Milwaukee HIGH RESISTANT M18 Battery

Milwaukee M18 High Resistance Battery

Milwaukee has been developing its battery technology throughout the years. This year they are on track to release their new “High Resistance” Red Lithium batteries. Milwaukee’s New M18 Resistant Battery. 

This new addition to Milwaukee’s battery range boasts a resistant outer casing. The purpose of the casing is to protect your battery in harsh site conditions. These batteries work well in workshops where oils and grease/solvents are prevalent. This battery is a great addition if you work in an automotive situation.

Milwaukee M12 Sub-compact Stable Cable Gun

Milwaukee M12 Cable Stapler

Milwaukee’s new M12 sub compact cable stapler is a great addition to any electrician’s kit. It will also help anyone whose job is working in interiors. It is a lightweight and very compact tool that comes with a belt hook. The stapler also has a built-in light for those small dark spaces and situations. It also has an anti-dry fire functionality – this stops the gun from firing when you have 5 staples left. This stops the tool from firing with no staples which can cause damage to the stapler. 

The gun holds around 45 staples and will stop at those last 5 staples. On average a 2Ah battery, you can expect to fire off around 1000 staples. This means that you could get a whole day of work on 2Ah batteries. 

NOTE: Keep in mind the Milwaukee cable staple gun will only fire Milwaukee staples.   

Milwaukee M12 hydropass Water pump

Milwaukee M12 Brush Stick Water Pump

Milwaukee’s M12 Water pump is a great solution for all your water pumping needs. The pump features an 85cm aluminium barrel great for reaching any hard-to-reach areas. This makes removing water getting into drains and water boxes simple. Powered by a single M12 battery the pump allows for easy access to those hard-to-reach areas. 

The tool uses Milwaukee’s hydro pass filter technology. This stops debris from clogging the tool along. The 360 filter design allows water to pass in through from the sides and not only the bottom of the tool. making it more efficient and effective and getting into those small spots. 

The M12 Battery does not mean the tool is any less effective. The tool can pump up to 34 litres of water per minute, Making it an effective solution for water pumping. Using a 4Ah battery you can expect to pump around 1000 litres of water. Less charging and more pumping, the tool is an effective solution This tool is a great addition for anyone having to pump water on the job 

Milwaukee M12 Colour Matching Light

Milwaukee M12 Colour Matching Light

Milwaukee’s M12 Colour matching light aims to solve the problem of the standard LED light. To explain, this light is for use in car detail/painting. Detailing is a job that requires very precise and particular standards. Quality is the name of the game in Car Detailing. Your average LED Light won’t do all too great when it comes to comparing colours from 1 colour to another. That’s where this light “shines” (I couldn’t stop myself with that pun lol). 

Ok so I have claimed that this tool is great for comparing before and after paintwork but how does it work? This light highlights differences in paintwork by offering various colours and shades. Using the LED you can make sure that your new paintwork matches up with the older paintwork. To do this use the different modes to lower and increase the amount of lumens output by the light. 

The Light also has Kelvin settings. Kelvin spectrum is the colour temperature of the light. Generally speaking the lower the number the more “orange/yellow the light looks. The higher the Kelvin spectrum the more blue the light is, this imitates more of a blue sky bright day kind of light. The lower settings will give more of a dim candle light / early sunrise type of light. 

This is important when working on paint jobs and especially when working indoors. It can be hard to see differences in paintwork until the car is then moved outside into the sun. Using the LED allows precise viewing of results indoor. 

The tool is a great niche item that can help to improve your quality of finish. 

Milwaukee M18 orbital Quarter Sheet Sander

Milwaukee M18 Quarter Sheet Sander

Milwaukee’s Random Orbital sander is already a decent bit of kit. There was a gap in Milwaukee’s tool catalogue if you wanted to get to those finishes that a sheet sander is so good at. With this Milwaukee set out to create a Quarter sheet sander.

The sander boasts lower vibration in comparison to the orbital sander. Users should see a reduction in fatigue and stress on muscles. 

The variable speed change works from 11-13000 OPM. Meaning you can get the finish and precise removal that you are after. The tool also has a 2-step clamp system allowing quick and easy sanding paper swap overs. 

You don’t need to buy an adaptor to hook Milwaukee’s orbital sander up to most vacs. The sander comes with a universal adaptor. Milwaukee has done it again and provided a universal solution. Rather than creating more hassle for end users they have made it as easy and accessible as possible.

Milwaukee Packout Tumblers

Milwaukee Packout Tumbler

887ML Tumbler / 591ML Tumbler

The Milwaukee Packout Tumblers should be hitting shelves soon. I know this because we recently had an event in our Harlow Store in which we gave away 2 of these as prizes. All you had to was pop into the store on the day. If you want to be a part of these giveaways keep up to date with our social media. 

Edit: Since writing this we have received the tumblers and they are live on our website! 

As far as a release goes this isn’t the most exciting tool release on the roster. I can’t help but get excited to get my hands on one! Is it bad that I don’t have a packout system and I still want one of these tumblers? 

Yes, this bad boy will fit on your packout and yes it is very secure. We also tried it in the van and yes it will fit in your car’s cup holder. The outward design means that it does get wider the further up you go which makes it quite bulky. 

They are quite clunky I managed to get my hands on the 887ml version when Milwaukee came down. I remember thinking “this is a big ol boy”. Now for me, that’s not an issue I prefer that it is a bit of a handful. It’s a sturdy piece of equipment and I can’t imagine ever misplacing it that’s for sure.

Milwaukee Electricians Scissors

Milwaukee Scissors

When writing this article I wasn’t sure if I should add in hand tools. It is If you like the addition please let me know below, and ill try to add more to the list as soon as I can!

These Scissors stood out to me as I was scrolling through Milwaukee’s Catalogue. For one they come in a handy case that will fit onto your work trousers allowing easy access to the tool. 

So why are these handy for electricians? Well, they have a cable cutting groove which allows for better leverage. This gives you an easier grip when using the scissors. They also come with a rounded groove making for easy wire stripping. The scissors are a well-rounded hand tool to get the job done.

New Milwaukee Tools in the pipeline

These are tools that might not release in the UK in 2022. They’re worth looking out for in the future in early 2023. As and when they release in the UK we will add these to our list but for the time being.

The Milwaukee Track Saw

The Milwaukee track saw is the most anticipated addition to the M18 range of the year and for good reason. We have created an article going over it click here (or the image) to read the article.

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