Top 10 Garden Tools Everyone Should Have

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Whether you’re a homeowner looking to clean up the garden for the spring and summer, a landscaping prodigy or a professional looking to expand your tool selection, having the right tools can make all the difference when working on a garden.

With the gardening season pretty much starting, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Garden Tools that everyone should have this spring.

1. Lawnmowers

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The Lawnmower is the barber (or hair stylist) of the garden! Simply choose your height, and get to work. Lawnmowers cut grass quickly and effectively to a uniform height.

There are many power options for lawnmowers, such as manual, corded, cordless, petrol and robotic. Each type of lawnmower has its place, depending on the size of your garden or lawn and the amount of time you have to spare.

For example, a robotic lawnmower will save you time in the long term but will cost more, whereas a corded lawnmower will get the job relatively fast until you run out of a cable length.

Petrol Lawnmowers

When it comes to lawn care, Petrol lawnmowers are a great option. These garden tools are portable, easy to use and efficient. Petrol lawnmowers have been and remain a popular choice for landscapers countrywide.

Using petrol frees you from the cord of the electric model and gives you the power as well as runtime needed to cover large areas with minimal effort.

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
mountfieldMOU297412043M21SPPLM 67571.1657536157Mountfield SP41 Self-Propelled 39cm Petrol LawnmowerShop Now
mountfieldMOU2L0482048M21 31708.1675939208Mountfield SP46 Self-Propelled 46cm Petrol LawnmowerShop Now
stihlSTI63740113401 32979.1684912215STIHL RM 655 V Petrol 53cm Lawn Mower
Shop Now

Cordless Lawnmowers

Cordless lawnmowers are exactly that – lawnmowers without a cord. These lawnmowers are battery-operated and highly popular, with many using the same battery as your power tools. The lack of a cord makes them highly mobile and great for jobs without access to power outlets.

Cordless lawnmowers are just as powerful as petrol mowers but without the worry of mixing oil, storing petrol or harmful fumes.

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
dewaltDEWDCMW564RN 18706.1657534539Dewalt DCMW564RN 18V Cordless LawnmowerShop Now
makitaMAKDLM330Z 67452.1657535669Makita DLM330 18V Cordless LawnmowerShop Now
milwaukeeMILM18F2LM53122 07579.1657536101Milwaukee M18 F2LM53-122 18V Cordless LawnmowerShop Now

Electric / Corded Lawnmowers

Corded lawnmowers, as the name suggests are plugged into a power socket and operate using electricity. As you’re drawing electricity from the mains, you have access to more power than a cordless tool.

The issue with corded lawnmowers is in the title, they’re corded. Got a big garden? You’ll be able to cut half of it before getting the extension lead out, and that’s if your extension lead is even long enough.

That said, corded lawnmowers provide the best entry point into the market with their low costs. They are perfect for getting started and more environmentally friendly than their petrol counterparts.

If you’re looking to get the garden right for the summer, then a corded lawn mower is all you need for a well-maintained garden this summer.

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
stihlSTI63110112412 21301.1657537306STIHL RME 235 ElectricShop Now
einhellEINGCEM32ELM 26856.1657534877Einhell GC-EM 1032 32cm Electric LawnMowerShop Now
WGXWG713E1 07900.1694434177Worx WG713E1 Electric 1200W 34cm Lawn MowerShop Now

2. Leaf Blowers

leaft blower banner 2

Leaf blowers are used to clear leaves, debris, and grass clippings from lawns, driveways, and walkways, saving time and effort compared to manual raking. For larger jobs, you may have seen leafblowers with backpacks – these backpacks help to distribute the weight of often heavy machinery.

For domestic gardens, you can get away with a smaller cordless blower but when it comes to larger areas, you will petrol blowers offer more power and effectiveness. Cordless blowers are catching up in terms of power but will require multiple batteries / higher voltage batteries to match their petrol counterparts.

Another handy feature to keep in mind, some garden leaf blowers have vacuum capabilities which makes them great at clearing small hard-to-reach bits and bobs.

