What is Makita 40V MAX XGT?

It’s no secret that the major power tool brands have, over the last few years, began to focus their efforts to replace mains powered tools with cordless options.

Introduced in June 2020, the Makita 40V MAX XGT is designed to do just that but without any loss in performance, flexibility or reliability.

Makita 40V Max

In fact, the long term goal is to make them better. Yes, it’s a bold statement, but here, we’ll explore why that is a worthy goal, and one that they have already begun to score.

The 40V Max XGT range is aimed squarely at contractors who are in heavy-use situations. Whether its demolition, construction, working outdoors, or in any situation where high performance and high powered tools are an essential requirement – this is for you.

If you already have a Makita corded power tool, chances are there is a cordless equivalent, and maybe one that will out perform the one you already have.

The Battery

Every power tool needs power – hence the name. So its worth looking at the driving force, the heart, the oomph of any power tool – the battery.

Makita 40V Battery

Currently available in 4 sizes, 2.0Ah, 2.5Ah, 4.0Ah and 5.0Ah, these higher output batteries deliver a greater flexibility so that you can easily keep working without interruption.

Each battery features a waterproof triple-layer structure as well as heavy-duty outer casing and cell holder for improved shock resistance. In short, they’re designed to used in harsh environments – wind, rain, snow, sun, on site, in homes, and more.

They’ve been designed to be charged quickly – a 2.5Ah battery will only take 28mins to be fully charged while the 4.0Ah Battery takes just 45mins to charge up.

Furthermore, each battery includes microchips that allow seamless communication between tool and battery. This allows for real-time communication, heat monitoring, overload control as well as over-discharge control.

So effective are these batteries, that in some cases, tasks can be completed up to 40% more effectively when compared to their 18V counterparts.

Makita 40V Cordless Benefits

The XGT Range

For users who require and demand intensively powered machine, there is a power tool to suit your needs.

From combi drills, impact drivers, SDS Drills, Brakers, Impact Wrenches, Angle Grinders, Saws, through to Gardening Power Tools, Radios, Torches, Fans and much more.

This higher power range is designed to deliver more power when you want it, and last longer on the job.

Like the batteries, each tool has a microchip to monitor its performance as wells heat monitoring, overload control and more. When you combine this with the latest Brushless Motor technology, this distinct range is not only ready for work now, but are ready for any heavy jobs in the future.

Makita 40V XGT Range

What is 80V max XGT?

Like the LXT range, there are a select number of products that require the use of two batteries. These power tools deliver the ultimate level of power requirements. Currently covering demolition hammer drills, these can produce up to 20 Joules of impact energy with 2250 blows per minute.

For industrial level work, these tools deliver the final word in site requirements.

Makita 80V Max XGT

Makita 40V - Replacing Corded Tools

Can they replace corded power tools?

Frankly, yes. Not only have they been designed as such, but there is greater number of benefits to going down this road.

No cables, no worrying about where to plug it in, no power converters, complete freedom of movement. You can, in the most literal terms, turn up, work, pack up – anywhere. Whether you’re working on site, roadside, garden – anywhere.

And for horticultural works, this has the added benefit of removing the need for any petrol driven gardening tools. No fumes, no worrying about mixing fuel together, no loud noises or even having to worry about transporting petrol. Simply turn up, plug in your battery, and away you go.

What does 40V max mean?

Ahh – a good question. When a battery is fully charged, it has a higher voltage. For example, a CXT 10.8 Volt battery has an unloaded voltage of 12 Volts, which is called 12 Volt Max.

This voltage will only be available the instant you turn on your power tool – after this, it will drop to a nominal value of around 36V. However, it is still one of the highest power options available on the market.

Isn’t that a bit of short change?

No. All brands do this. In fact, in the USA, Dewalt quote a 20V Max range, while in the UK it is 18V. The key is the term MAX, as in maximum. You really do get 40V Max.

Is XGT cross compatible with LXT?

Sadly no. This is a completely different range and aimed at users who demand higher specification, higher power needs and as previously mentioned, the need to replace corded tools to gain the flexibility that comes with cordless power tools.

XGT is a completely standalone range. While Makita will continue to develop and release both CXT and LXT tools, it is obvious when looking at the range currently available, that Makita will continue to add to this alongside other ranges to give long-term owners of Makita power tools greater choice.

Makita 40V XGT Cross Compatible

What if I already have Makita LXT tools?

All is not lost – while you cannot charge XGT batteries on any LXT Charger, there is an adapter available for charging LXT batteries on a XGT Charger. The ADP10 will let you charge any of your LXT Batteries with ease, and it’ll be faster to charge too.

This will then give you the flexibility to use both LXT and XGT tools on the job with only one charger.

Next generation technology

OK, cards on the table… Having to invest in a new power platform may make some people baulk at the idea due to the cost of batteries and tools.

And lets be fair, some traders are more than happy with the tools that they’ve got. That’s great, however, for those who want, need, demand more, this is the answer.

Next Generation Technology

Makita are an internationally trusted brand; innovative, detailed and precise. This is no more evident than the 40V MAX XGT range. This delivers the power, the flexibility, and more importantly, the consistency as well as the reliability than may professionals need to complete the job they’ve been given.

And for full transparency, yes, both team yellow and team red offer similar platforms. However, neither of them have the range of tools available as Makita.

Are you ready to get powerful?

Makita 40v XGT Products

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