New Festool Products for 2013

New Festool Products

Festool; the Rolls Royce of the power tool world are adding to their UK range by bringing out a number of entirely new products in September of this year.

Here at ITS we have tried very hard to get you guys the inside scoop on these products and although there has been plenty of secrecy over the range we have managed to get our hands on some samples and we can now bring you some real information on what we can expect from Festool this year.

Festool Sword Saw SSU200

Yes, it is a cool as it sounds! As you can see from the picture, a sword saw is like a cross between a plunge saw and a chainsaw. The SSU200 allows you to cut great depths with greater accuracy. I’m pretty impressed by the weight of this because its only 6.5kgs and will cut about 200mm deep. Apparently, there will be a large number of chains available, so you’ll be able to tailor the saw depending on what material you’re cutting.

Festool Sword Saw SSU200

DURADRIVE Drywall Screwdriver – DWC 18-4500

The DURADRIVE DWC18-4500 is a professional standard cordless drywall screwdriver that will run off 4.2Ah Li-ion batteries and weigh just 2.2kgs. Festool say that this will come with a new energy saving start/stop function that’ll massively increase its run time. It does also have a tool-less magazine disassembly so getting out stuck screws will be easy. But the major selling point of the DURADRIVE is the fact that you can either use it with the auto feed attachment or as a standalone cordless drywall gun.


QUADRIVE PDC18-4 LI is a very impressive brushless impact drill/driver. This is essentially a 3in1 as it can either be used as an impact driver, a hammer drill or a drill driver. This will also be powered by the new 4.2Ah Festool batteries and will be supplied with a keyless chuck, a hex and of course the angled chuck attachment.

Festool DURADRIVE Drywall Screwdriver

SDS Hammer Drill – BHC 18

After endless requests, Festool will be launching a cordless SDS rotary hammer drill. Again this will be powered by a 4.2Ah battery. The BHC 18 is ridiculously lightweight but it doesn’t feel cheap. It weighs in at a tiny 2.3kgs so holding this above your head or at an angle for a long period of time shouldn’t cause too many problems.

Festool BHC18 SDS Drill

Systainer Cases – SYS SB and SYS-MFT

Festool are bringing out a couple of cases to join their systainer range
The SYS-SB looks a bit like an old school hand tool, tool box with a transparent cover and swivelling upper compartments which make it really simple to store and access your items.

Alternately the SYS-MFT I is pretty impressive as it’s a systainer and workbench in one! This in-genius solution will really help when working in a small workspace or working on the go. Standard clamps can be fitted onto it and with the non-slip strip items can be placed safely and then secured. Additionally, it is possible to connect this workbench to the entire SYSTAINER range.

Festool Systainer Case - SYS SB
Festool Systainer Case - SYS MFT

So that gives you a good idea of what is to come from Festool over the coming months, and believe me when I tell you that we are massively excited to see this new range of professional power tools from Festool.

Are you already a member of the Festool fan club or would you like to use this as an opportunity to start your collection? Either way you can leave a comment below and remember to check out the other posts on the ITS blog or videos on ITS TV.

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