Vaunt Torch Light Range

Trusted tool brand Vaunt have released a new range of work lights to cover every requirement! From torches, head torches and speaker lights to site lights, flood lights, and even festoons, there is a work light for you from Vaunt. Built to the quality standards Vaunt prides itself on, these lights all meet UKCA standards and include no single use plastic, a philosophy Vaunt has always prided itself on.

Discover the Vaunt Torch Lighting range or click here to read about their new work lights, flood and festoon lighting ranges!



Everyone likes to have a torch now and then, don’t they? If you are someone who can’t resist a simple, reliable torch to hand, then this ‘handy’ little light is for you. Made from aluminium, this robust torch features a 3W COB CREE XP-G3 LED light, with three light settings: ‘High’ (350 lumens), ‘Low’ (110 lumens) and strobe mode.

The lightweight torch can light up to 215m and is powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included) with a run time of up to 10 hours (depending on the quality of batteries you use).

Featuring an easy press rubber button on the base, you can quickly switch between light modes by pressing lightly rather than turning the torch off and on again. With a wrist loop included, protected to IPX4 and drop tested up to 1m, this handy little torch is the perfect asset to any toolbox.


A quality torch by anyone’s standard! Professionally made with durable aluminium, the bright 3W COB CREE XP-G3 LED light has three light settings: ‘High’ (550 lumens), ‘Low’ (35 lumens) and strobe mode.

Lighting up to 130m, the professional LED torch can last up to 24 hours when used on low mode (7 hours on high mode) and the 2000mAh battery can be recharged using the USB-C cable provided. The slim, ergonomic design with textured grip, makes the torch comfortable to use and includes a useful wrist strap.

With the large rubber base button, charger port cover, protected to IPX4 and drop tested up to 1m, this work torch is ideal for the site professional.


Vaunt’s high-end, heavy-duty hand torch offers performance, durability and quality all rolled in one! The strong yet lightweight aluminium torch houses a 3W COB SST40 LED light with four mode settings: ‘High’ (1000 lumens), ‘Medium’ (550 lumens), ‘Low’ (35 lumens) and strobe mode, reaching up to 350m.

You can also focus the light beam by simply sliding the light head forward and backward. This offers the option of spreading the light across a large area or concentrating the beam on a small area in the distance, ideal for quickly switching between scoping and inspecting. The 2000mAh battery provides up to 18 hours run time (3 hours on high mode) and can be charged with a USB-C cable (included).

As with the rest of the Vaunt torch range, the Vaunt sliding focus torch features a large rubber button on the base, wrist strap, charger port cover, protected to IPX4 and drop tested up to 1m, making them ideal for working on sites.


The Vaunt slimline pen torch is ideal for anyone needing a bit of light for a quick inspection without the need to carry a cumbersome torch. Measuring just 15mm wide and 150mm long, the durable aluminium Vaunt inspection torch manages to house THREE individual lights! Firstly a 3W COB LED flood light, producing 120 lumens (on ‘High’ mode) & 55 lumens (on ‘Low’ mode) spreading across a general area, secondly a 5W CREE XTE LED inspection torch light producing 130 lumens concentrated to reach up to 45m, and finally a laser pointer; for when your colleague just doesn’t quite get what object you are talking about! The integrated 300mAh battery can be charged by USB-C (cable included) and can last up to 3 hours.

The body has a triangular design for comfortable pen-style holding, which also prevents the torch from rolling away when placed down. It also features a pocket clip for easy storage on your person, which has a magnet inside enabling it to be attached to metal surroundings such as car panels and electrical boxes to free your hands to work. As if all that isn’t enough, the pen torch also includes a wrist strap, charger port cover, protected to IPX4 and drop tested up to 1m, everything you need for a reliable work torch.


Do you ever find yourself with a torch but wish you could change the type of light to best suit the situation you find yourself in? Well now you can! The Vaunt 3-in-1 torch comes with THREE interchangeable heads: Torch, Floodlight, Flexible-Neck Torch, offering you all the lighting cover you need. The Torch head houses a 5W COB LED producing 350 lumens, while the floodlight and flexible torch heads produce a maximum of 350 and 220 lumens respectively.

