What’s In The Milwaukee Advent Calendar 2023

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The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and suddenly, there is that warm glowing feeling that Christmas is right around the corner.

As such, nothing screams Christmas more in this trade than the limited edition Advent Calendars or Christmas Box. 

And right at the top of the list (or tree however you want to look it) is the Milwaukee Advent Calendar 2023 – Special Edition Christmas Box.

A well established seasonal favourite, the Milwaukee Christmas offering for this year goes beyond the tested 24 products for the run up to the big day. 

Now, we kinda need to explain this one a little bit. It’s not an advent calendar. There aren’t 24 doors with a hidden gift behind (I was personally gutted not to find any chocolate). And in fact, Milwaukee are actually referring to it as a Christmas Box

In fact, for 2023, when you count every item – you get way more. We even got a chance to get a sneak peak in it. You can see Dan full of Christmas cheer and spirit (I think it was Jameson’s whisky) as he explores its contents. See his video here.

With 32 individual items within this set, this is surely one of the perfect gifts anyone you know who is passionate about Milwaukee.

Let’s explore what you get…

Milwaukee Black Compact Pocket Knife – 4932493342

The Milwaukee Black Compact Pocket Knife includes a stainless steel blade that can be folded back in to the handle.  The piercing tip allows for controlled smooth cutting and piercing; very similar to the premium Milwaukee FastBack range.

The Premium D2 blade steel provides better corrosion resistance as well as high strength and wear resistance allowing it to stay sharper for longer.  The opening steel frame lock secures the blade in the open position.

Featuring a lanyard hold so it can be connected to a lanyard to safe holding, the knife also includes a liner lock which will secure the blade into the open position.


Milwaukee 10 Piece SHOCKWAVE Screwdriver Bit Carabiner Set – 4932480941


The Milwaukee 10 Piece SHOCKWAVE Screwdriver Bit Carabiner Set is a selection of popular 50mm impact duty drivers stored on a rail attached to a carabiner – perfect for hanging inside your tool kit or on your belt while on site.

For those who know, SHOCKWAVE driver bits are incredibly durable as well as reliable – even after years of use. 

The screwdriver bits are made from Chrome-Molybdenum, a high quality alloy steel that provides impressive strength properties along with outstanding durability making them perfect for heavy duty applications.

Whether drilling or fixing, these screwdriver bits include laser hardened Wear Guard Tip for improved wear resistance and fit protection over the lifespan of the bit.

Thanks to the unique design of the driver bits, they include SHOCK ZONE geometry which allow the bits to flex without breaking.  This technology controls the pressure that develops at the head of the bit. 

This, along with the design of the impact zone as well as the special heat treatment each bit received in manufacturing, these make them more resistant to impact damage.

Milwaukee 8-in-1 Ratcheting Stubby Screwdriver Set – 4932480581

The Milwaukee 8-in-1 Ratcheting Stubby Screwdriver Set includes a selection of screwdriver bits that are neatly stored in the handle.

The full metal, high torque ratchet delivers twice the driving speed and control than normal screwdrivers. 

The bits are chrome plated, marine grade rust protected to ensure a long life and are precision hardened.

Each of the driver bits has been laser engraved for easy identification.  They can even be used in power tools thanks to the ¼” reception.

4932480581 App 1

Milwaukee 9 Piece Hex Key Set – 4932492399

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The Milwaukee 9 Piece Hex Key Set is a selection of popular Milwaukee Hex Key sizes.

These keys are designed for their robustness and longevity with the keys treated thermally to combine resistance and endurance.

The keys are ‘stored’ in a TWIST and LOCK case which allows you to safely lock and unlock with ease as well as keeping these hex keys together to prevent loss.

Spherical elbow wrench to fit into the screw with an angle of 30°.  Easy storage and selection: one key, one place, with dimension marking.

The case has a hole for easy attachment with the range Milwaukee lanyards.

Milwaukee 591ml PACKOUT BLACK Tumbler

…and to finish it off, a Milwaukee 591ml PACKOUT BLACK Tumbler provides the longest temperature retention, keeping drinks hot or cold all-day.

It’s exactly the same as the red one…but y’know…it’s black.

Incredibly sought after throughout the trade, the tumbler features twist and lock so you can attach yours to the top of PACKOUT solutions, allowing for secure drink storage on the jobsite. and for transport

The smooth open and close lid provides quick as well as the easy sliding with gloved hands while keeping dirt and debris away from the tumbler’s opening.

Currently, this black version of the PACKOUT Tumbler isn’t available to buy separately and is only supplied with this Christmas kit.

black tumbler

Detailed Contents

1x Black Compact Pocket Knife

1x 50mm SHOCKWAVE Bit Set
with 2x PH2, 1x PZ2, 1x TX15, 2x TX20, 2x TX25, 1x TX30, 1x TX40, 1x Storage Tray, 1x Carabiner

1x Ratcheting Stubby Screwdriver 1/4in Holder
with 1x PH1 Bit, 1x PH2 Bit, 1x PZ1 Bit, 1x PZ2 Bit, 1x T15 Bit, 1x SL0.6×45 Bit, 1x SL1.2×65 Bit

1x Milwaukee HEX Key Set
1x 1.5mm, 1x 2.0mm, 1x 2.5mm, 1x 3.0mm, 1x 4.0mm, 1x 5.0mm, 1x 6.0mm, 1x 8.0mm, 1x 10mm, 1x Hex Key TWIST and LOCK Case

1x Milwaukee PACKOUT Black Tumbler – 591ml

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This is better than any advent calendar that’s on offer from other brands within the trade.

So whether you use it on site, or just setting up all those toys on Christmas morning, the Milwaukee Advent Calendar 2023 – Special Edition Christmas Box is the perfect, must-have, gift for any Milwaukee fans, traders and enthusiasts.

From Team Red, and of course, the man in the red suit, Merry Christmas.

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