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Paslode lithium ion nailers

Paslode popped into ITS headquarters to give us a closer look at the new Paslode lithium ion nailers and we certainly weren’t disappointed. This new lithium ion battery will not only offer up to 7500 shots per 1 hour charge when using the finishing nailer & 6000 on the framing nailer but also now give you the option to run a fast charge which can fire 200 shots with just a 5 minute charge.

There are 4 new models that have not only been given the lithium-ion treatment but have also had a complete re-vamp at the same time.

IM65Lithium & IM65ALithium Finishing Nailers

These 2 finishing nailers have been remodelled on the existing IM65 and IM65A and the battery certainly isn’t the only new feature. The balance and weight of the units has been improved and this is instantly noticeable when you first pick one up, also the line of sight to the nose piece is now clearer which makes positioning a nail much easier.

The new features don’t stop there as there is also an improved depth adjuster which is much easier to use, and at the nose of the gun Paslode have added a quick release mechanism which releases the pressure on the nail magazine that makes freeing any unwanted jams much faster and easier.
As with the previous models the IM65lithium has a straight magazine so will fire straight brads sizes 16mm up to 63mm and the IM65Alithium will fire angled brads from 32 – 63mm with the angled magazine making it easier to reach into tighter corners or confined spaces.

Key New Features
– New Lithium-ion battery technology
– Better balance and lighter
– Improved design
– better visibility
– Upgraded tool free depth adjuster
– Quick mechanism to release jams

Have a look at the Video we shot for ITS TV

IM360Ci Framing Nailer

The IM360Ci lithium-ion framing nailer would be best compared to the existing IM90i as it fires a full head nail rather than a clipped head and also uses the Series I gas which has an intelligent input temperature control system.
A particular favourite addition of ours is the gas and battery gauge which as you have probably guessed keeps you informed of your remaining battery and gas levels – particularly helpful, as the last thing you want is to be up scaffolding or on the 50th floor with no gas or battery. This new

Paslode IM360Ci Framing Nailer

feature allows you to check before you go up.

In addition ‘Start and go’ technology has also been introduced which ensures that the battery is only called into action when the gun is in hand and moving, so no battery drain is lost whilst its lying on the ground.
Also boasting an improved balance & weight, a new style belt clip and a quick release nail magazine this new model nailer certainly stands out from the crowd.

Key New Features
– New Lithium-ion battery technology
– Better balance and lighter
– Battery and gas gauge
– Start and go technology
– Quick mechanism magazine

See the IM360Ci in action on ITS TV

PPN35ci Positive placement Nailer

Paslode PPN35ci Positive Placement Nailer

The last of the new models we looked at was the PPN35ci positive placement nailer, which like the models above has also had a whole new face lift.
Similarly to the framing nailer this now features the battery and gas gauge and the start/stop technology.
A fast hole locator probe allows for easy fixing of connectors to timbers, and this unit has also had a general body makeover for improved balance weight and usability.

Key New Features
– New Lithium-ion battery technology
– Better balance and lighter
– Battery and gas gauge
– Start and go technology
– Fast hole locator probe.

So that is the new range of Paslode lithium-ion nailers, and I’m sure you’ll agree that Paslode are defiantly moving in the right direction and continue to set the standards for professional nailers. I for one hope that the next thing on the agenda for the Paslode R&D department is to create an odourless gas! (Good luck with that one lads)

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