The Ultimate Guide for Work Lights

Lighting is an essential part of everyday living, whether you’re switching the kitchen light on to make a cup of tea or using a torch to see a dark area while working we all use it and most of the time without even thinking about it.

If you are a tradesman, construction worker or even a keen DIYer then having some sort of site lighting is a must. Emergency call-outs or late-night repairs can mean working in low-light conditions so having something that brings light to the situation means you can carry on working (and earning).

You might need it as the dark nights close in, or it could be for seeing into the back of cupboards or a dark loft, whatever your lighting needs are there will be a solution just for you.

A range of Milwaukee lights to represent work lights

Work lights have come a long way since I came into the industry. Back then it was corded or a torch! Now you can get battery-operated, rechargeable and of course corded is still an option. The choices are endless and all the big names are involved, so if you have a favourite brand they will have a lighting range with something that will suit your needs.

The type of light you buy is going to depend on what you are going to need it for and also what facilities are on site. If there is power and you’re working in 1 place then corded will work fine, but if you’re constantly on the move then battery power is definitely with way to go.

Do you need directional, high or all-round light? another question you need to ask yourself as the choices are huge.

Let’s run through the different types of lights available. This might help you decide what you need.

Dewalt Floor Light to represent floor lights

Floor Lights

A floor light is exactly what it says it is, a light you place on the floor.
These lights are tough and are made to withstand everyday site life. Generally, they are made from hardwearing plastic although some will have a metal frame. The carry handle makes them easy to move.

Floor lights are generally rechargeable (there are some corded ones available) so it’s up to you if you charge overnight at home or plugin on site. Some of the lights will have a thread so you can mount them on a tripod and some have a hook so you can hang them higher up.

Defender tripods/lights to represent Tripods

Tripod Lights

Tripod lights are generally corded, but Makita has recently released some really nifty 18V tripod lights that would make you the envy of any site. With one or two heads you can position the beam and light up the area you’re working in. The lights are sturdy and hard to miss but can sometimes be heavy and a pain to move.

Festoon Lights shown underneath shelving

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are a more permanent fixture and are used in areas that need a constant light source. They are always corded and bulbs can be easily changed which means they are a cost-effective choice for most sites.

Milwaukee Lighting range to represent torches and head torches

Torches and Head Torches

Every tradesman should have a torch, it’s an essential piece of kit you should never be without. Either for use at work or home, in the car or out and about, torches are perfect to light the way and find lost items. Now the big brands have started to make their own torches if you already have power tools then they can be a cheap way of adding to your kits when buying a body-only version. If handheld isn’t your thing then a head torch is what you need. Keeping both hands free your ability to keep working and see what your doing is greatly improved.

Specialist & Others

This is where it starts to get fun, especially with the big cordless brands. Did you know Makita have an 18V lantern that’s also a radio? Milwaukee has an 18V area light that also charges your batteries and Dewalt has a handheld spotlight that delivers 1000 lumen.

From area lights, contractor lights and even lights with clamps on, there really is something for everyone. Some light even suit particular trades like mechanics and plasterers.

Cordless Work Lights


Makita has a full range of work light options so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs. 40V MAX XGT, 18V LXT and even some 12V CTX are all ready for you to add to whatever platform you already subscribe to. Some of the newest offerings include:

Makita have 29 work lights, I’ve picked out my favourite below but you can shop them all here.

DMR056 18V Radio Lantern

  • 360˚ light coverage & overload protection
  • AM/FM, Bluetooth, DAB/DAB+ Radio
  • Daylight, neutral and warm light settings
  • Run from a single 18V LXT Battery
DMR056 18V Radio Lantern

ML009G 40V MAX XGT 18V Work Light

ML009G 40V MAX XGT/18V Work Light

  • Runs on 18V LXT or 40V Max XGT batteries
  • 3 Brightness settings
  • Compact design with short height
  • Can be mounted to a tripod or freestanding

DML810 18V & 240V Self Righting Light

  • Remembers light & brightness settings
  • Stays upright even when knocked
  • Battery compartment loop for padlock
  • IP54 dust & water resistant
DML810 18V & 240V Self Righting Light


Dewalt’s range isn’t as big as the other 2 but what it does have is good. Torches, spotlights, tripods and area lights are all covered but here are my favourites:

Dewalt have 11 work lights, I’ve picked out my favourite below but you can shop them all here.

DCL074 18V XR Tool Connect Area Light

  • The impact-resistant design is made for on-site use
  • Compatible with 54V FlexVolt
  • LED provides natural white light
  • Use the Tool Connect App to control & monitor your light
DCL074 18V XR Tool Connect Area Light

DCL079 18V XR Tripod Light

DCL079 18V XR Tripod Light

  • Extends to seven-foot-high
  • Over 11 hours of run time
  • Compact size and durable construction
  • Water & dust resistance

DCL077 12V-18V Compact Task Light

  • 360° handle for multiple orientations
  • 3 light settings (500, 1000, 2000lm at 18V)
  • Compatible with Dewalt 10.8V, 12V, 18V & FlexVolt batteries
  • Can be mounted to a tripod or freestanding
DCL077 12V-18V Compact Task Light


Milwaukee has an extensive range of both M18 and M12 work lights so have you covered for pretty much every job. Milwaukee also has some really great job specific lights, especially for the automotive trade.

Milwaukee have 34 work lights, I’ve picked out my favourite below but you can shop them all here.

M18 ONESLDP 18V ONE-KEY Compact Site Light

M18 ONESLDP 18V ONE-KEY Compact Site Light & Charger

  • Control the light remotely from up to 30m
  • Highly durable and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens to protect the light
  • TRUEVIEW™ high-definition lighting
  • ONE-KEY digital inventory management for quick and easy tracking and customisation

M12 UHL-0 12V Under hood Light

  • FINISHGUARD™ hooks provide lasting protection against vehicle scratches
  • IP54 rated for additional protection
  • Mounting hooks extendable to 119cm – 196cm (47″ – 77″)
  • 600 & 1350lm light output settings
M12 UHL-0 12V Under hood Light

M18 SAL-0 TRUEVIEW LED Stand Light

M18 SAL-0 TRUEVIEW LED Stand Light

  • TRUEVIEW™ high-definition lighting
  • High-performance 2000lm
  • Impact resistant, adjustable head with a durable polycarbonate lens that can be rotated up to 240° (vertical & horizontal)
  • Extendable mast that reaches up to 2.20m lighting up workspaces without shadows.

Our friends at Vaunt have just released a new range and we love it! You can check it out here.

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