The Best Waterproof Work Boots of 2023

With the weather in the UK being famously unpredictable we’ve decided to compile a list of our best waterproof work boots to keep your feet and socks dry in the wetter months. 

A pair of Dewalt Safety Boots shown amongst dirt and rocks

Low Cost
Waterproof Work Boots

1. Stanley Yukon Safety Boots

Stanley Yukon Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: S3, WR

Colour Options: Tan / Black
Sizes Available: 7-12

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Made from Premium Nubuck Leather these boots will keep your feet warm and dry on site. They also boast an S3 safety rating, meaning alongside their water resistance, they will protect the user from 200J of force on the toe cap & offer midsole reinforcement for underfoot penetration resistance. Alongside this these boots are slip resistant with a shock absorbing heel for extra comfort.

2. Apache Motion PU Safety TRAINERS

Safety Rating Codes: SBP, A, SRA, E

Colour Options: Black
Sizes Available: 7-12

Some people prefer a trainer & these stylish Apache PU trainers are comfortable as well as waterproof! They are designed with a breathable inner lining, removable insole & offer antistatic properties as well as a shock-absorbing heel.

Apache Motion PU Safety Trainers

3. Apache AP315CM Safety Boots

Apache AP315CM Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: S3, SRA

Colour Options: Tan / Black
Sizes Available: 7-12

Lightweight, comfortable & budget friendly, these Apache nu-buck safety boots will look after your feet, even on the most difficult days on site. These boots feature a composite midsole as well as steel toe caps to offer maximum protection. With anti slip soles & flexible design to ensure comfort. These boots also come in tan and you can check them out here.

4. Apache Mercury Waterproof Safety BootS

Safety Rating Codes: S3, WR, HRO, SRC

Colour Options: Tan / Brown / Black
Sizes Available: 7-12

Anti-static, waterproof and made from lightweight,  breathable material. These boots not only keep your feet dry from water but also allow your feet to breathe. The build quality on these is a bit more premium than the shoes before it and that is reflected in the price. Good solid low-mid range shoe, but dont take it from me heres a review from our website from “Lukus”

“Really nice boot. Looks good and really comfortable. I’m a size 9 but the next size up might be a good idea as there filled with a cushion type material so it’s pretty snug fit. Would defo buy again”.

Apache Mercury Safety Boots

Waterproof Work Boots

1. Dewalt Douglas Safety Boots

Dewalt Douglas Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: S3, WR, SRC, HRO

Colour Options: Black
Sizes Available: 6-12

We’re into our mid range boots now and Dewalt kick us off with the Douglas. Steel toe cap and midsole offer 200J protection as well as anti penetration. Breathable inner membrane works to keep your feet comfortable & a rubber outsole offers heat resistance up to 300 degrees. All of this with waterproof leather construction should keep you happy, no matter the weather!

2. Caterpillar Powerplant Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: SB

Colour Options: Tan / Black / Brown
Sizes Available: 6-12

Caterpillar are renowned in the boot world, and these Powerplant boots make it clear to see why. Made with high quality leather, and a strong but lightweight PVC midsole, these boots will keep your feet safe and dry.

Caterpillar Powerplant Safety Boots

3. Dewalt Rigger Wellington Boots

Dewalt Rigger Safety Wellington Boots

Safety Rating Codes: SBP, SRA

Colour Options: Brown
Sizes Available: 6-13

This wouldn’t be a waterproof boot article without some welly boots and these full grain leather rigger boots are a step up from your standard rubber wellington boots! Padded cuffs offer that extra level of comfort but you still get the full safety ratings and protection you’d want from your safety boots. Plus they are extra tall, so good for wading through the really thick stuff on site.

4. Dewalt Challenger Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: S3, WR, SRA

Colour Options: Black / Brown
Sizes Available: 6-12

If you’re a Dewalt fan, or even if you’re not, these boots are 100% water proof, windproof & designed with comfort in mind. Full steel toe cap and midsole offer that protection you need and the double density anti-shock foot bed will keep you going all day long.

Dewalt Challenger Safety Boots

Waterproof Work Boots

1. Timberland Pro Iconic Alloy Boots

Timberland Iconic Alloy Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: S3, WR, HRO, SRC

Colour Options: Brown / Grey / Black / Brown
Sizes Available: 6-13

Timberland starts us off in the higher price bracket. These iconic boots are both iconic in name and nature. Featuring the highest quality nubuck leather, a lightweight alloy toe cap and anti-fatigue technology that actually disperses energy back into your foot, to help stop discomfort. They even have anti-microbial lining to help control odour. They’ll definitely stop your other half moaning about those smelly pair of boots by the front door!

2. Helly Hansen Chelsea Evo Mid Boots

Safety Rating Codes: SRC

Colour Options: Black
Sizes Available: 7-12

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Helly Hansen is fairly new to ITS at the time of writing, and these Chelsea Evolution boots put a modern twist on the conventional work boot style. These boots are moisture wicking meaning water beads and runs off them quickly, but they are still breathable and offer exceptional comfort.

Helly Hansen Chelsea Evo Mid Safety Boots

3. Caterpillar Spiro 2 Safety Boots

Caterpillar Spiro 2 Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: S3, WR, HRO, SRC

Colour Options: Brown / Tan
Sizes Available: 6-13

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These Spiro boots from Caterpillar offer everything. From high grade leather, stainless steel toe cap & midsole to 300°C heat-resistant and oil-repellent rubber sole. I could go on, you can check it all out on our listing, but these boots are the real deal! Ultimate safety and comfort merged into one.

4. Solid Gear Pheonix GTX Safety Boots

Safety Rating Codes: S3, WR, HRO, SRC

Colour Options: Black / Orange
Sizes Available: 7-12

These boots are sure to turn heads on site. I mean you don’t even need to tie your laces?! Featuring the BOA adjustable lace system, Cordura (yes the stuff from your work trousers) and ripstop uppers mixed with high grade leather for the strongest finish. They even have a completely metal free fibreglass toe cap & composite midsole. Solid Gear are endorsed by Snickers for a reason!

Solid Gear Phoenix GTX Safety Boots

For more information on safety codes please see our article on What are the Safety Boot ratings?

What are the best waterproof safety work boots?

Work to your own budget, but our list of work boots at ITS has something for everyone.

Are waterproof boots worth it?

Absolutely, who wants to come home from a day of work with damp feet. They will keep you warmer, dryer & protect you from any nastiness you may be working in.

Are all work boots waterproof?

No, the best thing to do is read the descriptions to ensure you’re getting the right boot for what you need.

What are waterproof work boots made of?

It varies. Everything from leather to polyurethane, keep an eye out for the safety rating and then pick what suits your style, budget and preference!

How much do waterproof work boots cost?

Boots start at anything from £30 and can go up to prices over £100. Don’t forget anything above the ankle has no VAT to pay, so your saving that little bit extra.

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