Vaunt Site Lighting Range

Trusted tool brand Vaunt has released a new range of worksite lights to cover every environment! From site lights, flood lights and festoons, to torches, head torches and even speaker lights. Vaunt has you covered! Built to the high-quality standards that Vaunt prides itself on, these lights all meet UKCA standards and have no single-use plastic. Read on to discover Vaunt’s site lighting range or click here to read about their new hand torch, head torch, and essential lighting ranges!

Vaunt Site Lights

Site Lights & Flood Lights

Vaunt Dual 20W LED Tripod Floodlights

A staple light for every worksite is the twin tripod floodlight, and Vaunt has not forgotten this. The Tripod Floodlight comes with two 20W COB LED lights mounted on an extendable tripod, producing 1800 lumens each (3600 lumens in total) over a 60m distance. A new slimline head design not only makes the product very lightweight but also allows the lamps to access tight or small spaces. Full 360° lamp positioning with full front and back swivel action ensures the light will be facing exactly where you need it, with easy-to-adjust tightening knobs. The strong steel tripod (V1616000) height easily adjusts from 650mm to 1500mm with tripod legs and slip-resistant feet. The legs also have additional bracket support with integrated cable tidy. Available in either 110V or 240V power supply, both have an IP65 rating meaning they are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Floodlights: 110V 20W Floodlight w/Tripod240V 20W Floodlight w/Tripod , 110V 20W Floodlight Twinpack240V 20W Floodlight Twinpack

Vaunt Dual LED Cordless Folding Floodlights

Vaunt has taken the tripod floodlight and developed it further into this new clamshell-style site light. Featuring two 10W SMD LED light panels in heavy-duty plastic housing, it produces up to 1000 lumens each (2000 lumens in total) over a 120° area. The dual work light features multiple predefined light options such as ‘High’ (both panels at 100%), ‘Low’ (both panels at 50%), and ‘Single’ (one panel at 100%). But the light options don’t stop there! If the predefined options don’t quite suit the environment, the Vaunt folding floodlight has a dimmer mode. Simply press and hold the power button (on either dual or single setting) and the light will slowly dim. Release the button to set the light at your required brightness! The panels can be adjusted to various positions and can either be used directly on the floor or used with the Vaunt Tripod (V1616000), offering complete working flexibility. An integrated 4400mAh battery features a convenient battery indicator that provides up to 6 hours of runtime and can be charged using the 240V plug. The work light ideal for site environments also includes a large, durable carry handle, locking clasp, and IP65 weatherproof rating making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Think this is the light for you but needs a bit more shine, then why not try out its bigger brother?! Featuring all the same features and benefits described above but with two 15W SMD LED light panels producing 1500 lumens each (3000 lumens in total) and a bigger 8800mAh battery providing up to 8 hours runtime.

Floodlights20W Floodlight20W Floodlight w/Tripod , 30W Floodlight30W Floodlight w/TripodTripod

Work Lights & Spotlights

Vaunt Cordless Magnetic Work Lights

This slimline, compact work lighthouses a bright 10W COB LED within a durable ABS & TPE casing, producing up to 1000 lumens over 35m. The site light comes with ‘High’ (1000 lumens), ‘Medium’ (500 lumens), and ‘Low’ (250 lumens) brightness options, with a 4400mAh battery that can last up to 10 hours. The light itself can be positioned in any position required as the base has a full 360° rotation and full front-to-back pivot. The base also features double magnets for a secure, hands-free hold on metal surfaces and holes for either screwing to a wall or connecting to a tripod. In addition, the LED site light can be charged using the USB-C cable provided and features a battery level indicator and a 5V USB outlet for charging your mobile phone. The rubber handle, sides, and feet offer extra impact resistance and stability during use with the work light protected to IP54 also making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Again, if you like this light then you need to have more of a look at the bigger 30W version with an integrated Bluetooth speaker! The Vaunt Speaker Work Light includes all the features above but with a 30W COB LED light, producing ‘High’ (3000 lumens), ‘Medium’ (2100 lumens), and ‘Low’ (1300 lumens) brightness options. The 8000mAh battery is much bigger, providing up to 8 hours runtime, and 15 hours on speaker-only mode! The 6W Bluetooth speaker will connect to any Bluetooth device within 10m and produces a max volume of 75dB, providing you with light, music and battery charge while you work!

