The Best Pressure Washer For Your Garden 2024

Whether you need to clean your patio, caravan, decking, driveway or even your car, there is no doubt that the tool of choice is a pressure washer. In the last few years, owning a pressure washer has become a mainstay for many, helping to get rid of that deeply engrained dirt, garden furniture spick and span, or even making your car look brand new.

Karcher Pressure Washer - Cleaning a Car

How to choose the best pressure washer

When it comes to picking the best pressure washer for the job at hand there are a couple of key questions to ask yourself before you make your choice.

What are you using your pressure washer for?

It may seem obvious, but pressure washers can be grouped into 3 categories and it’s important to make sure you have one that’s up to the job.

Entry-Level – These have a maximum rating of 100 bars of pressure. Ideal for cleaning down tools, bikes, patio furniture and decking.
Mid-Level – Anything from 100-120 bars of pressure. Good for patios, driveways, fencing & car washing.
Professional-Level – More than 120 bars of pressure. Designed for professional use, extremely stained surfaces or mud-coated vehicles.

Whilst maximum pressure isn’t the only way to judge a pressure washer, it’s a good starting point. Bar refers to the maximum pressure a washer can reach.

Karcher Pressure Washer Cleaning Steps

What accessories do I need?

Again, this might seem obvious, but each washer comes with a variety of different accessories that can really improve your efficiency when completing a cleaning job. But with so many options, buying the wrong one can be easily done.

Consider how much reach you need for the job, if the hose is short, an extension wand can give you that extra bit of distance you need. If you’re looking to give the car a clean, consider a foam nozzle that lets you mix in your snow foam effortlessly. If you’re on a stubborn patio, consider a chemical mixer or intake on your washer so you can get that detergent down nice and quickly.

Some models even come with multi-purpose nozzles, designed to adjust and save you from switching accessories from one job to the next. Whilst you can pick up different accessories, getting the right bundle to start with is always a good idea.

Pressure Washer Patio Cleaning Attachment

Other things to consider

The water flow rate is something to bare in mind, measured in L/hr this is how much water goes through the washer an hour. Obviously, the higher the L/hr the quicker the job gets done but it also will cost more to run. Not only will the higher rated use more energy, but water too, and we all know that doesn’t come cheap!

You may also want to consider things like the size of the unit, ensuring you can store it wherever it needs to be when not in use. Also, things like the cable and hose length can be important to finish the job with ease!

I’ve run down some of our best and most popular models below to help you pick the right one for you!

Or you can check out our pressure washer selection for yourself here.

Karcher K2 Universal Home Pressure Washer

Karcher K2- Universal Home Pressure Washer

First on our list is the company whose name, in recent years, has become synonymous with home, as well as professional pressure washing. The K2 Universal home kit is designed to be the complete set for everything around the home and garden.

The first thing you’ll notice is the size – it’s designed to be compact and lightweight, meaning even in the smallest of gardens you’ll find somewhere to tuck it away when not in use. The lightweight body is designed to be effortless to use and moves around a lot easier than some of the larger offerings available. 

Perfect for smaller gardens with decking areas up to 20 m²/h, the K2 is ideal for getting rid of surface dirt and light debris, especially bird droppings, algae and build-up.  Delivering a flow rate of 360l/h, the 110 Bar pressure washer comes with a 3m high-pressure hose, dirt blaster lance, patio cleaning accessory and a detergent bottle.

So if you’re cleaning down your car, or looking to give your decking or pond a spruce up, the K2 is for you. If you need something for your patio or driveway, you may be better off getting a slightly larger model than this.

V-Tuf V3 Pressure Washer

Vtuf - V3 Pressure Washer

Both powerful yet lightweight, this V3 135-bar pressure washer from V-Tuf is perfect for cars, garden furniture, patio areas, and dirty site machinery.  It perfectly balances delicacy with deep cleaning.

Delivering 420l/h, this electric pressure washer is supplied with a 5m high-pressure hose, lance kit, variable and turbo nozzles as well as a snow foam applicator.  It has three application options for jetting, foaming and blasting ensuring you are able to get deep-stained paving stones and driveways clean and looking fresh.

Stihl RE 90 High-Pressure Washer

Stihl - RE-90 Pressure Washer

The Stihl RE 90 high-pressure washer is one of our more popular washers, it is compact and lightweight while also hard-wearing and powerful.  It offers 100 bar and delivers up to 520 litres an hour. It has a 5m cable hose and an extra long 6m hose so getting to those hard-to-reach areas is a breeze.

Accessories including the hose and lance are stored on board and quick-release coupling on all of the accessories ensures effortless operation. All from a brand renowned for its high-quality garden products.

Worx WG630 20V Hydroshot Brushless Cordless Pressure Washer

Worx WG630 20V Hydroshot Brushless Cordless Pressure Washer Copy

Sometimes, you need a pressure washer somewhere they just can’t reach, whether it be no access to a water supply or no power source. This can become a real issue when on the go or down the other end of the garden. Well, worry no more thanks to the Worx Cordless Hydroshot Pressure Washer.

You heard that right, a cordless pressure washer!

Running on a 20V battery, you have complete cordless freedom.  No wires or extension cables to worry about, you don’t even need to connect it to a water mains water supply  Got a bucket?  The job’s a goodun’.  The supplied 6m hose will draw fresh water from any source – a bucket, paddling pool, pond, lake, you get the idea.

With a brushless motor that enhances the running time and utilises every drop of battery power, this 25bar, 210L/h washer delivers true flexibility and power that is up to 10x more than a standard hose. Perfect for cleaning down tools, bikes, cars and anything else you might need on the go!

