The Mitre Saw, Makita has always lacked – LS0815FL 216MM

Makita LS0815FL Mitre Saw

Will Makita release the LS0815FL 216mm Mitre Saw in the UK?

Keeping our ear to the ground is part of what we do and as such, we’ve discovered faint rumblings that Makita may be releasing a new 216mm slide compound mitre saw – the LS0815FL… This is obviously exciting news as many a tradesman has felt that a 216mm mitre saw has been lacking in Makita’s range for quite a while…

Let’s be clear (without sounding too much like a politician), we haven’t had any information or official confirmation from Makita UK about the LS0815L’s release. This could all end up being pie in the sky and Makita fans in good ol’ blighty will have to make do with the LS7014 LS1018LLS1216L and the like. Nonetheless, we feel it’s our duty to let you lot know what exciting developments are (or maybe) happening in the constantly-shifting world of power tools.

So, let’s get to it. Their Mitre Saw range has long been missing a 216mm model and so the Makita LS0815FL 216mm Mitre Saw would fill that gap nicely slotting in-between the 190mm LS7014 and 260mm LS1018L. They would be the last to join the 216mm mitre saw shindig that the likes of DeWalt, Bosch, Metabo and Milwaukee have been throwing shapes at for some time – fashionably late then. So, how does it compare to other Makita Slide Mitre Saws? Here comes the science…

Makita LS0815FL Mitre Saw Table

Other features of the LS0815F could maybe/potentially/possibly be:

  • No load speed: 5000rpm
  • Bevel range of 48* left and 5* right
  • Mitre range of 50* left and 60* right
  • Constant Speed
  • High dust extraction rate
  • Laser maker (that would be the LS0815FL model)
  • LED light
Makita LS0815FL Mitre Saw Infographic

This is definitely something that Makita fanboys should be looking forward to and has been long-awaited, but will it come to the UK? Do you want it to be released in the UK? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

***UPDATE 27/05/2014***

So, it seems as though we were right as this mitre saw is in the UK! It’s looking like it’s only going to be the LS0815FL (that’s the laser version) and the spec is pretty much what we predicted… PLUS we have it in stock, right here, right now at ITS! Check out our product page here

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