Top 10 Makita Enthusiasts

Makita as a whole is massively popular with a lot of young and up-and-coming tradies. As always, some people take their love of Makita to the next level. I’ve constantly got my ear to the ground regarding tool collections and rounded up the biggest, best & most interesting Makita collections I’ve spotted in my time here at ITS.

10 – Makpac Lunch

Reddit user Ryantalope has created his ultimate Makita lunch box, this is giving me serious 007 vibes! Although does it mean you have to have the same thing every day?

Makpac Lunch

9 – Makita Workbench

I’m a sucker for a branded workshop and Don Galjaardt has a lovely set up going here, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Makita Workbench

8 – Makita Guitar

GuitarRonGuy is living up to his name here, pairing his love of guitars and Makita to add a beautiful teal guitar to his collection. It definitely looks the part to me!

Makita Guitar

7 – A Solid Makita collection

Can you have enough Makita? Paul Mastin doesn’t think so, check out his comprehensive collection, is there anything he’s missing?!

6 – Hand Made Makita

Budget_fisherman with an ode to Makita in wood here. With some tender love and care put into the construction of this innovative design. A hand-carved impact driver? Now I’ve seen it all, take one glance at this piece of handiwork and this looks like the real deal!

5 – DMR Tattoo!

There’s always someone isn’t there, this guy is clearly both a Makita and a music lover to have this massive jobsite radio tattoo plastered on his leg, I hope he got a free one on the back of this!

Makita DMR Tattoo

4 – A controversial collection!

Dawid Myszor just misses out on the bronze with this fantastic collection of Teal, but I can’t help but notice the Yellow and Black storage! For some people this is a cardinal sin, for others, they just can’t get along with MakPac! What’s your opinion on Makita’s MakPac storage system?

3 – Mini Makita

Just how?! Enos Camare takes patience to a whole new level with this fully working miniature Makita Impact Driver. I’ve got no idea how he’s done it, but I absolutely love it. (Check him out on youtube to see his fully working Mini Makita circular saw too!)

YouTube player

2 – Makita Van of dreams

Narrowly missing out on our top stop, BesCallum, this Makita van is absolutely epic with the custom sign writing to top it all off. Top stuff, would you want a van like this?

1 – Ultimate Makita Collection

Stray.and.stray take our number one here, the sheer amount of tools is enough to make anyone jealous. Makita is well known for its massive range of tools and these guys are taking full advantage of the options!

There you have it, my top 10 Makita fans. What do you think of my list? Have you spotted any collections you feel could make the top 10? Send me a DM on any of our socials and let me know!

Ultimate Makita Collection

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