NEW Makita Merchandise lands at ITS – Support Team Blue!

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Supporting a sports team is as old as…well…its traditional.  And when we really support them, we go the whole hog – keyrings, glasses, scarves, t-shirts, and it some cases, underwear.  Sometimes, our chosen team is as a result of our family, friends at school or just being part of an area.

So regardless of whether its West Ham, Spurs or Leyton Orient (who ITS is proud to sponsor), getting all the merchandise is part and parcel of supporting your chosen team. Its almost like a rite of passage donning your teams shirt on a Saturday lunchtime to meet up with your mates before the 3pm kickoff.

And the same can be said for having an affiliation with a brand in our industry too.  Whether its Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch or someone one else, we tend to stick close to a brand, and my personal favourite is Makita. At ITS, we have just had an influx of merchandise from Team Blue. So without further ado…

Here’s my Top 10 of some of the latest Makita merchandise lines at ITS…

MAK98P112 99756

Makita 98P112 AVT Zip-Up Jacket

The Makita 98P112 AVT Zip-Up Jacket is an all-weather coat that retains heat while keeping you looking cool.

The discreet Makita jacket, with stitched logos on the left chest and back, celebrates the introduction of AVT; Makita’s proprietary Anti-Vibration Technology.

Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT), seen in a selection of Hammer drills and breakers, works by transferring air around a series of chambers which, in turn, pushes a counterbalance in the opposite direction to the piston, thereby cancelling out the vibration the piston would have created otherwise.

The polyester lined and filled with nylon outer jacket includes two external pockets with zips to hold contents secure as well as an internal zipped pocket for personal essentials such as wallet and phone.

Makita 98P121 40th Anniversary Decanter

The Makita 98P121 40th Anniversary Decanter brings an element of class and sophistication to your collection.

Available in very limited numbers when they were first released, this beautiful decanter was released to celebrate Makita’s 40th Anniversary of opening a UK office.

The decanter is made for Makita by Krosno.  Based in Poland, Krosno have made vases, glasses and glassware since 1923 and have even supplied heads of state, including the UK Royal Family.  Made by expert glassblowers, the quality of this decanter is one of the highest in the world.

Perfect for letting your wine breathe, or even used as a centrepiece for your display cabinet, this is a stunning part of Makita’s UK heritage.

MAK98P121 48192

MAK98P207 27608

Makita 98P207 Camping Chair

The Makita 98P207 Camping Chair is perfect for an instant seat when you need a break.

Whether on the job, at home or at the beach, this flexible use camping chair is lightweight enough to carry everywhere, but strong enough to let you kick back and chill out.

Adorned with the Makita, XGT and LXT logos on the back, the chair includes arm rests with a drinks holder on the right arm.

And when you’re done, fold it down and pack it in the supplied carry case.

Makita 98P174 Blue Wrist Watch

The Makita 98P174 Blue Wrist Watch is a classically designed, large typeface, analogue chronometer that shows a deep appreciation of Makita.

A bit of a collectors piece, the watch face, with Makita blue-coloured back display includes dual display with large-typeface digits spread over 5minute intervals to note the hour or minute time.

Just above the 6 o’clock marker is a day date display while the outer ring of the watch displays the seconds.

With stainless steel back, this watch is waterproof to 3 atmospheres (30metres) and includes a thick, durable wrist-strap which is not only stylish, but will withstand the rigours of working on site – just as Makita intended.

MAK98P174 10662 1

MAK98P201 29141

Makita 98P201 XGT Powerbank

The subtle and discreet powerbank is the perfect way to charge up mobile phones, USB players and more when you’re on the go without access to power sources.

This is ideal if you’re stuck on site for extended periods of time, especially if there is no access to mains power to charge up your device.

With a capacity of 4000mAh, the powerbank is small enough to fit in to a pocket, bag or vehicle glovebox. 

When your device is charged, the powerbank will turn off.

There has been more than one occasion when I’ve got out for the day and my phone has died. This removes that worry with ease.

Makita 98P123 50th Anniversary Multi Hand Tool Knife

The Makita 98P123 50th Anniversary Multi Hand Tool Knife gives you a range of handy hand tools that are useful anywhere you go.

This superior quality, multi-functional tool comes with its own belt held pouch and has been released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Makita being in the UK.

Whether a tradie, fisher, camper or need something in your bag ‘just in case’, then this is perfect.

Functions included in the multi-tool are:

1x Pliers
1x Nut Cracker (Because…why not)
2x Knife Blades
2x Screwdrivers (PH & SL)
2x Bottle Openers (Because one is never enough)
1x Pick
1x Wire Cutter
1x Fish Scaler

MAK98P12350TH 45843 1

MAK98P157 25846

Makita 98P157 Foldable Lightweight Jacket

The Makita 98P157 Foldable Lightweight Jacket is a compact, durable and lightweight weatherproof jacket that is ideal for keeping you dry in the elements if you’re working outside.

Rather uniquely, the jacket not only keeps you warm and dry, but when you’re not using it, its light enough that it can be folded down, rolled up and put into the small, supplied bag.

The shell jacket, made from polyester, is comfortably padded to keep the warmth in.  The elasticated cuffs on the sleeves along with the hood surround ensure that the warmth stays inside the jacket.

The jacket includes two zipped external pockets along with two unsecure internal pouches for larger items such as your mobile phone.

Makita 98P173 Roll Top Dry BackPack

The Makita 98P173 Roll Top Dry Backpack from ITS is the perfect solution for carrying and keeping dry essential items for work.

Whether it’s a change of clothes, documents, electronics such as a laptop, the Makita 25L Roll Top Dry bag will ensure that nothing gets wet.

If you’ve got to travel during the rain, the unique waterproof design along with the lockable roll down top/opening, will guarantee that anything held inside will stay dry.

Perfect if you’re cycling, walking, trekking and more, this handy bag can be used for work as well as leisure.

MAK98P173 24624

MAK98P227 41787

Makita 98P227 50th Anniversary Torch Keyring

The Makita 98P227 50th Anniversary Torch Keyring is a genuine pocket sized torch that can sit handy on your keys.

Powered by 3x LR44 batteries, this insanely bright torch includes 3 LED bulbs and rear, rubber-covered button.

The metallic stylised and textured surround at the top and base of the torch allows for an assured grip, even with wet hands.

This is one of those items that when you don’t use it, you’ll think “why in god’s name have I got this” right up until the point you actually do need it.

Likewise, this makes a great gift for kids of all ages.  I bought one of these torches for my youngest son a week ago – you should’ve seen his face light up!

Makita 98P226 50th Anniversary Pen

OK…I kinda have a soft-spot for these. Nothing feels quite as nice as a good pen. But it also posed a bit of a problem.

I mean…how do you sell a pen? It’s a pen…everyone knows what it does. But do can you successfully sell a pen?

It’s a trade secret – want to know? Well, write this down…

Oh…haven’t got a pen? Then you need to buy the Makita 98P226 50th Anniversary Pen.

Released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Makita establishing a permanent presence in the UK, the two tone pen sports large blue grip area along with the Makita 50th Anniversary logo along the main body.

It writes in black ink.  But actually, not having a pen when you really need one is those infuriating little nuggets of life

MAK98P226 91593

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