The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Tradesman

Whether you’re a decorator, trader, builder, handy-person or DIYer, then our detailed Christmas Gift Guide is bound to inspire, solve and help you find the perfect gift for your loved one, regardless of age.

And as Noddy Holder would say (and has been every year since 1973),


Here are our best picks for your Christmas countdown…

Milwaukee M12 HHBL4 Black Heated Hoodie

The Milwaukee M12 HHBL4 Black Heated Hoodie is the perfect way to stay warm when the weather turns. This rugged hoodie is made from durable cotton (53%) exterior with durable reinforced utility pockets and waffle-weave polyester (47%) lining. The heat is supplied via three heating zones across the body to even distribute warmth to the core body areas.

Powered from the beautifully compact Milwaukee M12 batteries, these are stored in a concealed pocket to ensure your comfort and convenience. A single battery can provide up to 8 hours of warmth – perfect if you’re working outside during the winter months.

Milwaukee M12 Black Heated Hoodie - front and back

Vaunt 46 Piece Hand Tool Kit - in bag

Vaunt Hand Tool Kit In Carry Bag – 46 Piece

The Vaunt Hand Tool Kit is the perfect addition to any home, any apprentice, any trader and to many more.

This kit, with 46 separate tools, contains the staple items of any tool kit, all in a handy, heavy duty carry case. Each tool is made with precision and long-lasting materials meaning that this kit will last you for years to come.

Whether you’re doing maintenance at home, starting in a trade, or need a back up in the back of your van, this is the perfect kit to go for.

Masterlock Pro Series Bluetooth Padlock

The Masterlock Pro Series Bluetooth Padlock is a Bluetooth enabled padlock controlled by an intuitive app which allows access sharing and advanced monitoring . The Bluetooth Padlock can be accessed using the Master lock Vault Enterprise IOS/Android App great for managing many locks and many users.

The Lock has no keys, no combinations to forget and allows you to control who can access locked areas (Temporarily and Permanently).

This delivers peace of mind knowing that only you, and select people can gain access to your shed, lock up or cabinet.

Masterlock Bluetooth Padlock - in use

Makita 18V Coffee Maker

Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT Coffee Maker – Body

Launched back in 2018, and utilizing a LXT battery is the Makita DCM501 18V Coffee Maker. Featuring a rugged design for job site use, and the heavy duty carry handle makes it just as portable as any coffee you can get from the local café.

The DCM501 comes with a specialized cup that fits in the machine but you can also use most commercial mugs up to 90mm in height.

Versatility is the name of the game here as you can either use the official Makita Café Pods (seriously) or ground beans of your choice. Makita Café Pods are available in 3 flavours: Mocha, Kilimanjaro and Brazilian. If that’s not to your taste, then any 60mm coffee pod will fit.

Wera Kraftform Kompakt 52 Piece Tool Set

Like a ‘bit of everything all in one”? The have a look at the Wera Kraftform Kompakt 52 Piece Tool Set. This Kraftform Kompakt 100 Set is supplied in a robust surface-protecting textile box which is compact and convenient for taking on the go. It is equipped with “Take it Easy” Tool Finder which colour codes tools according to size and profile, making it quick and simple to select your desired tool.

Rapidaptor technology allows for impressively fast bit change. The BiTorsion bits are of length 25mm and provide a long service life, whilst the Impaktor bits come in a length of 50mm and are ideal for particularly demanding jobs.

Wera Kraftform 52 Piece Tool Set - open sleeve

Black & Decker Dual Height Workmate

Black & Decker WM536-XJ Dual Height Workmate

My Dad always swears by this – great for home, work, anywhere really…The Black & Decker Dual Height Workmate from ITS is designed to give you the freedom to take on whatever project comes to mind. Thanks to the unique solution of dual height, you have a workbench, bench tool stand, vice or sawhorse all in one bench!

Dual clamping cranks and adjustable swivel pegs makes it easy to work and easy set up and clean up design makes it a joy to use. It’s heavyweight construction allows support of up to 250kg. Front jaw swings up for vertical clamping, increasing flexibility to clamp odd-shaped objects.

Vanolarm 2 Door Alarm & Tracker with Instant Phone Alerts

The Vanolarm 2 Door Alarm & Tracker provides Van owners with a multi-functional smart van alarm system for helping to secure their vehicles from break-ins and content theft.

Designed first and foremost as a deterrent device, Vanolarm sounds its siren and send its instant alerts before any potential damage to the vehicle or entry being gained.

Self installed with ease, this battery based alarm & tracking system lasts on average 3-6 months prior to the need for recharging/battery change (with low battery warning signals and phone alerts). With no wiring or drilling required Vanolarm saves on installation costs, whilst also being easily transferred to a new vehicle as and when necessary.

