What Makes Milwaukee Shockwave Different?

You’ve either tried hundreds of different bits, bit holders, sockets, adaptors and decided you buy cheap bits in bulk and let them break as you go along, or you’ve decided to only buy quality bits that last longer even if the upfront cost is more. This is where Milwaukee Shockwave Accessories are here to save the day!

My goal with this article is not to sell you on the Milwaukee Shockwave range, but to arm you with the information you need to make your own informed decision.

Accessories are the life and soul of the job, Power tools are nothing without them, you spend hours researching your tools before buying them so you should rightfully do the same for your accessories.

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What Does Milwaukee say about Shockwave?

Let’s start this off with the word from the horse’s mouth. Milwaukee themselves have said the following;

“With the launch of SHOCKWAVE™ in 2009, Milwaukee delivered the first line of power tool accessories specifically designed for use with impact drivers.

As tool usage and technological advancements within impact drivers has rapidly increased, SHOCKWAVE™ has continued to innovate and provide tradesman with the best performing impact accessories available.

SHOCKWAVE™ will continue to be at the forefront of impact accessory technology and focus on DRIVING PERFORMANCE FORWARD.”

Source: Milwaukee’s official Website

So what we can gather from this is plain and simple – Milwaukee Shockwave is Milwaukee’s impact driver Accessory range. That’s all well and good but what sets it apart from their competition?

so what makes Milwaukee shockwave special – in simple terms?

In this next section I will be going through each of Milwaukee’s “unique selling points” and breaking it down step by step – Billy basics, so that it’s easy to understand, Again Milwaukee Shockwave is Milwaukee’s impact driver Accessory range but what sets them apart from the rest?

I’ve thought about a couple ways to simplify Shockwave and figured the simplest way to explain would be to break down Milwaukee’s Shockwave drill bit page and each of the key selling points.

Please note: These are features specific to Milwaukee’s Impact Bits but give you a peek into the level of detail that is Milwaukee Shockwave.

WEAR GUARD TIP Explanation

Shockwave bits go through a process known as Laser Hardening. Laser hardening is a heat treatment process or surface hardening process in which a laser beam is used to heat the surface of a metal part and then let it quickly cool down in surrounding air.

Infographic explaining the process of Laser Hardening Resized
Source: Science Direct

Laser hardening is the process of firing a laser at a metal to rapidly heat and cool the surface.

This technique strengthens the bonds in the metal creating a tougher compound. The benefit of using a laser for this is the ability to process complex shapes and sizes. Laser hardening increases hardness and wear resistance creating a tougher, longer-lasting metal alloy .

This essentially means that the tips of the bits are reinforced by a laser making the steel stronger and less likely to snap whilst being used. So for your money, you’re getting a bit that lasts longer and stays sharper.

Custom Alloy76 Steel Explanation

Custom Alloy76 Steel is the metal used to create Milwaukee’s shockwave bits. Custom Alloy steel is a refined steel using various types of ferrous metals in varying ratios to change the properties of a compound.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bit with the word Alloy Steel in text Resized

Adding different combinations and proportions of elements gives steel different characteristics.

Elements such as vanadium, silicon, chromium, titanium, copper, cobalt, tungsten, and aluminum are used in the process which depending on the proportions can increase the strength of steel.

Asking Milwaukee what Custom Alloy76 steel is, is akin to asking KFC’s colonel for the 9-spice herb recipe, you can’t do it. But by understanding what a Custom Alloy Metal is, we can understand what Milwaukee means when they claim that their bits last 50x longer than others, depending on the alloy this is entirely possible.

Optimised Shock Zone Explained

The Shock Zone as Milwaukee calls it describes the long “neck” that many impact bits have these days.

a milwaukee shockwave impact bit with the text spreads energy along the bit in text

The longer “neck” of the bit flexes and moves giving the bit more leeway and room for built up energy to escape vastly increasing the durability and longevity of the bit.

What do we at ITS think about Milwaukee Shockwave?

Milwaukee’s shockwave range is built to last and that it does. Below are some of their best-sellers

One thing I used to hear a lot when working in store was the phrase “Buy cheap buy twice” I’m sure many of you have heard the same before too, buying quality bits is an investment that pays for itself.

