The New Makita 165mm Brushless Circular Saw – DHS680

Makita DHS680 Circular Saw

The DHS680 circular saw; Makita, the ever-powerful juggernaut of 18V cordless power tools in the UK have certainly been busy and continue to develop new and innovative tools for us to faun over a add to our collections! You can buy yours now here.

Recently we’ve seen a massive rise in new brushless tools, this confirms our thinking that brushless is the way forward and in this blog writer’s humble opinion, I suspect that within 5 years every cordless power tool will be developed without carbon brushes.

Makita DHS680 Circular Saw image 2

Well this time it’s the turn of the DHS680, Makita’s first cordless brushless circular saw.

In our previous post ‘what is a brushless motor’ we tell you the features and benefits of a brushless motor so those of you in the know will already be aware of some of the added benefits of  brushless but let me break it down for everyone:

1.       Cutting Speed

With no need for brushes, this new circular saw is not going to waste any of its energy on generating heat and friction, so all the battery power is going into the job you’re doing! This means that fundamentally it’s going to cut harder and faster… your tool and battery will be more optimised into giving you extra power and speed!

2.       Job length

In addition to the above; your batteries, because they don’t have to waste any of their energy creating this heat and friction, are able to pump 100% of their energy into your job. This allows your batteries to last much longer doing the equivalent job with a brushed motor.

3.        Compact & Lightweight Design

Manufactures are now able to reduce the size of their motors and consequently can release smaller and lighter tools, making it easier to work with day in day out. The DHS680 is 42mm narrower than its predecessor and is also 0.2kilos lighter.

4.       Lifetime of motor and tool

Because none of the inner parts of the motor are touching one another, nothing is being eroded away at during use, this leads to your motor itself being in far better shape and ultimately having a longer lifetime.

Makita DHS680 Circular Saw Infographic

So what about the DHS680 Saw itself?

The DHS680 has a 165mm (6 1/2”) blade, a built in LED job light, a battery level indictor, a hook and a fully magnesium base for added rigidity. One of the impressive new features is the automatic speed control with allows the saw itself in optimise the speed of cut depending on the battery level and material that you’re cutting. This means that your motor and battery are going to be working at their most efficient for whatever job you’re doing.

Makita DHS680 Circular Saw Sizing

Capacities of the Makita DHS680 are:

Max Cutting at 0 Degrees: 57mm
Max Cutting at 45 Degrees: 41mm
Max Cutting at 50 Degrees: 37mm
Blade Diameter: 165mm
No Load Speed: 5,000 rpm
Weight: 3.3Kg

Compatibility: Makita are telling us that this saw can take any of Makita’s 18V slide on batteries, from 1.3Ah to 5Ah and everything in between.

Accessories that will be available to use in conjunction with the DHS680 are 1.4m, 1.9m and 3m guide rails if used along with the guide rail adapter. There’s also an optional dust nozzle which can be attached to an extractor.

So that’s the new (yet to be announced) Makita DHS680 Brushless Circular Saw, we’ll try to keep you all posted whenever we hear anything further.

We think that this is going to make a very nice addition to an already comprehensive range of cordless power tools that Makita offer… the futures bright, the futures brushless!

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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