The Best Dewalt Cordless Gardening Tools – Range Review

Dewalt 5Ah Battery

There’s no doubt that if you have Dewalt tools, you have a battery. Powering hundreds of different tools on a single battery, Dewalt prides itself on cross-compatibility and ultimate functionality on their cordless platform. However many people are missing out on a whole new world of cordless power…

We’re talking Dewalt cordless gardening tools! In an industry dominated by petrol and corded tools, cordless gardening tools are quickly becoming many people’s first choice with everything you could need in on professional landscaping jobs, or even just in your garden.


In this article, I’ll aim to give you the rundown of some of what’s available right now, but Dewalt is constantly expanding their cordless gardening range and if you want to see everything on offer you can do it here.

Otherwise, we’ll take a look through the product selection available right now at ITS and have a closer look at some absolutely cracking cordless garden tools from Dewalt.

Dewalt Cordless Gardening Tools

Dewalt Cordless Lawnmowers

Arguably, this will be the first thing you’ll be getting out of the shed as the warmer weather hits each year. When your lawn is a mess the whole garden looks untidy. Now, you’re probably used to those long orange leads you get tangled up in, or a loud obnoxious petrol motor that wakes up the neighbourhood. But what if you could stop all that nonsense and go cable and emissions-free? Sounds like a plan!

Dewalt DCMW564N 18V XR Brushless Cordless Lawnmower

When it comes to cordless lawnmowing, the DCMW564 is an absolute game changer. It has an impressive 48cm cutting capacity and 5 height settings between 25mm-86mm for precision grass cutting to get your lawn just how you like it.

This thing is as heavy-duty as they come, it has a steel deck that is powder coated for maximum resistance when it comes to wear and tear. Under the hood, this model comes with a Dewalt Brushless motor, delivering more efficient power from your 18V batteries. It runs off two at once for ultimate power and run time. It will even fit two Flexvolt batteries so you can get that extra boost if you need it!

The mower has a 75-litre grass bag and is recommended for lawns up to 800m² so it’ll keep you going even on those decent-sized jobs. Other features to note are that the handle folds flat for easy storage and the mower even features a roller so you can get those stripes into your lawn.

Dewalt DCMW564N - 18V XR Brushless Cordless Lawnmower

At the time of writing, this is the only cordless model available from Dewalt in the UK but we have options with batteries or body only depending on what you need.

Have a look at our Dewalt cordless mower kits here.

Dewalt Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Everyone is used to a corded hedge trimmer, but it’s time to cut the cord! Enjoy the ultimate freedom of movement with a cordless hedge trimmer from Dewalt!

Dewalt DCM563PB 18V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Dewalt DCM563PB 18V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The DCM563 is a workhorse when it comes to getting those hedges tidy. We’re talking about professional quality and performance on a cordless model. It has a 550mm bar equipped with laser-cut, hardened steel blades designed to make light work of branches up to 19mm in diameter.

This compact and lightweight model will see a massive 75 minutes of cutting time from a single 5.0Ah 18V battery and is designed with the professional in mind. The model weighs just 3.4kg and has a wrap-around handle designed to be comfortable to use at any angle.

Dewalt DCMPH566 18V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer

But what if you need that extra reach on your hedge trimmer? Introducing the DCMPH566 XR Pole Trimmer. This thing means business; it has a huge 3.35m reach with a 7-position, 180-degree rotating head, so you can get up to all of those hard-to-reach areas.

The trimmer features the same hardened steel blades as the DCM563 mentioned above, but with a wider cutting gap to get you through branches up to 25mm in diameter.

All of this whilst weighing just 3.6kg and boasting the same 75-minute cut time from your 5.0Ah 18V battery. The Dewalt DCMPH566 delivers consistent, reliable and powerful cutting performance.

Dewalt DCMPH566 18V XR Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Check them the rest of our Dewalt cordless hedge trimmers here.

Dewalt Cordless Line Trimmers/Brush Cutters

Getting the trimming done without the need for a cord or a petrol backpack is an exciting prospect. The Dewalt Cordless strimmer range will have you wondering how you ever did without one!

Dewalt DCMST561 18V XR Brushless Cordless Line Trimmer

The DCMST561 has a 360mm cutting capacity and is designed for quick and convenient cutting power when needed. The fully brushless motor will see 40 minutes of trigger time from a 5.0Ah battery and its variable speed trigger will allow ultimate control of what you are doing.

This strimmer folds at the shaft for easy storage and the whole model weighs just 3.5kg. A quick load spool system will have you up and running in a snap and wondering why you didn’t have one before!

