10 Dewalt Nail Guns & Staplers Worth Your Time

Hi all, Wendy here again. Today we’re going to be talking about Dewalt nail guns and you’re in for a real treat.

We love Dewalt nail guns because, no matter what industry you’re in, they have a gun that’s going to make your life easier. They are also some of the most used in the industry and are trusted by professionals worldwide. We’re going to cover everything from the standard 1st fix and 2nd fix and then move onto the specialist nail guns. This is where it starts to get fun as I bet Dewalt has nail guns and staplers you didn’t even know existed.  

Dewalt 1st Fix Nail Guns

1st Fix nail guns are sometimes referred to as framing nailers. The way I always describe it is that this is the gun you need for everything construction based. Frame constructions, roofing battens and flooring.

A first fix gun will generally leave dents in the wood but it doesn’t matter. It’s not about making it look pretty, just getting it together. Dewalt does both straight and angled finishing nailers and both will get the job done. The only real advantage of an angled gun is it’s ability to fit into smaller spaces. They also make an air version which is great if you have a compressor but it does limit how mobile you are on site.

Dewalt currently makes one 1st fix nail gun, but why mess with perfect!

The Dewalt DCN692N 18V Brushless First Fix Framing Nail Gun has full brushless technology and will fire a 90mm ring shank nail into hard wood like a hot knife into butter.

The distinctive angled magazine is designed for working in tight, cramped, overhead & hard to reach places, the DCN692 is ideal for timber frame erection, roof battening, stud work, shuttering, panelling, roof decking, cladding and a host of other applications.

The gun runs off your standard 18V batteries so there are no gas cartridges or air hoses to worry about. Just charge your battery and you are all good to go..

The nail gun is available as a body only or in a kit with 2 x 5.0Ah batteries over at ITS.co.uk.

Dewalt First Fix Nail Guns

Dewalt 2nd Fix Nail Guns

2nd Fix nail guns or finishing nailers are designed to help complete your delicate work, architraves, skirting boards and stair cases. The guns are generally compact & lightweight and they are comfortable to use but durable enough for any worksite environment.

Like the 1st fix, they all run on 18V batteries which offer low running costs and consistent performance at low temperatures.

Dewalt manufactures 3 second fix nail guns all with brushless technology.

Dewalt DCN660N

The Dewalt DCN660N is a 16 gauge second fix nail gun and is much lighter than previous machines. The brushless motor reduces the servicing costs and gives you greater power and better runtime. This gun has a bump feed function which means it can fire up to 4 nails every second and has the ability to fire 63mm nails into soft wood and 50mm into hard wood.

It’s designed to avoid any stalls or jams, but if one were to happen there are 2 easy ways to clear them in seconds.. both without the need for additional tools.

Dewalt DCN660N Nailer

Dewalt DCN680N Nailer

Dewalt DCN680N

The Dewalt DCN680N accepts 18 gauge nails with a 110 nail capacity and 15mm-54mm nail range.
It features a sequential mode that allows for precision placement and the bump operating mode provides production speed of up to 4 nails per second for excellent nailing performance.

The depth of drive can be easily adjusted using the thumb wheel depth adjuster.

Tool free stall/jam clearance minimises down time. Trigger and contact trip lock-off prevent accidental discharge.

Dewalt DCN662N

Tackle jobs both large and small with the features of a pneumatic tool and the freedom of cordless. The mechanical firing system rather than using gas or a compressor offers a lower running cost and consistency at lower temperatures.

There is a mode that allows for the precision placement and a bump operating mode that produces up to 4 nails per second. The depth of drive is easily adjusted by a thumb wheel. For your safety, and for safety on site, there is a trigger and contact lock off which assists in preventing accidents such as unintentional discharge of the fastener.

Dewalt DCN662N Nailer

All the Dewalt finishing nailers we stock here at ITS are fully brushless which mean a more energy efficient motor and batteries will run up to 50% longer.

Magazine Capacity110110110
Depth Control
Nail Size32-63mm15-54mm32-64mm
Dewalt Second Fix Nail Guns

Specialist nail Guns

Now, this is where it starts to get interesting. The range of specialist nailers is huge and covers every job a 1st & 2nd fix can’t complete. The range of trades these nail guns and staples cover is so big that you’re certainly in for shock.

Dewalt DCN694N

The Dewalt DCN694 Positive Placement Nailer is the perfect tool for quickly and accurately fitting joist hangers, angle brackets, nail plates, wind braces, ties, and straps a locator probe on the nose quickly finds the holes by feel allowing you to securely and accurately fix them in place saving you time and money.

