5 Tools You Wish You Could Have

Sometimes manufacturers get stingy and keep their tools away from the UK market for what can only be spurious corporate red tape laden reasons. There are also tools from a time long passed that we look back on and imagine what could have been if production carried on until today.

But what can you do? For now, we have listed the top 5 tools that we wish to see on our shores or make a triumphant return to our shelves.

1. DeWalt Wi-Fi

Dewalt Connectivity

Jobsite connectivity is one of the most critical components of getting information from the site to the office and DeWalt have come out with some amazing tech to make it easier than ever!

Usually IT devices need a pristine environment which is not always possible on site. DeWalt understand this and have put in the work to make this bit of tech almost military grade in terms of toughness to ensure it can survive even the harshest conditions.

Set up is as easy as making a few taps on the DeWalt Wi-Fi app, naming your access point, giving it a password, and you can even label where its placed which is invaluable on large sites.

You can now enjoy the convenience and efficiency of office Wi-Fi when you’re working up in the clouds.

Unfortunately, for the foreseeable, the DeWalt Wi-Fi system is US markets only.

2. The Rocket

Paint Roller

Dirty paint rollers are a big problem. They’re a hassle to clean and cheap to replace so people often just throw them away and they end up in landfills, nightmare!

With The Rocket you will never need to replace your paint roller as it can be cleaned thoroughly in just seconds. You simply pop the unit in the sink or outside, attach the hose to a tap, clip your roller to the side, and turn on the tap.

The machine pressurises the water which in turn spins the roller and you end up with a clean brush with minimal hassle.

However, The Rocket failed to reach its Kickstart goal and sadly never got the backing it deserved. It’s not all bad news though! The inventor, William McPhee, didn’t let something as trivial as no start up capital stop him from achieving his dreams. He started Green Leos and managed to get a few units out of the door.

You can find this product on his website and even his eBay site but delivery to the UK may be a whole other story.

3. GaffGun

Gaff Gun

The GaffGun takes the infuriating task of taping cables to the floor and makes it as easy as going for a stroll.

You simply load the first bit of cable in, attach whatever type of tape you wish to use, and push the gun along the length of cable. It works very much like a zipper in that the cables are bundled together underneath the machine and the tape is automatically applied to fix them down.

Although the machine is very useful for health and safety compliance and could potentially save thousands in lawsuit costs, it does come with an eye watering price tag of $219.99 for the basic model.

The GaffGun has seen some mild success in the states but is yet to make its big break in the EU and with people on this side of the pond being less twitchy with their litigation trigger finger it’s future over here is hard to predict.

4. Stanley #1 Odd Jobs

Combi Square

The great grandad of our trusty combination square; the Stanley #1 Odd Jobs blazed the trail for pocket sized multitools and changed the landscape of home woodworking.

Production started in 1888 when Stanley was still known as “The Stanley Works” and the trusty Odd Jobs was produced all the way up until the 1930’s until Stanley acquired British firm J.A Chapman and shifted their focus towards the British market.

The Odd Jobs had everything you need to complete the odd job here and there including:

  •  Try Square
  • Mitre square
  • T-Square
  • Marking Gauge
  • Mortise Gauge
  • Depth Gauge
  • Mitre level
  • Spirit level and plumb
  • Beam Compass
  • Inside square
  • Ruler 

You can still sometimes find an original Odd Job on eBay but the prices quickly jump into 3 figures, but the Garrett Wade tool company revived the tool in 1996 and is pumping out Odd Jobs to Stanley’s original specification so you can pick one up if you’re desperate but would it feel the same?

5. Wimmer-Maschinen Lignatool Set Schnittführung

Ligna Tool


Ever looked and your chainsaw and though “I wish this was laser guided”? Your dreams can now be a reality with the Lignatool Set Schnittführung from Austrian manufacturer Wimmer-Maschinen.

The jig clamps on to the work piece and all you need to do is set your chainsaw in to it and the laser guided system shows you exactly where the cut will be, and the smooth piston arms gently guide your saw down through the material.

This is an incredibly specialised machine that does its job to the highest standard. High standards also mean high price tags but if you cancel a few Christmases and raid the kids’ piggy banks, you may be able to scrape together the £2,115.99 price tag and be the proud owner of a laser guided chainsaw.

Unfortunately, Wimmer-Maschinen is based in Austria and shipping a laser chainsaw rig is no easy job so they elected to not do it. The only way you’re getting this tool is by nipping over there yourself and hoping they let you back through customs without any extra invasive checks.

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