How to stop your tools from being stolen

In this blog we try to outline some hints and tips on how to stop your tools from being stolen.

It wasn’t long ago that we used to get 1 call a week from someone who had had their tools stolen, these days it seems we get 3 or 4 calls a day! This calls for those extra measures, and I do not need to tell you that no tools means no work and as lot of you guys are self-employed so if you’re not working you are not earning.

The determined thief will get in regardless, however most thieves are not determined, they are opportunistic and do not like to work hard (If they did they would get a proper job!).

So what can you do to protect yourself? Well let’s look at your van… 1) Keep it locked at all times! Even if you pull over to give someone directions! 2) On the outside you should be looking to fit the Master Lockvan lock; this is basically a die cast

hidden shackle padlock with a 5 pin removable cylinder. This is designed to resist prying and cutting and is probably enough to put off all but the most determined thief.

Van Vault Security Storage

But let’s say that it hasn’t put them off and they have managed to get through the van lock, your tools are now theirs for the taking!! Well not if you have a Van Vault inside your van, this is your second but main line of defence. These vaults have an anti-drill disc lock as well as a tamper proof single pin hinge. Now whichever van vault you go for you can be sure that the sight of it alone will be enough to put some thieves off, but the more determined thief will try to get in or take it away, this is why you must secure it to your van. Some of the smaller vaults have a docking station which makes them almost impossible to move. If there is not a docking station for yours then make sure you get a security chain to secure the vault to the van.

Now you can pop out for breakfast or price up a job and be happy that you tools are as secure as they could be, the thief eyeing up your van is more likely to move on to an easier target. We have already established they do not want to work hard. Van vault now also do a range of site boxes, these are larger than the van vaults but are just as hard to get into again secure them with a dock or a chain for maximum protection!

Remember – don’t have nightmares!!

Top Tips.

• Don’t leave your keys unattended, even for a moment.
• Don’t become a target. Drive away as soon as you get in your van. Do the paperwork at home!
• Hide your keys at home. Don’t leave them in view from a window or letterbox.
• Unload the van at night. It might seem like a chore but better than not being able to work!
• Make sure the van is alarmed and has a good security lock. Most insurers will reward for a correctly secured  vehicle.
• Don’t leave anything in view.
• Be aware of people around your van. Don’t be distracted!
• Make sure your van is easily recognised with signage etc…

Have you been a victim of tool theft? or do you have your own advice on how to avoid being turned over? Please let us know and leave your comments/tips below. 

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