  • Sequential operating mode allows for precision placement
  • 35mm to 40mm nail range with a 27 nail capacity
  • Tool free stall/jam clearance minimises user down time
Dewalt DCN694N Nailer

Dewalt DCN701N Nailer

Dewalt DCN701N

If you’re an electrician, the Dewalt CN701N electrician’s stapler will soon become your best friend. No need to carry a hammer and nails anymore, you can now staple quickly, efficiently and easily. This will change the way you work forever.

  • Easy one handed operation
  • Class-leading vibration and sound figures offer fantastic user protection
  • Only 2.1kg

Dewalt DCN681N-XJ

The Dewalt DCN681 Narrow Crown Stapler is the latest generation offering the cutting edge in stapling technology requiring no gas to operate.

Sequential mode allows for precision placement and the bump operating mode provides the user with production speed of up to 4 nails per second.

  • Depth of drive can be easily adjusted
  • Sequential mode allows for precision placement
  • Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design
Dewalt DCN681N-XJ Nailer

Dewalt DCN45RN Nailer

Dewalt DCN45RN

The Dewalt CN45R 18V 15° cordless nailer is built for smaller job site applications, like service and repair work, small production, flashing, and shingling around windows, skylights, and vents when you don’t need a big and bulky first fix gun. While not as speedy as a pneumatic roofing nailer, it can fire 3 nails per second which we consider plenty fast enough! It also features a bump actuation mode and tool-free depth adjustment.

  • Bump mode for efficiency and productivity
  • Can install up to one square (100 sq’) of asphalt roofing shingles per charge
  • Tool-free nail tray easily adjusts to accommodate the full range of roofing nails

Dewalt DCN890P2

The Dewalt DCN890P2 is a 3-Speed Concrete Nailer. Three speed control (13000, 14000 & 15000 rpm) to optimise the nailer for firing all lengths of nails, accepting a 13mm-57mm nail range and 30 nail magazine capacity.

Benefiting from longer runtime, quicker readiness to fire, less recoil and more durability when firing short nails. Sequential operating mode allows for precision placement and the rapid operating mode provides the user with production speed.

  • Single or RapidCycle mode
  • Tool-free for fast adjustments
  • Extensive range of accessories
Dewalt DCN890P2 Nailer

Dewalt DCF950N-XJ Nailer

Dewalt DCF950N-XJ

The Dewalt DCF950 18V Fencing Stapler has been designed for the rural worker, is 100% battery operated so you don’t need to worry about fuel cells or messing about with a cumbersome air compressor. It has three power settings to optimise the nail penetration, tool-free depth of drive and jam clearing give the user the confidence and control to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The sequential operating mode allows for precision nail placement.

  • Wide range of fasteners accepted: 9 Ga 4mm x 40/45/50mm
  • Dry fire lockout prevents tool from firing without staples in the magazine
  • Mechanical operation means consistent performance at low temperatures

Dewalt DCN682N

The Dewalt DCN682 18V Cordless XR Brushless 18 Gauge Flooring Stapler Body is the latest generation dedicated flooring stapler offering the cutting edge in nailing technology requiring no gas to operate. BRUSHLESS motor offers runtime that cannot be beaten in a compact package, lightweight and ergonomic 3kg design makes the tool easy and comfortable to use but durable enough for worksite environment. Accepting 18 gauge (1.25mm) nails with a 12mm-38mm length range and 110 nail magazine capacity.

  • Trigger & contact trip lock -off
  • Sequential & bump operating modes
  • Tool free jam clearance
Dewalt DCN682N Nailer

Didn’t I tell you the range was huge? Was there anything there that surprised you?
The range really does cater for every profession and has been designed to make your life easier.

Dewalt Specialist Nail Guns

Air Tools

Due to site safety regulations and peoples love of the 18V LXT range the air tool range is small but there are a few available for the die hard lovers.

The DPN9033SM is a first-fix framing nail gun and has been designed to drive 90mm ring shank nails into the toughest timber but still has a compact magazine. The 33° angled magazine is compatible with a wide variety of nail types, including clipped head and wire weld. Ideally suited for a variety of applications, the DPN9033SM-XJ can tackle; Roof framing & trusses, Sub floors, Joist hangers & beams, Decking & flooring, Stud walling and more.

The DPSSX38 is a narrow crown stapler and has been designed for users working in demanding job site and workshop conditions, this professional grade pneumatic stapler makes light work of intensive stapling operations. The rear exhaust port releases air away from you and your work surface.

That is the whole range now, impressive isn’t it?

Dewalt’s range of 18V Nail guns eliminate the need for gas cartridges and trailing wires making them safe to use on site and also means they are easily mobile. They also have a nail gun for any job your looking at completing.

In my opinion this is the best range on the market not only for value for money but the features and reliability you probably won’t find better

The range comes in body only, or full kit versions and can all be found here.

Well that’s me done for today, hope you enjoyed this and hope it all made sense.
What would you like to see next? let us know in the comments below and we’ll make it happen.

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