Dewalt celebrates it’s 100th Anniversary

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How it all began

In 2024, Dewalt will celebrate its 100th anniversary since its establishment as an international power tool giant.

The company is renowned for its innovative technology and manufacturing of tools that are guaranteed to be tough, trusted by people around the world.

Raymond DeWalt learned the trades at his dad John’s wagon shop. Now the proprietor of Dewalt Wagon Works, Raymond emphasizes safety, highlighting his knowledge of jobsites in newspaper adverts.

Raymond Elmer DeWalt founded the company in 1924, two years after inventing the radial arm saw, which was a precursor to the modern-day mitre saw.

DeWalt, who worked as a superintendent for Seabrook Farms, applied for patents in 1923. His patents were granted in 1925, and other manufacturers attempted to patent their own versions of the saw as well.

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The radial arm saw was a huge success, which led to the establishment of the Dewalt Products Company. The company set up a manufacturing plant and business offices in Leola, Pennsylvania.

However, the original design of the Wonder-Worker remained the most successful.

It was a circular saw blade directly driven by an electric motor, held in a bar that slid along a horizontal arm which was positioned some distance above a horizontal table surface and could be configured in nine different ways.

Testimonials at the time included one that stated “We are doing all our fine interior finish with built-in work right on the job with the [Wonder-Worker], and are doing a better grade of work than the average millwork shop turns out.”

Taking the work by storm, Benjamin F. Baker, who was Dewalt’s director of the foreign department, travels the world to cement the company’s success by establishing national and international distributors.

Expansion during the 1930s

In 1929, due to rapid expansion, the company relocated to a new and modern construction plant and office building in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

During the 1930s, Dewalt collaborated with the US government to define and develop safety regulations in the construction industry. These regulations later formed the basis for establishing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the US, which is equivalent to the Health & Safety Executive.

During World War II, the company obtained numerous defense and military contracts, which led to further expansion to meet the demand of the US government. The company grew so large that it was reorganized and re-incorporated in 1947 as DEWALT Inc.

From the late 1940s to the mid-50s, Dewalt was acquired by American Machine Foundry (AMF) and established its first international subsidiary company in Canada. The company expanded its manufacturing plant to cater to the ever-growing consumer demand for their tools.

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Raymond Dewalt & the Future

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Raymond Dewalt, the founder of the company, continued to educate tradespeople at Mechanicsburg High School as the company grew. However, he passed away in Mechanicsburg on May 8th, 1961 not long after the company was sold to Black & Decker.

In 1992, Black & Decker began a major effort to rebrand its professional quality and high-end power tools to Dewalt. This was the same time that Dewalt had introduced a line of tools as well as accessories that were specially aimed at home contractors, professional woodworkers, and renovators.

In 1994, Dewalt introduced over 30 cordless power tools, including the most powerful cordless tool at the time – the 14.4V Cordless drill driver as well as the 5 3/8″ cordless saw. It also introduced the first combined drill driver with hammer action – the combi drill. This move from Dewalt marked a seismic shift within the industry.

By 2001, Dewalt had over 200 electric tools along with over 800 accessories available at that time.

As a result of extensive research with professional contractors, Dewalt developed the SHOCKS – Active Vibration Control system in 2005. This is currently found on some of its SDS Plus and 1-7/8″ and 2″ SDS Max rotary hammers, which reduces vibration by up to 50 percent compared to hammers without such systems.

Hands on with Hand Tools

Dewalt, in 2011, introduced a range of contractor’s hand tools which included utility knives, pliers, adjustable wrenches, tape measures, saws, and hammers.

These tools were designed to meet the exceptional demands on site. In 2013, Dewalt further expanded its range of hand tools to include mechanics’ tools such as wrenches, ratchets, and sockets.

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Cordless Creativity

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In 2013, Dewalt launched the 18V XR / 20V Max line of cordless power tools which included brushless motors, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, and advanced technology.

This was a significant year for the company as they also expanded their manufacturing plants across the United States.

Currently, there are over 250 18V XR power tools available, and new tools are being developed daily.

This range is the top choice for professional tradespeople all over the world, covering not only construction tools but also a wide selection of gardening tools. With this constantly expanding range, you’ll always have the tools you need.

Not Just Tools

Further advancements included the introduction of Tool-Connect – a Bluetooth app that allowed users to track their tools from the field. 

This was further supported by the introduction of an Android-powered smartphone that was specifically designed for industry workers. 

In 2016, it would cost £379.00 and was capable of surviving a drop from 2m onto concrete as well as being able to survive temperatures from -20 to 60 °C.

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, Dewalt 18V batteries were used to power respirators that were protecting front-line health workers around the world.

According to the 2021 ESG report in the US, more than 13 million people were using Dewalt-powered respirators in 2020.

The Future has arrived


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In 2016, Dewalt introduced the XR FLEXVOLT battery and the 54V XR FLEXVOLT power tool range.

This was the first range in the world that allowed voltage to change based on the tool being used. It could switch between 18V XR and 54V.

The FLEXVOLT range brought tools that performed like corded construction tools without the hassle of wires.

In 2021, Dewalt took this range to the next level by introducing the XR FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE range of power tools.

These tools can accept a FLEXVOLT battery and deliver up to 77% more power compared to the same tool using an 18V XR battery.


More recently, Dewalt introduced the worlds first stacked battery system – the POWERSTACK

In a major update of battery technology, the POWERSTACK battery allowed for greater power in a smaller package along with a longer lifespan than traditional cylindrical cell batteries.

One of our team did a detailed review and how they work when this was released – read it here

Powerstack Compact Battery


dewalt powershift

But what does the future hold? 

Apart from the continued development of power tools on all battery platforms, Dewalt has recently introduced the POWERSHIFT Range.

This new system is designed to optimize the workflow of concrete jobsites through electrification. The range is aimed at concrete construction projects and is designed to remove cords, cables, and even fumes from the work site.

Using a 554Wh battery, it delivers the same power and performance level as either corded or petrol powered tools.

Additionally, there is a FLEXVOLT to POWERSHIFT power adapter available for additional runtime.

Out in the big world…

Dewalt, the well-known tool manufacturer, has expanded its presence in the world of motorsports by sponsoring various drivers and teams.

Starting from NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth in 1999, Dewalt has since partnered with other racing teams such as McLaren in Formula 1 and AFC Bournemouth in the Premiership.

Recently, Dewalt also returned to NASCAR by sponsoring Toyota driver Christopher Bell. With its iconic branding and name, Dewalt has successfully established itself as a prominent player in the motorsports industry.

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Dewalt DCD100P2T-GB 18V XR Brushless Limited Edition 100 Year Combi Drill

DEWDCD100P2T A 27647

Dewalt has released a limited edition combi drill, known as the DCD100, to celebrate its 100 year anniversary.

The Dewalt DCD100P2T 18V XR Brushless Combi Drill from ITS is a powerful tool that exemplifies Dewalt’s reputation for quality and performance.

This versatile combi drill boasts a range of functions and features that make it an essential tool in any collection.

The DCD100 is equipped with a brushless motor and a 2-speed transmission that can deliver up to 1650rpm and an impressive 68m torque.

ITS and Dewalt have worked closely for many years, and we look forward to seeing new technologies, supporting our customers with the latest innovations, products and offers for the future.

On behalf of ITS, Happy 100th Birthday Dewalt.

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