The integrated 2000mAh battery can be charged with a Micro-USB cable (included) and will power the torch and flexi torch lights for maximum of 6 hours, and the floodlight for a max run time of 4 hours. The torch is ergonomically designed with an easy reach thumb power button and the magnetic base offers convenient handsfree placement, especially around cars and electrical boxes. The floodlight head has multiple position locks and can fold down for compact storage, while the flexible head is exactly that, with full snake like flexibility allowing the light to be positioned perfectly where you need it.

Each light head has a ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ setting; along with a strobe and SOS mode. The set comes complete with a impact resistant storage case, keeping your kit organised and protected wherever you take it!



Head torches are incredibly convenient, aren’t they? Always carrying the light around with you while keeping your hands free to work; and yet the Vaunt head torch is still that bit more convenient! The Vaunt Motion Sensor Headtorch allows you to turn on and off the light with a simple wave gesture, instead of having to fumble around feeling for the power button.

I know what you are thinking, “that could actually be inconvenient as I like to talk a lot with my hands”, well have no fear because you can also turn the motion control off and use the conventional buttons. The shock resistant ABS head light houses a 3W COB LED light along with a second 5W XPG LED light, offering a spot or flood light (or both at the same time) options, producing a max of 480 lumens over 10m.

If you can’t get the right brightness from the pre-set options, again, have no fear as this light is all about convenience remember? Simply press and hold the power button and the light will gradually dim, then just let go at the brightness you require. The light tilt can be positioned using the 45-degree hinge, which has locking points to hold the light in place and will last up to 7 hours run time. The integrated 1800mAh battery can be charged using the USB-C cable provided and also features a battery level indicator.

Drop tested up to 2m and with a protection rating of IP54, and comfortable extra wide elastic head band, makes this headtorch ideal for prolonged period indoor and outdoor use!


Do you ever wish you can see behind you? Well now you can with this Vaunt Double Headlight, featuring a light on both the front and back of the head band! OK, admittedly you still can’t see behind yourself, but people will be able to see you easier (especially if you cycle to the job site!). The back light features a XPG LED with flood light, red warning light or red & white strobe attention light options.

The front light features a 5W COB light producing up to 500 lumens with a full band floodlight, offering a variety of lighting options: floodlight, spotlight, spot & flood lights combined, strobe light, red light, and red strobe light.

The light is made from shock resistant ABS plastic and houses a 1200mAh battery with battery level indicator, providing up to 7 hours run time, which can be recharged with a USB-C cable (included). Comfortable, adjustable head band with 90-degree adjustable angle light hinge and battery level indicator, along with its 2m drop test and IP54 ratings, it makes the perfect headlight for site (or cycling!).


Is it a torch or a sweat band? Why not both? The Vaunt motion sensor headband torch is exactly that. Made from Silicon rubber, the head band light is completely malleable making it incredibly durable and long lasting. The full band 10W COB LED floodlight produces up to 350 lumens with an XPE LED inspection spotlight on the side.

Both lights have ‘High’ and ‘Low’ modes with a Strobe mode if you press and hold the power button . The head torch also features a convenient motion control option, allowing you to turn the light on and off with a simple wave of your hand (no more feeling for the power button), with the motion control itself able to be turned on or off when needed.

This slimline head torch manages to incorporate a 1200mAh battery with battery level indicator, which provides up to 7 hours run time and can be recharged using the USB-C cable provided. The incredibly flexible head band is very comfortable to wear, especially for prolonged periods of time, and is adjustable for any head size. Drop tested from 2m and with a IP54 rating, this head band light, as with the rest of the Vaunt head light range, is perfectly suited for on-site use.


Alongside Vaunts flagship range, they have also released a range of essential lighting. A collection of light options ideal for anyone wanting a good performing light on a budget. Essentials being the key word here, the Vaunt Essential Range in general is full of handy items you would always need to have with you on any job you are facing!


Does exactly what it says on the tin. A bright 8W COB LED light house in a shock resistant ABS & TPR body and produces up to 550 lumens across three light settings: ‘High’, ‘Low’ & ‘Strobe’. The compact design measures just 150mm by 100mm, making it light and easy to carry, ideal for tight spaces.

It even has four magnets on the back for a strong hold on metal surfaces; and if there isn’t any metal about, it has a rotating floor stand, which doubles up as a handle or hook for hanging. The Vaunt Essentials site light offers you ample lighting up to 50m and is powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included).


