Makita Heated Jackets DCJ200/DCJ100D & Caulk Gun

Makita DCJ200 & DCJ100

New from Makita the DCJ200 & DCJ100D Heated Jackets and the BCG180 Caulking Gun

Makita have been busy recently launching their new 4Ah battery and related cordless drills and drivers and this has been the focus of most customers and retailers alike. However, there were a few other products that caught our eye at Makita’s recent national trade show that have slipped under the radar a little. So, we thought we’d bring you the low down on the best of the rest from the trade show.

Makita BCG180 Caulking Gun

Makita BCG180 Caulking Gun

Before you turn your noise up this one is really impressive. A Caulking gun is one of the most important tools in a tradesman’s armoury and having a good one can save you time, energy and improve your accuracy. A Battery powered caulking gun is used much like a standard caulking gun to load and lay sealant, but it does this without the pain of connecting, screwing and tightening the caulk to the gun.

We’ve all been there when the caulk goes stiff and becomes virtually impossible to get any Caulk out of the gun, even though you know full well there’s plenty left. You pull on the trigger until you’re red in the face and your veins are popping out of your head, but still nothing. So you give it to big Dave but even he is struggling and eventually you decide to buy a whole new sealant… Available here at ITS by the way!

Well not anymore, the Makita BCG180 solves this problem and then some! All you have to do is pull on a trigger and the mechanics does the hard work meaning the you don’t waste any energy or time and you get a neat, consistent, solid flow of caulk every time. It boasts variable speeds and two ways of adjusting it, so you can be sure to be in control and all time.

Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 18v
MAX. Push Force: 5,000N
No Load Speed: 28mm/Sec
Variable Speed Control by Trigger: Yes
variable Speed Controlled By Dial: Yes
Anti-Drip Function: Yes
Trigger lock: Yes
LED Job Light: Yes
Weight (With 3.0Ah Battery) 2.9kg

The BCG180 accepts both 300ml cartridges and Sausage Packs – Using piston A and Piston B set ups. Also, it can be used as a suction plunger to pump sealant directly into the holder.

Makita BCG180 Caulking Gun Infographic

Makita DCJ200 and CJ100D Heated Jacket

Makita DCJ200 & CJ100D Heated Jackets

We may have just had one of the nicest and driest summers for ten years but we all know that won’t last and most of us expect now to have a winter full of closed roads and snow bound job sites. Now if you’re anything like me you’re certain that you don’t need to invest in new winter clothes because the ones you had last year are fine and will cope well. Then winter will surround us and all of a sudden you’ll be freezing through, but out of pride you refuse to give in and buy yourself appropriate apparel and thereby admitting defeat.

A couple of months later when it’s all getting too much so you wait until next pay day to buy yourself a nice big warm jacket or hoodie which does the job perfectly for a week before people start telling you that spring is here and all of a sudden it’s a tad too warm – maybe next year ey!

Well this year you and I will have no excuses because ITS introduce the Makita DCJ200 and CJ100D Heated Jackets (18v and 10.8v respectively) made from 96% Polyester and 6% Spandex,

3 is the magic number

The Makita DCJ200 and CJ100D have:
3 heat zones in them to focus the heating to the most sensitive parts of the upper body.
3 LEDs built in to aid with heat indication
3 Pockets
3 Heat Level settings to choose from

Currently the DCJ200 is designed to take an 18v 3.0 or 4.0Ah Lithium ion Makita battery and CJ200D takes the 10.8v. They are only available in black and are and hand wash only!

So that is some of the extra products that Makita have launched during their national trade show. These items will be available to buy from ITS as soon as they are in our Warehouse in Essex which should be around early to mid-October.
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