What is Milwaukee Packout?

Milwaukee Packout is Milwaukee’s Premium storage solution. Milwaukee Packout Cases and other systems are stackable and make organising your tools efficient and easy.

Darrell here, I’ve gone into as much detail as I possibly could with Milwaukee Packout to help explain how everything works and hopefully clear up any questions you have.

Ultimate Guide to Packout

Before we get into the article, here is a quick video.

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Milwaukee Packout cases – An introduction

Milwaukee Packout cases

Milwaukee Packout is a Storage Solution For all your tools. The Cases and Toolboxes are tough and durable. They are also IP65 rated meaning that they are water and dust resistant.
They are made from an impact-resistant polymer body which gives them that durability.

How do you stack a Milwaukee Packout case?

  • Milwaukee Packout cases have small clips at the bottom and an indent in the top
  • These clips join to combine with other Packout systems.
  • To unclip your case or bag etc, simply lift the red button near the handle (located in different places on different cases)
  • There are also compact cases that can also clip into any Packout
  • Compact cases take half the space of a normal case so you can stack 2 compact cases side by side on top of another packout.
  • Packout Cases can clip together with numerous interactions possible.

Types of Milwaukee Packout case

Small Box CaseLarge CaseXL Case
Milwaukee Small CaseMilwaukee Large CaseMilwaukee XL Case
Milwaukee Small Case - OpenMilwaukee Large Case - OpenMilwaukee XL Case - Open

Stacked cases in action

The Milwaukee Packout Cases are safe reliable and customisable. You can use Packout Organisers and Inlays to create the perfect set-up for your needs or the needs of the job at hand. Milwaukee Packout cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes as seen below:

Milwaukee Packout Organiser cases

Slim CaseNormal CaseDeep Case
Milwaukee Slim CaseMilwaukee Normal CaseMilwaukee Deep Case
Milwaukee Slim Case image 2Milwaukee Normal Case image 2Milwaukee Deep Case - Open

Milwaukee Packout Drawer cases

These Milwaukee Packout Drawers are highly sought after. The first time we got them in stock they sold out instantly. It’s easy to see why. The 2 or 3-drawer units are compatible with all other packout systems.

If you like your organisation well, They come with slots for organisers. There is room to use foam inlays too. The great thing about having a tool drawer is that you can easily access your tools.
This helps when you have stacked quite a few packouts, you can easily access it all without messing around.

Milwaukee Packout Trolleys

Milwaukee Packout Trolleys

A Milwaukee Packout Trolley is the best way to move around your Packout Kit.
With 3 options Milwaukee Packout have thought about the market and its needs.

Do you need to wheel around heavy items? Do you need to get upstairs / on rough terrain, or do you need to move your packout around a flat warehouse? Milwaukee has thought of it all.

Milwaukee Packout Large TrolleyMilwaukee Packout Wheeled CartMilwaukee Packout Flat Trolley
milwaukee packout trolleymilwaukee packout wheeled cartmilwaukee packout flat trolley

Organising your Milwaukee Packout System

Organise your Packout

Organisation is a huge part of being efficient at your job. Having your tools in the right place at the right time means that you can get the job done faster and more efficiently. Below we have compiled a couple of ways in which you can utilise Milwaukee Packout to organise your tools and make your setup more efficient.

Milwaukee Packout Foam Inlay overview

Milwaukee Packout Foam Inlay

Milwaukee’s Packout collection includes inlays and foam inserts that can be used to organise your tools. Simply cut out the shape of your tool into the insert and you’ve got a great way to store your tools. This is great for those who want to give each tool a specific place, which helps with organisation and product inventory management.

How to cut Milwaukee Foam Inlay

Cutting Foam Inlay
  1. Outline your tool, using a white marker or chalk.
  2. Cut the outline of the tool, you may need to cut a few layers of the inlay to make a deep enough slot.
  3. Peel back the inlay and lay your tool in the gap. If you need more depth you can cut back more layers of the inlay.

