Top 10 products to get you organised this New Year!

Getting back to work can come as a culture shock to us all. Going from stuffing your face and forgetting what day it is to clients ringing you up and asking how quickly you can finish that job off is a daunting prospect, especially when you’re coming back to an unorganised mess you never got around to sorting last year! We’ve got hundreds of products to help get you organised here at ITS, I’ve picked out some of my personal highlights that will guarantee to make getting your teeth back into it that little bit easier (plus a few bits you might not even have thought about!)

10 – Stanley Organiser Pack

No brainer to start off. Everyone should have somewhere to stash all those pesky screws, wire clips, rawl plugs or anything else that rattles around the bottom of a toolbag. This pack from Stanley includes a deep and shallow organiser that clip together, have clear lids so you can see what is in each organiser pot, plus you can pull each pot out for quick access when needed. Simple, but could save you a lot of time in the long run. A must-have.

9 – Milwaukee Packout Drawers

These took the tool storage world by storm last year, and it’s clear to see why. High-quality drawers that fit onto existing Packout storage and offer that next level of organisation in a rugged exterior. If you haven’t got into Milwaukee Packout yet, there is the equivalent from Dewalt & Makita amongst others. But these might just be the gateway into Milwaukee Packout for you this year!

8 – Vaunt Gazebo

Now, those of you who don’t own one are probably questioning why this is here, and those of you who have one probably can’t live without it now! A solid gazebo can ensure you continue working whatever the weather at this time of year. As I’m writing this article, I’ve seen 3 separate downpours and this can disrupt your work no matter the trade. From keeping your equipment dry and safe to giving you outdoor space to make those messy cuts outside a client’s home. A Vaunt gazebo can really be a game-changer, and definitely one to keep in the back of the van!

7 – Van Vault

There’s nothing I hate more than a tool thief. The fact they can stop you from trading in a matter of seconds boils my blood. Especially prevalent at this time of year, it’s important to make sure your tools are as protected as possible. The Van Vault Vehicle Box 2.0 is perfect for securing those valuables down and has a tonne of features to stop any unwanted hands on your tools (we’d still recommend pulling valuables out of the van at night where possible as this is the best theft prevention method). An added bonus, it’s another way to keep those tools organised, and your van looking neat and tidy! 

6 – A New Pair Of Boots!

So you’ve got all your new tools nicely organised, but you’re still kicking around in those stinky tattered old boots you’ve had for far too long. Looking after your feet is just as important as looking after your tools, we’ve run down the best waterproof boots – perfect for this time of year and you can check that article out here

5 – Makita MakPac Drill Bit Set

Going into the new year with rusty old drill bits is never going to get you off on the right foot. Treat your accessories right and they will treat you with a longer life and more usage for your money! This MakPac set from Makita is the perfect way to keep your bits organised and at arms reach whenever you need them, no one likes digging around their tool bag for a PZ bit! We have hundreds of accessories on offer at ITS from all the big brands, get yourself some new accessories here.

4 – Vanolarm

In a similar vein to the Van Vault entry, anything you can do to make your tools less appealing to a 5-finger discount, the better. These Vanolarms take just 10 minutes to install and provide a loud siren as well as a phone alert before anyone has even made it into your van. These devices have been designed for the trade and will last up to 6 months before you even need to replace the battery. This really is one of those “get one before you regret not having one” situations. 

3 – Veto Backpack

I could have written a whole top 10 just of Veto products, these really are the creme-de-le-creme of storage bags, and you only have to pick one up to feel the quality of anything these guys produce. I’ll focus on the new Special Ops Backpack – as it features a whopping 30 pockets, 2 removable parts bags for those smaller bits, and a rugged waterproof base. I could go on and on, but the fact all Veto bags come with a 5-year warranty says it all. Go check it out for yourself if you’re in need of some fantastic mobile storage. 

2 – StealthMounts

I feel these go under the radar (not just because of the name) Our range of Stealthmounts at ITS features battery mounts, tool mounts, charger mounts & even bit holders for the side of your drill! With colour-coordinated options for Dewalt, Milwaukee & Makita, these really can level up your workshop, van, or wherever else you stash your tools. 

1 – Vaunt Storage

Featuring a plethora of soft storage options, the Vaunt guys have outdone themselves with their range of tool belts, bags, pouches and more. Everything you could need to get organised this year at fantastic value for money! One of my personal favourites is the Vaunt Wide Opening Wheeled Tool bag. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can get in here, and just how easy it is to find it all when you open it up. I’ve even taken this one on a long weekend break with me!

So there we have it, this should make getting back into work that little bit easier! Have you got anything that gets you organised missing from our list? Let us know on our socials!

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