What is Milwaukee MX FUEL?

Simply put, Milwaukee’s brand new MX FUEL range is the most powerful line of cordless power tools that are currently available on the market.

MX Fuel power tools work at a native 72V. This signifies a range of power tools that do not rely on petrol, compressors, generators or mains power of any sort and yet doesn’t drop in any performance level which is what you’d expect from Milwaukee.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Range

The tools that are available within the MX FUEL Range – which is continually being expanded are designed to deliver full freedom of movement as well as freedom from the constraints of cords, fumes and delicate fuel mixing.

With the elimination of fumes and emissions on this new platform, user health is massively improved along with lower vibration as well as noise levels meaning a greater freedom in working in locations where noise levels are sensitive.

How does MX FUEL compare to other brands such as Makita XGT and Dewalt FLEXVOLT?

The MX FUEL Range is designed to out perform them on all levels.

Within Dewalt’s range, their most powerful tool range is the FLEXVOLT power system which is a native 56V. The FlexVolt battery system is interchangeable with a number of their own 18V XR range – something that the MX FUEL range doesn’t offer.

Within Makita’s range, their most powerful range is the 40V XGT Max range. Yes, there are some tools that are designed for work with two of these, thereby producing up to 80V tools.  

The Milwaukee MX FUEL range has been designed from the ground up, centering around two batteries that deliver exceptional power as well as performance.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Graphic

Milwaukee MX FUEL Cut Off Saw

What are the features of Milwaukee’s MX fuel range?

As the name suggests, each one of these extraordinarily powerful tools utilise Milwaukee’s FUEL technology. It is explained in further detail in a previous Hub Article, but in short, it is the inclusion of three distinct elements that allow any Milwaukee power tool to carry the FUEL banner. These are:

  • Powerstate Brushless Motor
  • RedLithium Batteries
  • Redlink Plus Technology
Milwaukee ONE-KEY Logo

The POWERSTATE Brushless motor helps maintain the tool and ensures a longer operational life. The REDLITHIUM Battery packs which provide exceptional power for longer. The REDLINK PLUS overload protection – maximising the power you need when you need it.

But this is not all. The majority of products from the MX FUEL range also benefit from ONE-KEY – the first digital platform for tools and equipment, combines a free-to-use inventory program with the industry’s smartest tools.

You can track, manage and secure your tools. This prevents loss as you can track its location. You can manage service information and receive notifications when the tool becomes locked.

Will Milwaukee MX Fuel replace M18 fuel?

No! No way, shape or form will it be discontinued. The Milwaukee M18 range is one of the largest, trusted and reliable ranges of 18V power tools on the market. This is constantly expanding.

What is the difference between M12 Fuel, M18 Fuel and MX Fuel?

Power. Simply put. M12 is the 12V Range, and within that range are tools that employ the three technologies to obtain the FUEL banner. The same with M18, but on the 18V platform.

MX FUEL is the next level of power, at 72V.

What tools are available in the new Milwaukee MX fuel range?

Batteries: There are two batteries available.

The MXF CP203 is a 3.0Ah Battery, while the MXF CP406 is a 6.0Ah Battery that also incorporates ONE-KEY Technology.

As both batteries are part of the RedLithium range, they offer world leading battery cell technology, superior construction with designs that withstand water along with extreme temperatures.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Batteries

Milwaukee MX FUEL 350mm Brushless Cut Off Saw

Milwaukee MXF COS350 MX FUEL 350mm Brushless Cut Off Saw

Quieter than petrol driven equivalents, this Cut Off saw delivers an impressive 5370rpm no load speed along with low vibration and user friendly balance.

The saw features keyless adjustable blade guard as well as an on-board water line for wet cutting. To complement the saw is the MXF COSC Cart that helps maintain straight cuts with 125mm depth of cut capacity.

Milwaukee MXF DCD150 MX FUEL Brushless Diamond Core Drill

The two speed gearing is suitable for a wide range of applications with an AUTOSTOP clutch that prevents over rotating when losing control or in case of a stuck core

The drill features Milwaukee’s patented AUTOSTOP clutch which provides the best in class protection by preventing over rotating when losing control or in case of a stuck core. An on-board level sensor guides the operator so that they achieve a straight and accurate finish whilst horizontal drilling.

To complement the Drill is the MXF DR255TV Stand – The height-adjustable insulated drive handle and easy to reach depth adjustment allows for one-handed operation while the universal hinged motor clamp with 60 mm collar diameter.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Brushless Diamond Core Drill

Milwaukee MX FUEL Brushless Demolition Hammer

Milwaukee MXF DH2528H MX FUEL Brushless Demolition Hammer

The industry’s first cordless 28mm HEX Demolition hammer that delivers the power of a corded/pneumatic on a cordless platform.

This seriously heavy duty hammer delivers 64 joules of impact energy for the toughest demolition jobs. The floating body with anti-vibration technologies allows the user to work all day without reaching dangerous exposure levels which is as low as 5.17 m/s².   The MXF DHT Trolley includes two large rubber wheels along with strapping to allow for easier transport options.

Milwaukee MXF CVBP MX FUEL Brushless Backpack Concrete Vibrator

This is a perfect solution when dealing with large areas of drying concrete without the need for relying on petrol or power cables.

The MXF CVBP has the power to push up to ⌀63 mm head at over 11,200 VPM for optimal consolidation, even in the stiffest concrete to remove air bubbles. The push-button start delivers instant power, eliminating the repetitive motions of a pull start and reducing downtime, allowing you to get jobs done faster without sacrificing the power and run time you expect.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Brushless Backpack Concrete Vibrator

Milwaukee MX FUEL Stand Area Light

Milwaukee MXF TL-601 MX FUEL Stand Area Light

The MX Fuel Stand Area Light delivers incredible illumination whether powered by mains or battery – fulfilling true portability and reliability.

The MXF TL-601 delivers TRUEVIEW high definition light with up to 27,000 lumens when mains powered or 20,000 lumens when being powered from the MX Fuel batteries. The light heads have the ability to manoeuvre to multiple angles, letting you direct the light to precisely where its needed.

The MX Fuel range is the most powerful cordless power tool platform available for consumers today. Its native 72V battery system is able to drive industrial-level tools to deliver results that will, at the very least, equal corded or petrol equivalents.

More often, it will outperform them. But it’s the convenience that the range will also bring. No petrol, no additional cables, no mixing or fumes, even lower noise levels. It’s a definite win-win situation.

More tools will be on their way soon as this is not a ‘flash in the pan’ system. This is here to stay.

So, what would you like to play with?

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