Which inlays and organisers work with what case?

Organisers and Inlays

With all the choices of cases to pick from you might think that Milwaukee would leave it at that. They’ve got the deep cases, the inlays to organise your tools with. That’s all you need right?

WRONG Milwaukee took it upon themselves to create case organisers (not to be confused with organiser cases). These packout case organisers are fully modular and will fit seamlessly into any Packout case. They’re great for loose items that don’t necessarily need a foam inlay. This includes fixings and fastenings, all your screws and drill bits etc. They’re made for anything small and that usually gets lost.

Milwaukee Packout Workshop Solutions

Workshop Solutions

“Darrell I love the Milwaukee Packout system but when I bring my tools home I’ve got nowhere to store it all. It rolls around my van and isn’t secure”. What if I told you that Milwaukee has ALREADY sorted out this problem?

Milwaukee’s Workshop solutions allow you to attach PACKOUT to pretty much anything!

You can use Milwaukee’s Mounting Plates, and Racking system to transform your workshop or van. This is great for keeping tools organised. Each case can have its space making product inventory management a breeze.

Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate

Milwaukee Mounting Plate
Milwaukee Mounting Plate image 2

Milwaukee Packout – Pair of Racks

Milwaukee Packout Racks

Milwaukee Packout Racking Set-up

Milwaukee Packout Racking

Here’s where it gets really interesting. Milwaukee’s Racking systems are a great addition you any workshop.

Simply mount the racks to any wall or support and you have a fully customisable storage system ready to go. I have seen people use the racks in their Van setups too so it is possible to use the racking system in your Van. You’ll need 2 Racks and as many shelves as you’d like to use.

The shelves have 5 slots meaning you can potentially rack 5 slim cases but id probably stick to 2 shelves per rack.

Milwaukee Packout Cool Boxes and Bags

Milwaukee Packout Cool Boxes

When working in the heat nothing beats a cool refreshing beverage. Let’s not forget about your lunch. Where access to refrigeration is limited Milwaukee offers a tempting solution.

Milwaukee’s solution to this problem is an array of products that keep your food and drinks out of the elements fresh and cool for consumption. There are also instances where you may have temperature sensitive items that would also benefit from cooling.

Milwaukee’s Coolers will keep ice cool for up to 30 hours and are versatile enough to keep around any jobsite.

There are currently 3 products on the market from Milwaukee that you can purchase to keep products cool. All 3 of these can be attached to your Packout Kit meaning you can find a solution that suits your needs. Below we have listed the current PACKOUT cooling products that we stock.

Milwaukee Packout Vacuums & Dust Extractors

Milwaukee Packout Vacuums

Cleanliness and workspace maintenance are both incredibly important. Keeping your workspace clear of any debris and harmful dust particles is paramount when working in construction.

It is not always possible to plug a dust extractor into a power outlet. And even if you do have access to a power output many sites are now requiring tools to be completely cordless. It is a lot safer than having wires plastered around a job site. Also relying on a power grid can cause blackouts in some situations. Going cordless is the most efficient and consistent structure for working in the present and this only becomes more true as time goes on.

Milwaukee have many dust extractors that work using M12/M18 batteries the most interesting of those is the Packout Dust Extractor (M18 FP0VCL-0). This dust extractor features a 7-litre wet and dry capacity.

Milwaukee has created a dust extractor that is not only small enough to use in most situations it also conveniently snaps onto any Milwaukee Packout kit.

This is perfect if you have a trolley as you can use the dust extractor on the move. If wheeling around your dust extractor isn’t an option it also has a heavy-duty, hard-to-reach handle for those hard to reach areas.

Milwaukee Packout Lighting

Milwaukee Packout Lighting

Milwaukee Packout currently has 2 site lights, well 1 if you’re being technical!

