The Best Milwaukee Cordless Gardening Tools – Range Review


Milwaukee is massive in the power tool world. There’s no doubt if you own some of their tools, you have at least one battery. Running hundreds of tools on a single battery has drawn many to Milwaukee and its cordless M12 and M18 ranges. There is an area that many people have not explored and it can really unleash your battery’s true potential.

We’re talking Milwaukee cordless gardening tools! Quickly and quietly, cordless tools are rivalling and even outperforming industry-leading petrol models. They can perform as well as any tool you’ve used in the garden, and have everything from tools for your own garden, the way up to professional-grade tools!


Milwaukee has a commitment to cordless. They are developing their outdoor equipment not only for convenience but also to eliminate harmful emissions and reduce the noise pollution that comes from petrol tools. They state that 23x more carbon monoxide is produced using a 2-stroke blower than an average pickup truck! One thing’s for sure, their commitment to producing more environmentally friendly solutions is leading to some exciting things for your garden.

In this article, I’ll aim to give you the rundown of some of what’s available right now, but Milwaukee is constantly expanding its cordless gardening range and if you want to dive right in you can check it out here.

I’ll break down some of the categories and models available to give you a better understanding of just how revolutionary these cordless gardening tools can be.

Milwaukee Cordless Gardening Tools in a pile

Milwaukee Cordless Lawn mowers

Cordless lawn mowing can change the way you go about your garden maintenance or work. I know what you’re thinking, no way am I replacing the petrol or corded model I use. Just wait to see what Milwaukee has to offer!

Milwaukee M18 F2LM53 36V FUEL Brushless Cordless Lawn mower

Milwaukee had a lot of demand to make a cordless lawn mower, and boy have they answered. The FL2M53 has a robust steel deck and a massive 530mm cutting capacity. Improved airflow and blade speed of up to 3300RPM leads to a best-in-class cut quality.

It runs off two 18V batteries and includes a FUEL brushless motor. Milwaukee recommends you use their high-output 18V batteries for maximum efficiency. Two 12Ah batteries will see you cutting up to 2000m², more than enough for most applications.

This mower can start instantly in tall grass with fewer clumps and missed blades of grass. It automatically adjusts the blade speed based on demand, for example going between lower and higher grass levels. You have 3 options for grass management, bagging (70L bag), mulching, or side discharge, the mower comes with all 3 options and can be easily switched depending on your needs. This, along with 7 grass cutting options of 25mm-100mm allows for ultimate control.

The mower is self-propelled and will reach speeds of up to 6.5 KM/H, with 5-speed settings ideal for mowing or just manoeuvring the mower around the job site. The handle has 3 height settings and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It even has headlights and sidelights for maximum visibility in low-light conditions.

Man pushing Milwaukee-M18-F2LM53-Cordless-Lawn-Mower

At the time of writing, this is the only cordless model available from Milwaukee, but we have options with batteries or body only depending on what you need.

Milwaukee Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Milwaukee has a range of hedge trimmers available, you’ll find something for you no matter the job! Time to cut the cord and experience the freedom of cordless.

Milwaukee M12 FHT20 12V FUEL Brushless Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Milwaukee’s M12 range is known for quality, compact yet powerful tools and the M12 FHT20 hedge trimmer is no exception.

Featuring a 200mm bar, this trimmer is ideal for detailing work such as shrubs and small bushes, delivering a powerful yet accurate cut for those precision jobs. It is capable of cutting branches up to 25mm thick, which really proves the power this trimmer packs into a compact and lightweight body.

The FUEL brushless motor ensures you get the most from your batteries and the well-balanced design ensures effortless cutting in multiple positions.

The blade even has a blade tip guard to protect against accidental damage to other objects or surfaces.

Milwaukee M18 FHT45-0 18V FUEL Brushless Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Designed with the end user in mind and inspired by petrol hedge trimmers, the FHT45 is a versatile trimmer with a 450mm bar. It has the capability to cut up to 19mm branches and it’s designed to sustain power even under load without bogging down.

All metal gear casing protects the gear drive system meaning this trimmer can handle the toughest of job sites. A bail-style handle with cleverly designed weight distribution ensures the ultimate combination of balance and control.

A FUEL brushless motor ensures efficient run time from your batteries and you’ll see up to 2 hours of run time for an M18 High Output 8.0Ah battery.


Milwaukee M18 CHT-0 18V FUEL Brushless Cordless Hedge Trimmer


The bigger version of the model mentioned above. The M18 CHT boasts a 600mm bar and the capacity to cut up to 20mm branches faster than other cordless models available.

It features the same all-metal gear casing and bail-style handle but will remove more material on a single pass than the 450mm model.

Check out our Milwaukee Hedge Trimmers and find the kit for you!

Milwaukee Cordless Line Trimmers/Brush Cutters

Getting the trimming done without the need for a cord or a petrol backpack is an exciting prospect. The Milwaukee cordless strimmer range will have you wondering how you ever did without one!

Milwaukee M18 BLLT-0 18V FUEL Brushless Cordless Line Trimmer

The BLLT-0 is designed to meet the performance demanded by professional landscapers. The trimmer reaches full throttle in under a second and has two-speed modes of 4600rpm or 6200rpm and an adjustable cutting width of between 350-400mm. It is designed to make light work of even thick grass and has easy line replacement to keep you going even on demanding jobs.

At the heart of this trimmer is the brushless FUEL motor that will maximise the efficiency of your tool and sees up to an hour run time from an M18 8.0Ah high output battery.


