Best Space Heaters for Building Sites 2023

It’s cold, really cold… working in this temperature is a chore, but ITS has you covered! We have tested dozens of space heaters and electric heaters, meticulously selecting the best and most efficient space heaters to include in our range. In this article, we’ve rounded up our top picks for your job site, with our best for each size of workshop, site or home.

With so many options on the market, it’s good to have an idea of what you’re looking for. We wouldn’t recommend any space heater using diesel to be used inside unless well-ventilated. However, most propane heaters can be used indoors unless stated otherwise. Always check the product as some heaters are marked “outdoors-only”.

Even if a propane gas heater is marked as safe to use indoors, it is advised to read the manufacturer’s instructions. CO gas has no odour and is invisible to the eye – it’s always better to be safe than sorry. With all that said, propane heaters are safe to use on-site indoors where there is an inflow of air. Sometimes on-site, or at a job you don’t have the space or time to sort out a heater, this is where heated workwear comes into play but I’ll keep this article to space heaters.

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Space Heaters for small workspaces

Sometimes you are working in a single room of a building or a small workshop/garage, so it’s important to pick a space heater that is efficient for the size of the space you are working in. Here are a couple of products perfect to keep the room you’re working in nice and warm on those bitter days.

1. Arctic Hayes 240v 2Kw Fan Heater

This Arctic Hayes 2KW space heater is perfect to take the edge off in a smaller space. It has 2 heat settings, 1000 or 2000W, with an adjustable thermostat so you can set the temperature to whatever is comfortable. It features automatic cut-out and overheating protection so you can rest assured that even if you forget about it, it will cut itself off if it gets too hot. That, along with its nice portable size means you can chuck it in the back of the van and bring it out when you need it most!

Arctic Hayes 2KV Fan Heater with Dual Thermal Cut Off

2. Faithfull 240v 2KW Ceramic Fan Heater

Faithfull 2KW Ceramic Fan Heater

This ceramic fan heater from Faithfull is ideal for the home, garage or workshop. It uses a ceramic PTC heating element that is highly efficient and provides instant heat once started up. It comes with a powerful fan and can distribute heat up to 20m². It has 2 heat settings again (1000W & 2000W) but can also be used as a fan only so it is useful year round!

The self-adjusting thermostat monitors the air temperature in the room and adjusts the output accordingly. It has a host of safety features including a self-resetting thermal cut-out and tip-over protection that will switch the unit off if it’s knocked over.

A large carry handle means this portable heater is the perfect companion to take with you on those colder days.

3. Rhino 240V Convector Heater 2Kw

Looking slightly like a more conventional radiator, Rhino’s convector heater will come in handy during a cold snap. It’s portable, silent and weighs just 3.4kg! This heater comes with 3 heat modes (750W, 1250W & 2000W) and has an adjustable thermostat just like the others mentioned previously.

This heater features illuminated buttons that are easily visible and has built-in carry handles for easy transport. A bonus feature is that it can also be wall mounted so is perfect for most applications on-site.

Rhino 240V Convector Heater 2KW

Space Heaters for medium spaces

Sometimes a smaller space heater just won’t cut it! You might have a couple of guys working with you, moaning they are cold. Or even if you just want to feel the heat whilst moving around that larger space, we’ve got the heaters for you!

1. Dewalt DXPH060E Forced Air Propane Heater

Dewalt DXPH060E Forced Air Propane Heater

The first propane space heater on our list! This Dewalt DXPH060E forced air heater will bring heat to a large 116m³. Now, it’s important to remember that this will need a propane tank to run and requires a 12kg LPG cylinder as a minimum. You’ll see a 7-hour run time off a tank of this size and trust me, you won’t need it on for that long!

This heater pumps out 17.5KW of heat and is guaranteed to heat your workspace up quickly meaning a nice warm room is just a few minutes away even on the coldest of days, as the high output fan distributes heat quickly. It has a temperature limiter and safety grate for protection and is surprisingly light at just 6.5kg. It also has an auto cut out feature if the flame is blown out accidentally.

Plus, what Dewalt fan wouldn’t want a Dewalt branded jet engine kicking about on site?!

2. SIP Fireball 75XD Diesel/Paraffin Heater

This 75XD Fireball space heater is powered by diesel or paraffin and is perfect for those open areas in need of some serious heat. It will heat 530m³ with a 22KW output and includes a low maintenance air pump and powder coated tank.

It’s important to note that to use a diesel-powered heater like this, you must have good ventilation and it might be worth picking up a carbon monoxide detector to be extra safe.

SIP Fireball 75XD Diesel-Paraffin Heater

3. SIP Fireball 1030 Propane Heater

SIP Fireball 1030 Propane Heater

Another step up, this 30KW SIP Fireball space heater can heat up to 690m³ making it ideal in those larger spaces on site whilst being lightweight and portable too! The unit will effortlessly deliver a consistent heat output, maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature in medium-sized spaces. It has a heavy duty powder coated finish to resist wear and a large heat insulated top handle for easy transport.

The Fireball space heater range from SIP is ERP-Complient (EU energy guidelines) meaning higher savings and lower emissions throughout the range. Complete with a regulator and hose, this kit will really help keep you nice and warm on site!

Space Heaters for large spaces

Sometimes you need to break out the big guns. Picture the scene, you’re in a warehouse or outside and nothing is hitting the spot, you’re still absolutely freezing. Whilst a larger space heater can be quite an investment, they can really prove their worth and keep you working happier and healthier on the coldest days. It is important to note that diesel and paraffin heaters are only suited for larger spaces, well-ventilated with good airflow, it is worth getting a carbon monoxide detector too, just to be safe.

1. SIP Fireball 1706 Propane Heater

SIP Fireball 1706 Propane Heater

The big brother of the previous fireballs, this 50KW model is suitable for up to a whopping 1145m³. It features all of the fantastic points of the other models in the SIP range but has that little bit more power to ensure even a giant-sized area stays toasty warm! It’s a fantastic propane option that will heart those larger spaces just as efficiently as the diesel or paraffin counterparts.

It is also ERP-Compliant to help you save money and is better for the planet than other standard heaters.

2. Sealey Space Warmer Paraffin/Kerosene/Diesel Heater

This space heater can run on either paraffin, kerosene or diesel and provides 13.2kw of power heating areas up to 249m³. It offers clean burning with a specially designed burner head to ensure a thorough burn of the fuel for maximum heating efficiency.

It has a large 19L fuel tank capacity which will burn for approximately 14 hours on a tank, so it will last all day even in very cold temperatures. It’s fitted with a flame-out device that cuts fuel if the flame goes out for added safety.

Sealey Space Heater 45,0000Bu-hr

3. Sealey Space Warmer Paraffin/Kerosene/Diesel Heater

Sealey Space Heater 100,0000Bu-hr

The big gun from Sealey, this space heater model offers 100,000 BTU/hr (29.3kw) of heat output. It will heat areas up to 600m³ with a digital display and thermostat to keep the space at a constant temperature. This model also comes on wheels for easy transport and features a large 38L fuel tank.

It comes with all of the features that ensure efficient fuel burning and ensures maximum heating efficiency.

So there you have it, space heaters can be a great addition to your kit. They contribute to your well-being and health on site as well as helping you be more efficient in tackling jobs in the cold. This is the case with winter workwear too, planning ahead for bad weather and being ready to tackle it is the sign of a professional, and at ITS we have all the tools you need.

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