Vanolarm 2 Door Alarm & Tracker - with controller

Bosch 18V Bluetooth Radio

Bosch GPB 18V-2 C FM Site Radio with Bluetooth

The Bosch GPB 18V-2 C Site Radio with Bluetooth is a dual power (230V Mains or 18V Battery) that lifts the mood on your site. Whether listening to the charts, classical, or old skool, this durable and versatile unit will instantly life the mood of both you and your team.

With FM reception, Bluetooth connectivity and an AUX socket, there are loads of options of playing your favourite music choices. A large LCD Display lets you scan through the stations as well as display the battery status and volume.

With IP54 rating for outdoor usage, this radio has 8 preset stations and easily portable. You can even charge your smart device via USB when you device is running low.

Makita DMR056 18V LXT Radio Lantern – Body

Now this little beauty has only recently come into us at ITS. The Makita DMR056 18V LXT Radio Lantern is perfect for camping, working in low light whether indoors or outdoors. In the most literal sense of the description, this is both a compact radio as well as bright lantern for you to stay entertained and working whatever the hour or lighting condition.

The lantern has a slow lighting up sequence to protect your eyes and ensure that you are able to cope with the additional light. Run from a single 18V LXT Battery which will also act as a base for the lantern, this delivers true 360° coverage with up to 260 lumens.

With AM/FM radio, you will be able to tune-in to your choice of music station and improve the mood as well as atmosphere with those working on site.

Makita 18V LXT Radio Lantern

Veto Pro Pac Open Tool Bag

Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Open Tool Bag

The Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Open Tool Bag is an open top tool organiser with 28 pockets for easy access. The exterior of the bag features 11 external pockets for easy access to tools whilst working as well as a stainless steel tape clip and 2 large and three small D rings. Also included is an extra wide, padded, removeable shoulder strap.

Featuring 17 internal pockets, the tool bag also includes a repositional injection moulded removable box with lid allowing you to customise your storage options.

The OT-MC holds plenty of essential tools for different types of work and is convenient enough to carry everywhere and get into tight spaces.

Makita DHP482RTWJ 18V LXT White Combi Drill with 1x 5.0Ah Battery, Charger & Case

The Makita DHP482WZ 18V LXT Combi Drill is a powerful and useful ‘all-rounder’ power tool for use at home and on jobs. Well balanced, and full of features, this combi drill is incredibly versatile. With 2 mechanical and metal gears, electric brake, and dual-rotation modes, this drill delivers up to 1900rpm no load speed, and up to 28,500bpm.

The soft grip handle allows for comfortable use over extended periods, while the twin LED lights brighten up your work area. The drill is equipped with a battery protection circuit to prevent any damages from over-discharge, overload and high temperatures.

Makita DHP482RTWJ 18V LXT White Combi Drill with 1x 5.0Ah Battery, Charger & Case

Dewalt Logo Hoodie

Dewalt Logo Hooded Sweatshirt – Black/Yellow

When you’re working outside, on the job or just putting up Christmas lights, its always best to dress for the weather. And with the temperature constantly going down, then what better option to give you loved one a Dewalt Logo Hoodie.

Perfect for working in the outdoors, on site or even at home, this hoodie includes a kangaroo-pouch front pocket, ribbed cuffs, adjustable hood drawstring and more importantly, doesn’t restrict any movement. This means you can keep working without hinderance or restriction.

Not forgetting the little ones, we’ve even got toys ready to get out to you.

OX Toy Tool Set

Top of the list is the OX Toy Tool Set.

Ideal for children from 3 years, this set includes hammer, saw, screwdriver working spirit level and more.

Made from durable, lightweight materials, these easy to clean tools will encourage hand motor skills, imagination and communication.

Let them work alongside you building with their own tool kit – it even comes with a carry case to keep it all in.

OX Toy Tool Set - tools outside of case

ITS Remote Control Trucks - with all variations

ITS Remote Control Trucks

If it’s the need for speed that you require, look no further than our range of Remote Control Trucks.

Fantastic for kids of all ages, these feature a 10m working range and 4 channel radio control (forward, backward, left, right) and power saving functionality.

Fully operational, these give you the power and control to drive around you play site, race like the best of them, and enjoy the games.

Still not sure what to get? Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? (Sounds like a good lyric).

All is not lost…

We’ve got plenty more in our Christmas Gift Ideas centre.

With hundreds of gift suggestions to choose from, we’ve made it as easy as possible to find the right gift to suit your budget.

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We even have two special areas for Toy Tools for Kids as well as everything you need to Get Ready For Christmas.

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