How to protect your knees on the job

Redbacks Kneepads

A newcomer to ITS; Redbacks Knee Pads may look a little odd, but believe me when I tell you, they are the future! The Redbacks are knee pads, something that I’m sure you’ve all come across and whilst you know that they’re handy to have, I bet you don’t consider them an essential item to have in your toolbox. Well, statistics revealed recently show that the NHS alone replace around 80,000 knees per year, and that number is growing rapidly. Redbacks took these statistics and saw the importance of a creating a piece of safety equipment that would massively reduce that figure by providing affordable, revolutionary knee pads that would become a ‘must have’ for tradesman up and down the country.

Redbacks - Close up

Through intensive testing and experimenting Redbacks came up with their laboratory tested ‘leaf spring’ technology that is designed to dissipate weight, and therefore reduce the pressure being applied to the knee. The soft matrix structure is made to protect the knee from both hard & cold surfaces and can be used with virtually any work wear trousers that are designed to take a knee pad.

Redbacks use a soft rubberised material which is 100% recyclable and will always spring back to its original shape. This is perfect if you need to store them in a tight spot in your tool box or van. Also, if you are in the habit of accidently kneeling on a screwdriver, knife or nail the Redbacks come prepared with an abrasive resistant cover which help to prevent objects from penetrating the pad and your knee. These knee pads are dry cleanable, washable and waterproof…. and a handy little feature of these is that you don’t have to take them out of your trousers to wash them.

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