Not only do Milwaukee Shockwave accessories last longer but they save time having to fiddle around with changing broken bits, you save space in your storage as you don’t need to carry as many bits and you save frustration because let’s be honest, everyone lets out a little anger when a bit breaks.

What Accessories can you expect to find in shockwave

Milwaukee Shockwave is an extensive range with hundreds of accessories, it can be hard to get a grasp on exactly what is offered, as such i’ve included a list of the different types of tools you can expect to find with the Milwaukee shockwave.

Top 3 Shockwave Products to get you started

If all else fails follow the crowd, this is a mentality that some people subscribe to, if that’s you, here are our best sellers – they’re best sellers for a reason if you’re looking to try out shockwave these are the accessories to go for.

Milwaukee Shockwave 49 Piece Set
A set of milwaukee shockwave bits - 49 pieces

The Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE 49-Piece Impact Screwdriver Bit Set from ITS is the perfect addition to your impact driver and your drill.

This set offers all the right accessories for all drilling and screwing applications.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bit Holders
Milwaukee shockwave bit holders, 5 stacked on top oh each other

Magnetic bit holder made from custom-engineered steel heat-treated for maximum strength and durability.

An extra strong magnetic tip ensures bits are securely held in place and prevents bit loss. 1/4″ hex shank is ideal for all impact drivers and heavy-duty applications.

Milwaukee Shockwave ph2 Bit Set 25Piece
Milwaukee Shockwave Bits set of 10

PZ2 x 25mm length Shockwave impact duty bits designed for use with impact drivers.

The SHOCKWAVE™ IMPACT DUTY accessory line is not only ideal for heavy-duty impact applications but also delivers a full system solution for all the user’s drilling and fastening needs.

What does Milwaukee Shockwave have in store this year?

Milwaukee has now released their Q1 and Q2 catalog (Available on their website). With this, we can see that they have plans to sell a variety of new tools most excitingly the new Gen 3 (or are they Gen 4) Impact and Combi.

All of Milwaukee’s new releases are posted to our What’s New page when they are available to purchase (link below)

Banner for Milwaukee whats new page

With regards to shockwave Milwaukee is releasing we are lucky enough to have gotten our hands on some of the new shockwave bit sets and here are our favourite features:

Built to fit snug in Packout cases – no more bits going everywhere in your case, no-one does organisation quite this well.

Small Carrying case with organised sections to hold your bits made from ip35-rated material meaning it’s waterproof and will survive on a site

Removable “sections” in sets – this allows you to customise your set and bring only the bits you need to a job.

This has the added benefit of allowing you to attach the bits to your driver/drill

Milwaukee Shockwave New Release catalogue

Milwaukee has also released their new yearly catalogue at the beginning of the year – you can check it out for all of the new shockwave bits on page 8 (image below)

Screenshot of milwaukee's magazine showing new shockwave tools

It’s always exciting seeing a tool manufacturer release new and fresh accessories for us to test out, if you’d like to see more here’s a video from Dan taking a look at the new Milwaukee 38 Piece Shockwave Set.

YouTube player

There are also Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE X PACKOUT SETS

YouTube player

Recently Milwaukee has been adding shockwave accessories to their Packout offering, this is a great way to introduce new customers to the Packout range and I don’t think anyone is complaining.

Want a 1/2 Deep socket set? It comes with a Packout case with dividers for each socket, Although not game-breaking this is a welcome addition to Milwaukee’s shockwave offering for those that like keeping their tools organised.

It’s the small things that count, if you’re going to buy a socket set anyway it should come with a case and that case should be top-notch. Simple really.

As with most tools and accessories sometimes your best bet is to just take the dive and try them out for yourself.

All Milwaukee shockwave accessories are built to last, their high quality shines with use, if you haven’t already, give them a try and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

I hope that this article has inspired you to either give Shockwave a look or if not you’ve learned something about Milwaukee’s accessories. You can find all of our Milwaukee Shockwave bits and sets at ITS.CO.UK.

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