Cordless Leaf Blowers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
milwaukeeMILM12BBL0 17294.1657536070Milwaukee M12 BBL-0 12V BlowerShop Now
einhellEIN3433625 47436.1705999214Einhell VENTURRO 18/210 18V Brushless Leaf Blower/VacuumShop Now

Petrol Leaf Blowers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
mountfieldMOUMBL270V 46326.1657536158Mountfield MBL 270V Petrol Blower VacuumShop Now
stihlSTI42820111629 06494.1680794326STIHL BR-600 Petrol Backpack BlowerShop Now

3. Grass Trimmers / Line Trimmers

grass trimmer banner

Trimmers, also known as cordless strimmers, string trimmers or weed eaters, are versatile tools for trimming grass and weeds in areas that lawnmowers can’t reach, such as along fences, walls, and edges. They’re great at adding the finishing touches to a garden or grassy area.

When looking for a trimmer, cutting radius, length and weight are both important buying factors. If your garden has hard-to-reach areas, perhaps beneath a low bush/shrub, then a longer-reach strimmer will be handy. Whilst trying to reach such areas, a heavier strimmer may be harder to operate and cause strain on the muscles.

For commercial jobs, petrol trimmers are often used alongside heavy-duty cordless trimmers. For smaller gardens, you could opt for a corded trimmer with a long cable and if all else fails, you can whack out the extension line!

Corded Trimmers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
einhellEINGCET4530 81652.1657534877Einhell GC-ET 4530 Electric Lawn Trimmer
Shop Now
WGXWG119E 33180.1694434178Worx WG119E Electric 550W 30cm Grass Trimmer
Shop Now

Cordless Trimmers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
milwaukeeMILM18BLLT0 45996.1657536088Milwaukee M18 BLLT-0 18V Brushless Line TrimmerShop Now
dewaltDEWDCMST561N 37806.1657534539Dewalt DCMST561-XJ 18V XR Brushless String TrimmerShop Now
makitaMAKDUR368LZ 05874.1657535716Makita DUR368L 36V (Twin 18V) Brushless Line TrimmerShop Now

Petrol Trimmers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
stihlSTI41492000077 66598.1684912219STIHL FS 94 C-E Petrol Brushcutter AutoCut 25-2Shop Now
makitaMAKER2550LH 18955.1657535734Makita ER2550LH Petrol Bent Shaft LG-TRIMMERShop Now

4. Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmer banner 2

Hedge trimmers are designed for shaping hedges, bushes, and shrubs, providing precision and efficiency to provide a perfectly manicured garden vista.

In most cases, you’ll be looking to neaten up an overgrown hedge, but if you want that well-rounded professional finish, there are plenty of options available.

For example, if you’re working with a tall hedge instead of grabbing the ladder a long-reach hedge trimmer will have you covered.

Trying to mould the perfect sphere on a smaller brush? A more compact hedge trimmer will be easier to manoeuvre around, allowing you to carve a masterpiece.

Small Hedge Trimmers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
milwaukeeMILM12FHT200 71732.1657536076Milwaukee M12 FHT20 12V FUEL Brushless Hedge Trimmer 20cmShop Now

Medium Hedge Trimmers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
einhellEINGEPH2555A 90827.1657534883Einhell GE-PH 2555 A Petrol 55cm Hedge TrimmerShop Now
WRXWG261E9 88787.1657537882Worx WG261E9 20V MAX Cordless 46cm Hedge TrimmerShop Now
dewaltDEWDCM563PB 1 68621.1677081110Dewalt DCM563PB 18V XR 55cm Hedge Trimmershop Now

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
einhellEIN3410866 47664.1705999183Einhell GE-HH 18/45 Li T-Solo 18V High Reach Hedge TrimmerShop Now
WRXWG349E 61539.1657537882Worx WG349E 20V Cordless Pole SawShop Now
dewaltDEWDCMPH566N 86586.1657534538Dewalt DCMPH566N 18V XR Pole Hedge Trimmer 25mm GapShop Now

5. Garden Multi Tools

STIHL Kombisystem banner1

If you want something that does a bit of everything then a Garden Multi Tool, these versatile tools feature multiple attachments that either come included or can be purchased separately and will cover you for almost any task in the garden.