Karcher K4 Power Control Home PRessure Washer

Karcher -K4 Power Control Home Pressure Washer

The Karcher K4 Power Control Pressure washer makes it simple to select the right pressure for the job at hand. Whether you’re cleaning down the patio, or delicately removing dirt from your car. Easily adjust the pressure to suit the surface you’re working with using the display on the trigger gun and switch between the vario and dirt blaster lances for ultimate control.

This machine offers up to 130 bar and 420L/h, more than enough to clean even heavily engrained dirt from stone or concrete. Whilst it’s one of the heavier units at 11.4kg, it has a telescopic handle and accessories are neatly tucked away for storage purposes.

The K4 features a ‘Plug ‘N’ Clean’ system that applies detergent as you clean for maximum efficiency. It’s designed to be stable on a variety of surfaces and the 8m supplied hose gives you plenty of reach without having to move the unit. The specially designed water-cooled motor will ensure you have a tool that will last for years to come. There’s even a handy app to help you with set-up and application guides.

Dewalt DXPW003E Pressure Washer

Dewalt -DXPW003E Pressure Washer

When Dewalt comes to play, they always bring something valuable to the party. The DXPW003 uses its 2700W induction motor to deliver 160 bar and a whopping 630L/r. Everything about this tool is heavy-duty and designed for professional use. It has an 8m high-pressure reinforced hose, with an adjustable jet nozzle, designed to quickly remove stubborn dirt and grime over a large area.

It is a bit of a weighty model at 22kg but it features large heavy-duty rubber wheels meaning transport is still easy. It has built-in detergent suction meaning getting cleaning chemicals mixed in is as easy as connecting the inlet.

This tool is designed with professionals in mind and is the perfect tool to help you get the job done, no matter how big the task at hand.

Makita DHW080ZK 36V (Twin 18V) LXT Brushless Pressure Washer

Makita - DHW080ZK 36V Twin-18V LXT Brushless Pressure Washer

Now when it comes to cordless options, the Hydroshot we mentioned earlier isn’t your only option. Introducing the Makita DHW080

The storage container that the unit comes in doubles as a water tank, giving you a 50L capacity for jobs where the hose just won’t reach. Taking 2x 18V batteries, the unit delivers 80 bar and 380L/hr. You can even choose between high pressure for maximum performance or low pressure for increased runtime from your batteries. The brushless motor Makita is well known for will ensure you get the most from your batteries and delivers the most efficient power possible.

Complete with a 5m hose, this unit offers true cordless freedom from a name known for its cordless tools. Perfect to chuck in the back of the van or in the shed for those messy jobs!

Stihl RE 150 PLUS High-Pressure Washer

Stihl-RE-150 PLUS High-Pressure Washer

Another washer with professionals in mind, the Stihl RE 150 offers powerful and quality cleaning even on the most difficult of grime.

With variable pressure control, integrated pressure gauge, transport handle and steel-reinforced high-pressure hose, this pressure washer offers some of the greatest versatility and thoroughness when it comes to cleaning walls, cars, pavements, paving stones, and so much more.

This washer comes with a 12m hose, adjustable fan jet nozzle, as well as integrated dosing control so that you can add a cleaning agent with specific requirements.

Operating at 140 bar, this washer is capable of a water flow of up to 612L/h.  Genuinely impressive cleaning results, this is one of the most popular and powerful pressure washers that we sell.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of some of the most popular pressure washers here at ITS. Will you be picking yourself up one?

Check out our extensive range of pressure washers here

If you have any more questions, check out our FAQ’s below or drop a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

Karcher Pressure Washer - Cleaning a BBQ


What is a pressure washer used for?

A pressure washer has a vast amount of uses, but predominately cleaning surfaces, and removing engrained dirt and stains from stone or concrete. Pressure washers are also used for cleaning cars, machinery and tools and offer a quick and easy option to remove stubborn dirt and mud.

How do I choose a pressure washer for my home?

The first thing to consider is what sort of job you’d like to complete, if you are just looking to clean the car on a weekend and wash down the patio furniture or your pond, a compact and lighter-weight model is for you. If you have more heavy-duty jobs such as patio cleaning, consider the models in the range of 100bar-150bar for the job. Another thing to bare in mind is the cable and hose length to ensure it will reach far enough for the job (or for those remote jobs we’ve got a couple of cordless options on our list!)

Is pressure washing a waste of water?

Whilst most washers do go through a fairly substantial amount of water, the speed at which you’ll complete most jobs often means they are the most practical solution. Pressure washers are designed to deliver precise cleaning, meaning you’ll only use what you need to finish the job.

Does a pressure washer just use water?

Whilst all pressure washers run on pure water, many have the option of adding detergents either through a foam nozzle or an intake valve. These can be perfect for things like decking treatment and car washing as the chemicals mix right into the water for effortless cleaning!

When should you not use a pressure washer?

It’s always important to consider the pressure you’re using when thinking about pressure washing. Remember, the aim is to remove dirt, not to damage what’s underneath! Many pressure washers have various settings so you can ensure you’re using the correct pressure for the surface, though it’s always worth a quick test in a discrete area to ensure you aren’t damaging anything!

Are pressure washers dangerous?

Yes! If not used properly, pressure washers can be extremely dangerous. Safety goggles will keep your eyes protected from any debris, and proper safety shoes should be worn when using one. A jet on bare feet will result in a hospital trip! Oh, and never point them at anyone else either.


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