Fancy a bit of sound with your light without bursting the bank? The Vaunt Essentials speaker work light does exactly that! The 10W COB LED light produces 800 lumens of light and 80dB of sound from the 5W Bluetooth speaker. With three mode options ‘High’, ‘Low’ & ‘Strobe’, the speaker site light can last up to 7 hours on its 4400mAh battery (3 hours on ‘High’) or 24 hours with speaker only.

The light has a 5V USB outlet to charge your mobile phone and the battery itself has a charge level indicator and can be recharged using the Micro-USB cable (included). The site light casing is made from strong, shock resistant nylon TPR and features two leg stands which can rotate 270-degress; making it adaptable to any position required for optimal performance.

The Bluetooth speaker will connect with any device within 10m and has its own control buttons separate to the light for ease of use. Simply make the speaker discoverable by holding the speaker button and once connected, use your mobile device or the volume up and down buttons on the light itself (press and hold to skip back and forth through tracks).


The Vaunt Essential Dual Torch offers you two lights in one! Depending on what you need, the device can be used as a typical 1W LED spotlight with a 90-degree adjustable head or simply extend the device to expose the 3W COB LED floodlight. Both lights can be operated independently offering 250 lumens (spotlight) or 300 lumens (floodlight), lasting up to 3 hours with the integrated 2000mAh battery. Soft feel, comfort grip handle on a durable ABS body, makes the torch pretty lightweight for its size, and also features an integrated metal hanging hook with a strong magnetic base for optimal light positioning.

Conveniently rechargeable using the Micro-USB cable provided with a protected charging port and charging light indicator. This Vaunt Essentials work torch offers practicality, adjustability and reliability when those winter nights start drawing in.


The Vaunt Essential Compact Work Light is a real must have in the toolbox. Compact, easy to carry design measuring just 110mm by 50mm, yet offers an array of useful features! The bright 3W COB LEF light produces 120 lumens with 5 different settings, YES FIVE! – ‘High’, ‘Low’, ‘Red Light’, ‘Red Light Strobe’ & ‘Red Light SOS’ Strobe’.

Made from shock resistant ABS material, the lightweight work light features a strong magnetic base with 180-degree pivoting body, integrated belt clip and integrated hanging hook on the back. The rechargeable 600mAh battery accepts Micro-USB cables (included) and will last up to 7 hours (3 hours on ‘High’).

It would be essential to have a pocket size light with so many modes and integrated features!


The Vaunt Keyring Light is a handy little light with a large carabiner for quick and easy attachment to objects like keyrings or belt hooks. THE COB LED light produces 30 lumens and is powered by two CR2025 batteries (included), lasting up to 4 hours! The keyring light in fact offers 4 light settings: ‘High’, ‘Low’, ‘Strobe’ and if you hold the button, ‘SOS’ mode. It’s the ideal companion for locating that door lock in the dark and finding your way back into the house from a ‘busy’ night out.

What are strobe and SOS torch modes?

Strobe lights have been around nearly 100 years and are used for a variety of reasons. However, its most common use is for defensive measures against threats. When faced with a strobe light, it creates what is called ‘Flicker Vertigo’ or ‘Bucha Effect’, which is the imbalance in brain cell activity causing disorientation, vertigo, and nausea.

Apart from causing havoc with your mates, being able to cause vision disruption or temporary blindness and confusion provides you the chance to escape from threatening or dangerous situations. This functionality is incredibly useful for users in a security or guard role when needing to confront someone potentially dangerous. It goes without saying this function needs to be used responsibly as it can cause epileptic seizures and therefore should only be used at the user’s discretion and what they have been instructed to do.

Aside from security, the strobe function can also be used as a beacon or a way of gaining someone’s attention, particularly in remote environments, or where noise isn’t as efficient. The fast-blinking action is hard to ignore will attract attention from great distances.

SOS mode is the visual representation of SOS in morse code. The universally known ‘3x short taps, 3 x long taps, 3 x short taps‘, which creates the letters S, O & S in morse code, standing for “Save Our Souls”. A light with SOS mode will display three quick flashes, then three long flashes followed by three short flashes, signalling the letters S, O & S in morse code. This function is like Strobe mode but with a direct message to anyone who sees it and hopefully get you the assistance you need.


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