Attachments include and are not limited to, Chainsaw attachments, Grass Trimming Attachments, Long Reach Pruners, Leaf Blowing Attachments, Line Trimmers, Brooms, Hedge Trimmers, Brush Cutters, and more.

Below is an example of the STIHL Kombisystem, a popular multi-tool used in the industry, these tools can do it all!

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleAttachment #1Attachment #2Attachment #3Learn More
stihlSTIFA020116800APPROMO 23639.1711385817STIHL KMA 135 R Brushless KombiEngineSTI41802000687 88539.1657537297STI42437405008 02556.1688024967STI46067405000 00261.1657537300Shop KombiSystem

As you can see from the table above there are multiple options for a range of garden jobs. If you’d like to learn more we have an article on Garden Multi-tools here, going into detail and showcasing some of the most popular garden multi-tools on the market!

If you’re not a STIHL fan here’s an example of Milwaukee, Dewalt & Makita’s systems.

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleAttachment #1Attachment #2Attachment #3Learn More
milwaukeeMILM18FOPH0 25046.1712731757Milwaukee M18 FOPH-0 18V FUEL Brushless Outdoor Power Head with Quik-LokMILM18FOPHBCA 78352.1665730720MILM18FOPHBBA 12039.1665730720MILM18FOPHHTA 99713.1712731764Shop Milwaukee
dewaltDEWDCMAS5713N 58722.1657534537Dewalt DCMAS5713N 54V FLEXVOLT Brushless Split Boom HeadDEWDCMASPS5N 12454.1657534537DEWDCMASST1N 42453.1657534537DEWDCMASPH6N 59392.1657534537Shop DeWalt
makitaMAKUX01GZ 92424.1657535837Makita UX01GZ 40V XGT Brushless Multi-Function HeadMAK1962562 82657.1657535457MAK1956521 11579.1657535456MAK191P723 65158.1677243417Shop Makita

6. Pressure Washers

pressure washer banner 2

Pressure washers use a powerful flow of water to clean outdoor surfaces such as decks, patios, cars, vans, driveways, and siding, removing dirt, grime, and mould with ease.

Pressure washers were once only available in the realm of professionals, but now the technology and range are available for anyone, whether you are cleaning your car at home, cleaning your deck at a caravan, to cleaning patios and pavements – there’s an option available for everyone.

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
einhellEIN4140740 58814.1705999230Einhell TC-HP 90 Electric Pressure Washer – 240VShop Now
v tufVTUV5KITACCS 30925.1710260958V-Tuf V5 Electric High-Performance Pressure Washer with Accessories
Shop Now
karcherKAR13171520 56168.1712583444Karcher K7 Power Electric Pressure WasherShop Now

7. Cordless Pruning Saws

pruning saw banner 2

Pruning saws help cut down branches and make taking care of overgrown trees dead or alive a breeze. Powered by the same batteries as many power tools, these saws are a great pick-up for anyone who is already invested in a tool brand and has power tool batteries.

The extra kick from the batteries makes the saws perfect for those tough-to-reach and tough jobs that a hand pruner just isn’t built for.

Hand pruners, on the other hand, are smaller, handheld tools with sharp blades used for cutting smaller branches and stems. They are perfect for delicate pruning jobs which are easy to reach.

Both cordless pruning saws and manual hand pruners will easily get the job done but you’ll find that cordless pruners offer that extra oomph when dealing with dead or diseased plants, twigs, smaller branches and stems, thereby saving time and effort.

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
makitaMAKDUC150Z 72001.1706167035Makita DUC150Z 18V LXT Brushless 150mm Pruning SawShop Now
dewaltDEWDCMPS520N 45800.1707391648Dewalt DCMPS520N 18V XR Brushless 20cm Pruning SawShop Now
milwaukeeMILM12FHS0 00171.1712583462Milwaukee M12 FHS-0 12V FUEL Brushless 15cm HATCHET Pruning SawShop Now

If you’d like to learn more about cordless pruning saws or see the full range we have an article on them here.

