Bosch AMPShare – A New Battery Platform for Power Tools

It’s no secret that changing from one power tool system to another brings challenges. No more so than having to invest in new batteries along with other particular accessories, especially if you find that you need one specific tool.

The cost of shelling out for batteries can put people off getting that one item to complete a job to the standard you need it to be.

However, thanks to Bosch AMPShare, a new technology partnership will soon make this one worry disappear.


Bosch, along with a number of selected brands, have introduced AMPShare – a battery platform that is interchangeable between different power tool brands.

Bosch AMPShare Logo

AMPShare is a new, shared technology, powered by Bosch, that works across other brands. And we’re here to explore it and explain it a little more.

We know that no-one brand does everything for everyone; even the big three brands will probably agree with that (albeit under hushed, whispered tones). However, with one of the more established tool brands in the UK, we are now seeing a change in direction, and this is only a good thing.

Bosch AMPShare Battery

What is Bosch AMPShare and how does it work?

AMPShare is the name of a shared technology across a number of brands. It uses the Bosch 18V battery range as the heart of the system, and allows for the battery to be interchangeable across a number of other brands

These brands, detailed below, offer a range of specialist, job-dedicated tools that, quite possibility, you weren’t able to access previously thereby saving you money as well.

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Who’s on board?

Other than Bosch, established and trusted names such as:

  • Brennenstuhl
  • COX
  • Fein
  • Heraeus Noblelight
  • Klauke
  • Ledlenser
  • Lena Lighting
  • Ramset
  • Sonlux
  • Wagner

…with the promise of more partners to follow.

Who's on board with Bosch AMPShare?

Does this mean a new Bosch battery?

Bosch SDS Drill with old battery and new AMPShare battery

Absolutely not! If your 18V Bosch power tool does not pre-date 2008, then you already have a power tool that is part of the AMPShare range. And that’s a lot of tools. If you’re Bosch drill, mitre saw, impact driver was bought new in the last 3, 5, 10, 14 years, then your battery is part of the AMPShare range and will work with AMPShare tools from other brands.

How does it work then?

AMPShare batteries are in almost every way, the same as Bosch 18V batteries. The connections, contacts and internal technology are identical. You also gain from Bosch battery techological advancements such as their unique Coolpack 2.0 technology whereby material covering the cells inside, as well as, the trademark cooling fins allows heat to be dispersed from the battery more efficiently – giving you greater runtime for high-power applications.

So what about my Bosch batteries that I’ve already got?

As I’ve mentioned before, unless your Bosch power tool is over 14 years, your tools and batteries are already part of the AMPShare range. That’s going to be a fair amount of people.

There have already been over 60 million Bosch 18V batteries sold worldwide. With AMPShare, you will get the benefit of Bosch’s battery technology on your new power tool.

Bosch Chargers

What do I get out of it?

Loads! Not only do new users benefit from Bosch’s own technology, but you no longer need to worry about shelling out for new batteries for each power tool. It will save you time, space and more importantly money as well as freedom from being locked in to being a dedicated brand user.

As the battery crosses from one brand to another, you can take the battery from a Fein multi-tool and put it on a Bosch combi drill, or vice-versa.

You’ll no longer be bound to use just one brand. You’ll gain the choice to look for a tool that suits your needs better without the burden of being held back by the cost and sourcing of suitable power.

Is this a fad like Tamagotchi’s?

Hey, don’t knock tamagotchi’s – I got one to last four months! But no, its not. The idea of sharing technology across different brands takes a lot of time and effort to pursue, even more time to get right.

This 18V battery system has the potential to become one of the leading power solutions for tradespeople across the world. The result is nothing but beneficial for the end user; for you. As mentioned, if you already have a Bosch 18V power tool that was made after 2008, then your battery will work in a host of other brand machines. You no longer have to worry about shelling out for new batteries or chargers, as what you have will already work.

Fein Multi Tool with an AMPShare battery

Its not unheard of for different brands to share technology. Its happen in the automotive industry (Ford Galaxy and Volkswagen Sharan), tele-communication (Android operating system), and of course, in the world on TV and Movies.

And who knows, perhaps one day we could see, without any kind of adaptor, a Milwaukee M18 battery on a Makita LXT tool? That might sound sacrilegious, but in order for some companies to survive, then must adapter to the market. Tech sharing is a perfect solution.

Almost sold me – bring it home

The possibilities and scope of the AMPShare range is incredibly exciting. As they have said themselves, one battery working on many systems. For you, it delivers a better choice for you to use a wider range of tools, and in many cases, greater access to specialist and job specific tools.

Utilising Bosch’s 18V battery technology, already well established across the world (remember, over 60 Million batteries sold), AMPShare stands on incredibly sturdy ground within our industry, and the future can only be golden.

Bosch SDS Drill to illustrate   almost sold

Tell us what you think.

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