Spotlights: 10W Magnetic Site Light30W Magnetic Site Light

Vaunt Dual Temperature Work Light

Your typical reliable site light with a dual personality! The strong yet lightweight aluminium light features a 22W SMD LED spotlight producing 1600 lumens over 40m. The light itself can switch between bright cool white (5700k temp) and soft warm yellow (3000k temp), whichever is required for the conditions you are working in. The bright cool white light is ideal for general use, offering a natural feeling light, whereas the more subtle warm light is better suited for surface inspections and those late evenings painting in the dark. This handy work light features a 130° pivoting stand, which can be locked in various positions and has a useful screw/bolt hole enabling the light to be screwed to a fixture or bolted to the Vaunt Adjustable Tripod (V1616000 – sold separately) with the tripod adaptor included. The dual temperature light is powered by a 240V mains plug and is protected to an IP54 rating, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Dual Temperature Site Lights: 240V 20W Site Light240V 20W Site Light w/Tripod

Vaunt Festoon Lights

Just like the tripod lights, the festoon light is a common sight on-site over the winter months! The Vaunt festoon light is 22m long and made up of ten bright 8W COB LED lamps. Producing 800 lumens each (8000 lumens in total) over 10m, it is available with either a 110V plug or 240V plug. Each lamp is made of heavy-duty PC housing and has two screw holes for quick mounting with a hang hole at the cable end for convenience. Featuring safe insulated aluminium wiring, a drop rating of IK07, and protection to IP44, these festoon lights will hold up to typical heavy-handed work site use, indoors or outdoors.

Festoon Lights: 110V 8W Festoon Light110V 8W Festoon Light Twinpack240V 8W Festoon Light240V 8W Festoon Light Twinpack

Vaunt Linkable Festoon Lights

Limited for a power source but need more light? Then the Vaunt linkable festoon light is ideal for you! With a length of 15m, the Vaunt extendable festoon light consists of five 12W SMD LED lamps producing 1500 lumens each (7500 lumens in total) over 10m. At the end of the festoon, the work light is a female socket, ready for you to connect to another Vaunt linkable festoon. Available with either 110V and 240V plugs you can connect a maximum of 8 festoons on the 110V cable or 14 festoons on the 240V cable. Each lamp is made of a heavy-duty PC with an additional shock-absorbing outer cage and metal carabiner for quick and secure hanging. Thick insulated cable with capped power ends, drop rating of IK07 and protected to IP65 rating, these festoons are perfect for indoor or outdoor site use!

Linkable Festoon Lights: 110V 12W Extendable Festoon Light110V 12W Extendable Festoon Light Twinpack240V 12W Extendable Festoon Light240V 12W Extendable Festoon Light Twinpack

Vaunt Cordless Hanging Bar Lights

The Vaunt under-hood bar light is one of the most adaptable light options on the market. The full set consists of two 10W COB LED lights and a folding hanging beam with two extendable rubber arms. Each light produces 1200 lumens (2400 lumens in total) over 30m, with a ‘High’ (1200 lumens) and a ‘Low’ (600 lumens) setting. Made from strong yet light ABS & TPE materials, the light bracket is able to pivot back and forth a full 180, and along with a full 360° rotation, it provides ideal light coverage in any position. The light bracket can stand independently and also features two integrated strong magnets along with 32mm (1 ¼”) radius curves, enabling the light to be mounted to the hanging beam or any other similar size bar. The 4400mAh battery within the light can be charged by USB-C (cable included), which provides a run time of up to 7 hours and also features a battery level indicator and a 5v USB outlet for charging your mobile phone. The Vaunt bar work light is protected to IP54 rating, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The hanging bar itself is made from aluminium, making it both strong and light to use. It has a durable 32mm (1 ¼”) tube body with a robust oversized folding centre hinge. Each end of the bar features a large, hooked arm with a rubber silica coating for a non-marking, non-slip grip. The bar extends from 1250mm to 1950mm and is spring loaded, meaning the arms automatically retract for a secure hanging hold, along with cushioning rubber stops to prevent damage when fully retracting. The bar can be extended and folded with the lights attached, making it quick and easy for transport and storage, or even using the folded position to hang the lights when overhead hanging isn’t available. Weighing just over a kilogram, the Vaunt hanging lights option is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and works perfectly with the Vaunt and Vaunt X gazebo ranges (sold separately).

Adjustable Under Lights: 10W Adjustable Under Light20W Under Light SetSupport bar pack

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