8. Wheelbarrows

wheelbarrows banner 2

Wheelbarrows are essential for transporting soil, mulch, plants, and other materials around the garden. Wheelbarrows have multiple uses, reducing strain on the body and speeding up various landscaping and gardening tasks.

If you’re looking for a great wheelbarrow choice our friends at Vaunt have multiple colours and wheels available. Changing the wheels on a wheelbarrow can greatly affect its performance, with puncture-proof wheels being, well, puncture-proof. XL Wheelbarrow wheels are great for moving over tougher terrain.

If you’d like to get more in-depth into wheelbarrows we have an article here explaining the whole subject!

Vaunt Customisable Wheelbarrows

RedBlackGreenOrangeYellowPurpleBlueShop Now
VNT17268 RED 97085.1698663082VNT17268 BLACK 05866.1698663057VNT17268 GREEN 57228.1698663066VNT17268 ORANGE 01634.1698663073VNT17268 YELLOW 44126.1698663085VNT17268 PURPLE 27562.1698663079VNT17268 BLUE 37626.1698663061Shop The Range

Vaunt Customisable Wheelbarrow Wheels

Product TitleProduct ImageLearn More
Vaunt Heavy Duty Rubber Wheelbarrow WheelVNT17233 76251.1673351987Shop Now
Vaunt Heavy Duty Puncture Proof Wheelbarrow WheelVNT17240 02683.1673447094Shop Now
Vaunt Heavy Duty XL Rubber Wheelbarrow WheelVNT17247 31293.1677239104Shop Now

9. Garden Hoses

garden hose banner

Garden hoses are used for a huge range of jobs including being used to water plants and crops. They are also used in garden cleaning – heck, I’ve cleaned my bike with a garden hose plenty of times. They come in many shapes and sizes, most importantly different lengths. There are wall-mounted hoses and also hoses on carts which are great for moving around. You’ll also find that garden hoses come with a wide range of attachments and nozzles.

Whether you need a wall-mounted hose reel or an automatically reeling hose, length is a deciding factor when looking for one. You want to pick one that will reach your whole garden or else you’ll end up with dry patches in the summer and autumn months, and no one wants that! To fix that, some brands also offer extensions for their hose systems which can be a god send.

Great Garden Hose Recommendations

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleHose LengthLearn More
hozelockHOZ2412 89877.1657535212Hozelock 2412 Free Standing 15m Hose Reel15Mlearn More
hozelockHOZ24350000 1 92324.1709629424Hozelock 2435 Assembled 50m Hose Cart50Mlearn More
hozelockHOZ24850000 85651.1657535213Hozelock 2485 Mini Auto Reel Retractable Hose System (10m Hose)10Mlearn More

10. Weed Pullers / Weed Extractors

weed pullers

Let’s face it, when winter comes around and it’s too cold to go outside for more than 5 minutes, the garden gets neglected, weeds start to sprout, you say you’ll do it tomorrow, then tomorrow comes, and the next tomorrow, and finally it’s sunny, you get the bbq out the shed and realise your garden’s been invaded by weeds. We’ve all been there!

Weed pullers are your best friend in this case, a weed puller is a specialised tool that targets the root of the problem, (quite literally) a weed puller grabs the area around the weed from the sides lifting the roots along with the weed. This tool ensures that the weed won’t resprout later on.

Some people prefer to use weed killer and other chemicals to deal with weeds but a weed puller doesn’t add anything to your garden soil keeping the group chemical-free. They’re also great for weeds near vegetation and fruit for the same reason.

Fiskar’s Weed Puller

BrandProduct ImageProduct TitleLearn More
fiskarsFSK139950 39320.1655307892Fiskars Xact Weed PullerShop Now

There we have it, thanks for reading our Top 10 Garden Tools article, hopefully this helps with deciding what you’ll need to get yourself garden-ready!

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