Milwaukee M18 FBCU-0 18V FUEL Brushless Cordless Brush Cutter


Are you looking for maximum power, performance and run time? The M18 FBCU has got you covered. The brush cutter comes with ‘bike-style handles’ and comes with a harness, both designed to provide maximum user comfort even when working in thick undergrowth.

Two operating speeds allow you to choose between maximum performance or extended run time. The 23cm, 3-tooth blade makes light work of branches up to 30mm thick! The cutter will start up in an instant and reach full throttle in under 1 second.

With a FUEL brushless motor, you know you’ll see the most efficient use of power from your batteries.

Check out our range of Milwaukee Cordless Trimmers & Brush Cutters here.

Milwaukee Cordless Blowers

Blowers make up an essential part of any cordless kit, and they don’t just prove their worth outside either, many people are finding uses around the job site, whether it be cleaning down your tools, van or even yourself! Milwaukee’s range of cordless blowers has something for everyone.

Milwaukee M12 BBL-0 12V Cordless blower


Designed to work with Milwaukee’s M12 range of batteries, the BBL-0 is a compact yet surprisingly powerful blower option. This compact tool can produce a best-in-class 177km/h wind speed for fast and efficient job site cleanup.

The blower uses an axial fan for effortless power and is compact, lightweight and easy to use. It comes with an extension nozzle as well as 2 separate heads one designed for waist height and one for floor level, both of which are removable for easy storage.

The blower has 2-speed modes as well as a variable trigger and is designed to be the ultimate convenient and easy clean-up tool.

Milwaukee M18 BBL-0 18V Cordless Blower

If you’re invested in your M18 tools, this blower is a must-have to make clean-up a breeze! Compact, lightweight and easy to chuck into the back of the van, this blower is designed to save you time and effort. This tool comes with a drop-resistant body and crush-resistant tube, designed to stand up to even the most demanding job abuse.

It has 3-speed settings as well as a variable trigger and comes complete with nozzle extension as well as a universal inflator/deflator attachment. It even works as a vacuum with the attachment of a dust bag.

Trust me, once you have one of these in your kit, you’ll wonder how you did without.


Milwaukee M18 F2BL-0 18V FUEL Brushless Cordless Dual Battery Blower


If you’re looking for a professional-grade cordless blower that will excel even with tough jobs, look no further. The M18 F2BL utilises two 18V batteries for outstanding power and performance.

This blower produces a whopping 233 km/h top speed to clear leaves, debris and even gravel. It has a constant and consistent blowing force over the entire battery discharge so you’ll get top performance even until the last drop of juice.

It achieves full throttle in under 1 second and has a balanced design with an ambidextrous variable speed lock allowing you to control the power you need for the job at hand. The brushless FUEL motor ensures you get the most efficient power possible and the unit comes with both a tapered and flat nozzle.

Check out the rest of Milwaukee’s Cordless Blowers here.

Milwaukee Cordless Chainsaws

Chainsaws, the area where most people assume petrol is the only way forward. Cordless is quickly improving and the thought of achieving the performance you need without the need for petrol is an exciting prospect. Milwaukee has a range of options when it comes to cordless chainsaws and you’ll find what you need no matter how big the job.

Milwaukee M18 FHS20-0 18V FUEL Brushless Cordless Pruning Saw

The M18 FHS20 pruning saw is the perfect combination of compact design with impressive power. It features a 200mm bar but will still see up to 180 cuts in 100 x 100mm cedar with an M18 5.5Ah High Output battery.

This saw is designed to meet the ergonomic, performance and durability needs of landscape maintenance professionals. It has a host of features to make your life easier, from automatic oiling to all metal bucking spikes for increased leverage. This saw is made for demanding cuts in hardwood without bogging down.

And of course, your FUEL brushless motor will ensure you are getting the most from your batteries.


Milwaukee M18 FCHS35-0 18V FUEL Brushless Cordless Chainsaw


The FCHS35 is designed not only to match a petrol chain saw but to outperform them on the most demanding applications. With a 350mm bar and high strength all metal gearing that delivers best-in-class torque levels with instant start-up and speed that is maintained in tough applications without bogging down. This, along with the control of a variable speed trigger allows for ultimate control over the power curve.

It’s designed to be used with Milwaukee’s High Output batteries and will get up to 150 cuts in 100 x 100mm pine with a High Output 12.0Ah battery. It comes with 80cc of chain oil and features a no-spill oil reservoir with an easy access tank and clear viewing window.

The FUEL motor ensures this chainsaw will stand up to the most demanding jobs, beat your old petrol one and have you convinced it’s time to get into cordless.

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Milwaukee Cordless Multi Tools

Looking for that swiss army knife of the cordless gardening tool world? Look no further! Multi-tools are quickly adaptable and can do a multitude of common garden jobs as quickly as you can change the head.

Milwaukee M18 F0PH-0 18v FUEL Brushless Cordless Power Head

A whole versatile outdoor power equipment system, powered by a single power head. The F0PH-0 has the capability to swap between attachments for a wide range of applications. It can become everything from a pole saw, to a trimmer to even a powered broom!

It comes with just as much power as you’d expect from the respective tools themselves, with two-speed settings and a variable trigger it will get up to speed in under one second. It comes with an adjustable auxiliary handle and carrying strap to keep you comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

All powered by a FUEL brushless motor, this versatile tool might just be the stepping stone to getting you into Milwaukee cordless gardening!


It’s worth noting that Milwaukee is always expanding this range so there’s still absolutely loads more to come!

Check out our latest collection here to see absolutely everything available.

If you have any questions or need any advice, let us know down below or get in touch on our social media!

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