Dewalt DCMST561 18V XR Brushless Cordless Line Trimmer

Dewalt DCM571N 54V Flexvolt Brushless Cordless Line Trimmer/Brush Cutter

Dewalt DCM571N 54V Flexvolt Brushless Cordless Line Trimmer

The first purely 54V Flexvolt model in our list and this one is designed to outperform its petrol counterpart. It has a 380mm cutting capacity for fast cutting over large areas.

Hi/Low speed control with variable speed up to 5,500 rpm is designed to deliver the power you need for the job at hand. Its high-efficiency brushless 54V motor will see 44 minutes of run time on high from your 3.0Ah 54V (9.0Ah 18V) battery.

The best part? This trimmer comes with a brush cutter adaptor kit and can quickly be transformed for those heavy-duty clearing jobs.

All the power of a petrol tool without the inconvenience of having to carry/mix fuel.

Check out our range of Dewalt Cordless Trimmers here.

Dewalt Cordless Blowers

Blowers are essential for that garden clean-up. Dewalt cordless gardening blowers provide all the power and run time you need, with the freedom of no petrol or cord.

Dewalt DCV100 18V XR Cordless Blower

Dewalt DCV100 18V XR Cordless Blower

This DCV100 is lightweight, portable and cost-effective. It was designed for not only the garden but the workshop too, making light work of sawdust on you or your other tools.

It features a speed slider switch with a variable speed trigger for maximum control and even comes with an inflator/deflator attachment.

Perfect for those quick clean-up jobs.

Dewalt DCM562PB 18V XR Brushless Cordless Blower

Designed by professionals, for professionals. The DCM562 can produce air speeds of up to 145km/hr making light work of clutter whenever you need it to. The variable speed trigger can be locked at a speed to improve control and the lightweight 3.2kg design along with the comfort handle will ensure you can use this tool for extended periods of time with no fuss.

The brushless motor will make sure you’re getting the best from your battery and the machine runs at just 65db, perfect for working in noise-restrictive areas.

Dewalt DCM562PB 18V XR Brushless Cordless Blower

Dewalt DCMBA572 54V Flexvolt Brushless Cordless Blower

Dewalt DCMBA572 54V Flexvolt Brushless Cordless Blower

Unrivalled power at a cordless level. This monster is the DCMBA572 and it is the top-of-the-line Dewalt blower at the time of writing. It will move a whopping 200km/hr of air at top speed but has all of the features required to keep things under control.

The overmoulded handle and 3.1kg design ensure user comfort is at the fore. The unit also comes with a concentrator attachment as well as the inflator/deflator attachment.

All of this power, control and comfort with a brushless motor too? Yes please!

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Dewalt Cordless Chainsaws

Chainsaws are the area where most people are stuck in the past. Petrol has dominated the chainsaw industry for years but the cordless models are quickly proving their worth in power performance and run time too.

Dewalt DCM565N-XJ 18V XR Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

The 300mm DCM565 is compact, lightweight and perfect for a lot of situations where a petrol chainsaw may not be appropriate. You’re at your local timber yard and attempting to cut down some wood to fit into the van, get this out and you’re sorted in seconds!

You’ll see extended run time from the brushless motor and up to 70 cuts of 4×4 from a 5.0Ah 18V battery. All of this, at the pull of a trigger.

Dewalt DCM565N-XJ 18V XR Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

Dewalt DCM575N 54V Flexvolt Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

Dewalt DCM575N 54V Flexvolt Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

The 54V DCM575 will give petrol a good run for its money. It has a 400mm bar and runs on 54V Flexvolt batteries. The fully brushless motor makes for more efficient power transfer and automatic chain oiling cuts down on maintenance. You’ll see up to 65 cuts of 4×4 for your 9Ah Flexvolt battery from an otherwise compact, lightweight and quiet machine.

No pull cord, no petrol fumes, jobs a good-un.

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Dewalt Cordless SplitShafts

Looking for that swiss army knife of the cordless gardening tool world? Look no further! Multi tools are quickly adaptable and can do a multitude of common garden jobs as quickly as you can change the head.

Dewalt DCMAS5713N 54V Flexvolt Brushless Split Boom Head

The start of a complete landscaping kit! This tool can become a hedge trimmer, line trimmer, brush cutter and even a pole saw! Save space in the van or shed with this all-in-one tool. You’ll see up to 60 minutes of trigger time depending on the job and nothing will stand in your way!

Running a brushless motor to get the most from your 54V battery, if there was one tool in this article I’d really recommend, this would be it.

Dewalt DCMAS5713N 54V Flexvolt Brushless Split Boom Head

It’s worth noting that Dewalt are always expanding this range so there’s still absolutely loads more to come!

Check out our latest collection here to see absolutely everything available.

If you have any questions or need any advice, let us know down below or get in touch on our social media!

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