The Milwaukee M18 P0ALC-0 is an 18V site light which can also come with either a 110V or 240V mains adaptor.
Great for keeping the site well-lit and safe.

As part of the Milwaukee Packout range, this can be connected to other cases and storage boxes within the range.

It includes three independent and pivoting site lights that provide up to 3000 Lumens of TRUVIEW High Definition Output; It is also a battery charger for both M18 batteries as well as any mobile device that is charged via USB.

Versatile is an understatement.

On a fully charged 5.0Ah M18 battery, this will provide up to 12 hour of operation. The lights, can be angled and pivoted to suit your working needs – even when stacked on top of other PACKOUT cases.

And if that’s not enough, the M18 POALC is capable of being operated by both or mains power to suit your needs.

Milwaukee Packout Soft Storage

Milwaukee Packout Soft Storage

Sometimes a Packout case just won’t do it, For you roofers out there you know all too well that you cant lug a massive packout case up to the top of a house. This is the case for many professions and many specific jobs that require a lighter load.

Milwaukee has thought of you and all your struggles. Milwaukee has a range of bags and backpacks that click into your packout kit. The added benefit of having a packout bag is that at the end of the day you can clip your bag into any packout system and allocate that special place for your bag.

See our Packout Bags below:

Milwaukee Packout Radios

Milwaukee Packout Radios

This wouldn’t be a Darrell Article without talking about blasting some mad tunes on the weekend. Whether you’re into Classical, Dubstep or a bit of radio whilst working the Milwaukee Packout speaker is an absolute powerhouse.

Listening to Adele on this speaker is amazing, throughout her whole album I could hear the peaks and the bass was nothing to scoff at either… Yes, I spent 2 hours listening to Adele whilst testing this speaker. I was going through some stuff alright…

Jokes aside this is my favourite Cordless speaker on the market. The sound is crisp AF and it offers functionality that makes other cordless speakers look like they’re living in the past. The Milwaukee Packout Speaker offers the following features.

  • AM, FM & DAB+ Radio stations
  • USB Ports for charging devices
  • Power output if you want to plug in and listen to tunes all-day…
  • Aux plug so you can plug in your phone….I mean if your phone has an aux…Remember when that was a thing…Good times…
  • Bluetooth too for you Spotify preferers
  • 360 Sound profile, Clean sound from every direction
  • Its a Packout speaker, you can clip this onto any packout kit
  • Tough Robust handle for when you bring it to the BBQ and the kids are messing around with it. Easily remove the speaker from their grubby hands.

Talking about BBQs and enjoying life. Check this out.

Milwaukee Packout Radios image 2

IT HAS A BOTTLE OPENER! I’m done, article over. Buy the speaker bring it to the BBQ, bring it to the site. and whilst you’re at it bring the bevvies. This speaker is complete.

Milwaukee Packout Miscellaneous items

Ok ok, I know I said that was the end of the article but here are some Milwaukee Packout treats I just couldn’t find a place for!

Milwaukee Packout Tumblers

Milwaukee PACKOUT Red Tumbler – 887ml

Milwaukee Packout Tumbler - 887ml

Milwaukee PACKOUT Red Tumbler – 591ml

Milwaukee Packout Tumbler - 591ml

The Milwaukee Packout Tumbler provides the longest temperature retention, keeping drinks hot or cold all day .

We featured these tumblers in our Milwaukee Tools Coming in 2022 article here.

The tumbler features twist and lock so you can attach yours to the top of Packout solutions, allowing for secure drink storage on the jobsite. The smooth open & close lid provides quick and easy sliding with gloved hands while keeping dirt and debris away from the tumbler’s opening.

Dishwasher safe.


The Milwaukee Packout range is a powerhouse, it has a solution for almost every tool storage issue you can throw at it. As time goes by and more items are released I will add them to this post.

Thanks for tuning in. Comment below if there is anything PACKOUT you would like us to go into more detail on!

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