocks and drops

Vaunt Essentials Hand Tool Kit – Medium

Whether you’re a homeowner, DIYer or hobbyist, there will always be a need to have a handy tool kit knocking about to tackle those quick jobs.

The Vaunt Essentials Kit has a perfect selection of…essentials (no pun intended, honest). 

A selection of screwdrivers, compact level, hammer, tape measure, pliers and more are all packed neatly in a small bag that can sit in a cupboard, back of the van, boot of your car.

Even if you’ve already got a small tool kit, have you thought about giving one to someone as a gift?

tool case

Vaunt Multi Tool Plier, Knife and Torch Pack

VNT21066 1

Now, as pocket tools go, this is a blinder.

The utility knife and pocket sized torch speak for themselves, but the 10-in-1 multi tool is one of those items you won’t realise how handy it is, until you own one.

The multi-tool contains – Long Nose Plier (doubles as curved jaw plier and wire cutter) – Flat screwdriver (3 x sizes) – PH Screwdriver – File (2 x directions) – Knife – Saw – Ruler – Can Opener – Bottle Opener – Fish Scaler – Hook Remover.

I’m one of those people who thought they never needed one until someone gifted it for me for fathers day. I keep it in my bag that I take to and from work (OK, a man bag, I’ll admit it), and it has been brilliant.

I’ve used it from everything from quickly doing up screws on my desk, cutting wires, opening a beer, and on certain days of the week, I can be seen filing my nails on the train. And who doesn’t need a fish scaler?

Vaunt Gazebos

Now when you mention the word “gazebo”, for me, my thoughts instantly turn to glorious sunny days, chilling out in the garden with family and friends with the gazebo offering wind and shade protection to those who want it.

However, there is so much more that these do.

If you’re working on a building extension or construction site what space is premium, the Vaunt gazebos, available in a huge range of sizes and colours, will let you keep working in rain, snow, wind, sleet, etc.

Vaunt have developed a detailed range of home-use and industrial-use gazebos that will protect you from the sun, the rain and more. Especially when you need to work with corded power tools, you can rest assured that the gazebos will keep you and your tools dry and protected from the elements.

They also offer a range of side panels and accessories to secure your gazebo in place, keep you warm, keep you illuminated but more importantly, keep you and your team working in any weather.

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Vaunt Box Cutter

VNT30455 A 61708

Calling all sparks, this is clever.

If you need to add a plug socket, it can be a bit of a pain to measure it to size, and then cut out the right sized opening.

This box cutter solves that issue. Available for either a single gang or double gang, this is perfect for light switches, satellite sockets, plug sockets…the list goes on.

Simply attach it to your multi tool, place in the correct location, and away you go.

The mini teeth on both cutters deliver a nice clean result.

Vaunt Essentials 79 Piece Drill Accessory Set with Tool Bag

For the sake of openness and honesty – I’ve got one of these.

When I spoke to the wife about getting it (yeah I know, not exactly the best idea), she said “What do you need all of that for? You’ll never use half of it?”

Well, I have. We’re lucky enough to own a static caravan, as well as inner London home. And I have use almost every single option.

In this kit, packaged in a handy case, you get HSS drill bits, Wood Bits, Masonry Bits, Brand Points, Nut Drivers and Screwdriver bits.

Each range is secured in a clearly labelled orange case which lets you see everything clearly (and what’s missing). This saves everything flailing around loose in the bag.
Whether in the trade, homeowner or apprentice, this is a really useful kit to have. You won’t be sorry

VNT30052 1

Vaunt Heavy Duty 1160mm Folding Garden Trolley

VNTV1712012 1

Now this is useful for everyone….bear with me and I will explain.

If you’re a landscaper, you’ll know that if you’re covering a large area, it’s a pain to keep walking back and forth between the work area and your van to get equipment. The same can be said for when you’ve done the job and have to deal with the waste.

With 100kg load capacity, this folding trolley fits neatly in the back of your van or car to allow easy transport. With tear resistant material and a concertina metal frame, the easy to control cart lets you pull along over almost any terrain thanks to the multi-tread wheels.

So, whether you’re a gardener, bricklayer, builder, carpenter, or even if you’re going to the beach with the whole family, this is the ideal solution for carrying your materials (or picnic) to wherever you need to be, especially if it’s a bit of a distance from your motor.

Vaunt Telescopic Drywall Support

I love a gadget. I love a device that looks so simple, I’m astounded its not more commonly used.
This Telescopic Drywall support is such a gadget.

I love its simplicity. To hold plasterboard in place, simple ‘wedge’ this telescopic support between the wall and floor.

To further secure it in to place, just squeeze the trigger for it to extend.

Its so beautifully simple, yet you never to get to see if on home improvement shows or even in use that often.

With a maximum load capacity of 30kg, the support can extend from 1.14m up to 2.89m and is made for durable aluminium to aid the rigidity of the support beam.

VNT20202 A 96981

Vaunt Professional Laser Distance Measure

VNT29051 A 86438 copy

“How far is from that wall to this one?”
“Well I reckon its about….” NO!! Stop it, stop right there.
Don’t reckon, or guess, or estimate…be sure – right down to the last millimetre.

Yes, you could use a tape measure, but they only go so far. When you have a room, space, wall that is more than 8 metres, then you might find yourself in trouble.

However, this is where the Vaunt Laser Distance Measure’s come in. Available to cover a range of distances from 40m up to 100m, these will give you incredibly precise measurements for your space.

Whether its decoration, installation or just working out special requirements for an event (theatre is a good example), the Vaunt Laser Distance Measure’s offer clear displays, a choice of measuring units as well as anti-shock system and protection in most weathers.

The 60m, 80m and 100m measurers also include 2-point and 3-point Pythagorean calculations. This is for when there is no clear line of site between where to need to measure FROM and measure TO.

With your measure, you can measure two sides of a right-angled triangle, and it will work out the third with its built-in Pythagoras functionality.

Similarly, you can get the height of a structure without even being next to it, just by measuring your distance from the base and from the top, and you can measure the width of a building by standing some distance away and taking measurements from there.

Vaunt 3 in 1 Vacuum Dust Collector with Wall Bracket Adaptor

Again, this is one of those products that you’ll see, think you won’t need or use it until you get one. Then you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.

The Vaunt 3 in 1 Dust collector comes with a powerful base unit that uses suction to attach itself to a variety of indoor non-textured surfaces.

The base unit also has a laser line generator that projects from the bottom, allowing you to project a straight line for hanging pictures, drilling holes at same height and levelling cupboards, it has vertical and horizontal vials so can be levelled against either plane, but that is only where the functionality starts!

You will receive 2 interchangeable heads, the first head allows a drill bit up to 16mm to pass through it, allowing you to drill a wall and any dust created falls into the dust collecting bin, when you attach it to the base unit it creates a mobile dust collection unit that attaches itself to a wall in seconds.

The second attachment adds a ¼” threaded screw, which allows a laser level, camera and more to be attached and used where a tripod or magnetic bracket would be difficult or where you do not wish to damage the wall with nails.

VNTV1502001 1

Who are Vaunt?

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Vaunt are an independent tool manufacturer and supplier offering high quality products and services for the professional construction market to suit all needs.

With their product team offering over 100 years of construction industry experience, they have come to know what tradespeople expect with their tools and will ensure to deliver just that.

Utilising on their R&D teams around the world, they are always pushing new ideas and product development to improve the construction industry and make the life of a tradespeople that bit easier.

Vaunts core values are to always provide affordable, professional quality tools you can trust.

So has anything caught your eye?  Have you got any of these already?  Tell us your thoughts and let us know in the comments below.

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