Makita Release SIX New 40V XGT “Battery-less” Sanders

Makita have introduced 6 new sanders on the 40V XGT Max platform.

Each of the sanders share very similar features, so we thought we’d go through them and clear up any confusion.

And yes, one of the first things you’ll probably ask is “Where is the battery?” Don’t worry, we’ll get to that!



We’ve already looked at the BO0001CGZ along with the BO0005CGZ in a previous article, but Makita have now confirmed that there are more on the way.

Makita Sander Codes Explained

I’ve had this conversation with my colleagues about it, and I’m sure it will confuse you as well.

It is not B Zero Zero Zero whatever….

It is B Oh Zero Zero One, or Two, or Three, etc.

It took me a while to get used to it. Don’t worry if you’ve got it wrong as well.

Abrasive Paper Shapediscdiscdiscdiscsheetdelta
Abrasive Paper Size125mm / 5″150mm / 6″125mm / 5″150mm / 6″80 x 130mm100 x 150mm
Orbit Diameter5.0mm5.0mm3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm
Orbits Per Minute6000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,000
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Hang on a minute…

Those eagle-eyed among you will have surely already noticed that there are two 125mm sanders along with two 150mm sanders. This is not a mistake. There is a very good reason for this.

3 5 orbit crop

This highlights the orbit diameter of each sander. This means that you have a choice of 125mm or 150mm sanders, then a further choice of either 3mm orbit diameter or 5mm.

Orbit Diameter Explained

MAKBO001CGZ C edited

Every powered sander has an orbit diameter. Measured in millimetres (mm), refers to the size of the elliptical motion created by the random orbital sander.

Larger orbit diameters result in more aggressive material removal, while smaller diameters provide a finer finish. Common orbit diameters include 2.5mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm, and 5.0mm.

If you were to draw a circle around the pad of the sander, then add, say 3mm or 5mm on that circle, you will see the orbit or oscillation range of the sander.

The larger the orbit/oscillation range, the more aggressive the sander is on your material.

So, now we’ve got that out of the way, you’re probably asking yourself, why have Makita got two 125mm sanders and two 150mm sanders?

It’s the orbit diameter of each one that separates it.


Check out this table:

ModelSanding Area SizeOrbit Diameter
BO001CG125mm / 5″5.0mm
BO002CG150mm / 6″5.0mm
BO003CG125mm / 5″3.0mm
BO004CG150mm / 6″3.0mm


Other than the shape of sanding sheets, the six sanders offer the same range of features.  But let’s look at the battery first….

Battery goes…where?

On other cordless Makita sanders, regardless of which platform they’re on, the battery often takes up a fair amount of space. 

By doing so, it not only increases the size of the sander, but will also limit the amount of time you’d want to use it as it will increase the weight of the tool and reduce manoeuvrability.

Supplied with each sander is a battery adapter and arm band.  The battery adapter has a cable that is 1.6m in length.  There is a 5.0m adapter also available as an optional extra.

One end connects directly to the tool just above the dust extraction port. 

The other end holds the battery.  It also includes a belt clip so that it stays with you.  The arm band is there to control where the cable is going. 

By removing the battery from the sander completely and using the adapter, you’d be surprised by what you gain.

By utilising the battery adapter, the weight sits on your hip/belt/floor/chair.  Yes, you increase the amount of time you can use the sander, but at no point do you increase the weight of the sander itself.

This results in a massive uplift in manoeuvrability and the amount of time you can use it.  Gone is the worry of fatigue holding you back.

battery adapter


  • Keeps weight down
  • Let’s you work longer
  • Increases manoeuvrability
  • Opens up the choice of batteries you can use


  • ….er….
  • ….ummm…..
  • …gimme a minute with this one…

New Sanding Pads

BO001CG 03

Net Pads, Mesh Pads, Net Abrasives, call them what you will, Makita are introducing a range of abrasives to work with all of the Sanders that offer improvements to the sanding experience but also help in maintaining the health of the tool

The semi-solid ‘mesh’ type of abrasive lets you keep working but also allows dust to pass through it effectively.

Whether working against, wood, paint, drywall and more, the net structure allows larger particles to pass through without diminishing on the effectiveness of the sanding experience.

They also employ a pad saver which reduces the wear of the pad on the sander. The pad saver can be attached to the pad with the hook and loop fastener.

Yes, you can still use your current pads/sheets, but the new net type abrasive massively reduces the chances of the sander getting clogged and can be simply rinsed off with cold water.

But what about the dust?

Dust Control

Now I like this bit.
We had a visit from a Makita rep to show us a few of these new sanders in operation. He brought with a rough lump of timber, a couple of different grit sanding pads, as well as the sanders. He didn’t bring a mask.

The sanders create quite a powerful vacuum that sucks the dust so brilliantly and efficiently, that you would argue that any dust was created.

Through a dedicated channel in each sander, the dust is removed from the pad at the point of creation and deposited directly into the supplied dust bag or into a dust extractor.

Compared to other sanders on the market, including those by Makita, this was seriously impressive.




Speaking of dust extraction (nice segue move I thought)…

Each of the sanders incorporates Makita’s AWS technology.  The Auto-start Wireless System lets you connect the sander to a compatible dust extractor with Bluetooth. 

Once connected, the dust extractor will start vacuuming the dust through the sander the moment you turn it on. 

It provides an incredibly effective solution for dealing with larger quantities of dust and also aids in the removal of any harmful particles that might be in the work material.

Intelligent Bluetooth communication using dust extractor only while tool is in use extends battery run time of the dust extractor, increasing productivity on a single charge.

The AWS dust extractor / vacuum runs only while the AWS power tool is in use, reducing continuous noise at the job or work site.

Additional Feature Highlights

  • Variable Speed
  • Electronic Brake
  • Constant Speed
  • Soft Start
  • Anti-Restart Function
MAKBO005CG 7 edited


Abrasive Paper Shapediscdiscdiscdiscsheetdelta
Abrasive Paper Size125mm / 5″150mm / 6″125mm / 5″150mm / 6″80 x 130mm100 x 150mm
Orbit Diameter5.0mm5.0mm3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm
Orbits Per Minute6000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,0006000 – 10,000
Dimensions234 x 123 x 96mm247 x 148 x 96mm233 x 123 x 96mm246 x 148 x 96mm236 x 80 x 99mm263 x 100 x 99mm
Weight (Body)0.92kg0.98kg0.91kg0.96kg0.93kg0.93kg
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We’re really excited about these, especially after we got our hands on a few of these little beauties.

What do you think?  Are you interested in getting one?

Let us know in the comments below.

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