Top 10 Dewalt Enthusiasts

Having seen and used hundreds of tools during my time at ITS, Dewalt takes the top spot as my personal favourite brand. When they say guaranteed tough, they mean it! I pay particular attention to what’s happening in the world of Dewalt and I’ve rounded up some of the biggest, best, and most unusual Dewalt enthusiasts I’ve seen to give you the ultimate top 10.

10 – All the black and yellow you need

We love to see our customer’s collections and this one from Nathan Woolhouse doesn’t disappoint! A comprehensive collection of Black and Yellow with all the tools you need to get the job done. Plus the TSTAK Cooler & Cordless Fan for those warmer days.

All The Black and Yellow

9 – A beautifully organised set-up

Dg_customwoodworks is flexing his woodworking skills with this one, an impressive collection housed beautifully! A very pleasing one to look at especially all of the Flexvolt Batteries!

8 – A Dewalt Combi tattoo

Does anything say you love Dewalt more than a very big, very visible Dewalt drill on your leg?! Not sure this would be for anyone other than a die-hard Dewalt fan.

Dewalt Combi Tattoo

7 – Dewalt Workshop Masterpiece

Something about a branded workshop speaks volumes to me, this set-up from I Builded That on Pinterest is outstanding. The famous Black and Yellow makes a fantastic backdrop for all of those lovely tools!

6 – Dewalt Heaven Pick-up

Waern_swe would be higher up my list, but he does work for Dewalt so it’s sort of cheating… Still, I couldn’t ignore his black and yellow pickup when it came to my top 10, I mean just look at it!

5 – An impressive collection

No_Office_9301 has loads of Dewalt, I mean his garage would make most fans green with envy! There’s not much I can think of that is missing from this absolutely huge collection!

4 – The top notch man cave

Scott Tolbert’s set up has me particularly jealous, I love all of the neon signs and the motorbike too! Paired with loads of Dewalt need you ask for more?!

3 – An Alladin’s Cave of Dewalt

The top 3 are serious, and this van from kwcdk is a real treasure trove. Constantly changing to meet his daily needs, this thing has me excited just looking at it!

2 – The Ultimate Dewalt van

Pipping the last van, the infamous coupleatools is well known amongst Dewalt fans, with one of the nicest vans out there! Feast your eyes on the #ToughVan! (Which van is your favourite?! Let us know down below)

1 – The biggest collection we’ve ever seen!

I haven’t seen a collection this big from a private firm, ever. RS Design Group have kitted their team out, and I mean kitted them out! Still, if you hired a team that came with Dewalt tools like this, you know you’re getting a good job!

So there we have it, the top dogs when it comes to Dewalt that I’ve seen, but the internet is a massive place, have you seen better? Get in touch because frankly, I love looking at them!

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