What Type of Tool Case do I need?

This is a very broad question but we’re going to try and shed some light, on which type will suit you best.

We can sit here all day going over every type of tool case, but we would end up with 1000 pages and only about 3 being relevant to you, so instead here are 4 statements. Just pick the one best suited to the way you work and scroll down to that number for our recommended case option.

  1. I have lots of tool that carry with me everywhere in a neat and organised way.
  2. I don’t need to take the workshop on the train with me, I have a small number of specialised tools that I put in my bag and out the door I go.
  3. I have a few select tools that are my life. I take them with me and protect them wherever I go.
  4. I have a lot of tools that I carry with me everywhere and I’m not too worried about them getting the odd scratch or mark here and there. It may look messy to some, but I know where every last screwdriver bit is.


“Lots of tools” and “neatly organised” don’t usually go hand in hand but you make it work.

A lot of manufacturers have tried to make an organised way of storing a lot of tools in minimal space, but none have come up as good as the DeWalt Toughsystem range of cases.

Stackable boxes that come with drawer combinations, fixings pots, clear organisers. You can even get a radio and cooler box that stack on top of each other!

The Toughsystem Mobile & Modular Storage System have unmatched customisation options, so you can mix and match your combination to suit the job you are doing that day.

The cases offer high impact protection, with a 4mm thick reinforced outer casing and full metal latches for extra durability.

ToughSystem toolboxes are dust tight and water resistant. They also feature padlock eyes so you can be confident that your tools will be there when you get back.

If you have a van to keep your shiny new tools in, DeWalt have the racking system for you.

With the ToughSystem van racking system you can lock your tool cases to the side of the van and they’ll stay put even on the roughest roads. Once you’re on site you can unclip the cases from your van, clip them back on to the ToughSystem folding trolley and you’re good to go! DeWalt have made the carrying and securing of tools as easy as possible.

To take a look at all the cases mentioned in this post or for an overview of ToughSystem, you can find out more at ITS by clicking here.

Size or weight

There is no point carrying an SDS MAX if you’re a kitchen fitter, sometimes less is more.

You have your combi, impact, a few hand tools, a couple of bits, and your sandwich ready to go in your bag and you’re set but you can’t just turn up to site with a Sainsburys bag. You need something a bit more suitable.

What tool bags lack in protection they make up for in portability. I’m assuming you know what a tool bag is and how it operates and there is only so much innovation that can fit into a bag but the most versatile and feature packed bag we’ve seen is the Makita P-72017 Professional Tool Rucksack.

Yes, there are larger bags that hold more tools and yes there are smaller and more industry specific bags on the market, but this particular bag finds the perfect balance between size and versatility.

Weighing in at just 1.73Kg and made from toughened polyester, this bag is built to last job after job and still be comfortable job after job. It does with two extra padded shoulder straps and it even has a chest strap for heavy loads.

A large main pocket gives you enough space for a good sized SDS+ and another smaller pocket has several divides to make sure all your tools stay organised during the day and the commute.

At the bottom of the bag is a zipped compartment which holds a removable small plastic box with removable dividers. You can remove the fixings box and use it as another pocket if you prefer.

All in all, this bag can fit your days tools in it and more! It will be comfortable for daily use and, with proper care, will last a very long time. Again, there are bigger bags and more trade specific bags, but you will struggle to find better bang for your buck when it comes to the Makita P-72017.

Price & Functionality

Everything in its place and where it should be. Tools are expensive and need proper looking after to keep working and get you through your jobs.

This is why you need the MAKPAC Stackable Cases from Makita.

Made from tough plastic with a folding handle and strong clips, the Makita MAKPAC cases are the ideal choice for the neat and organised workman.

The main drawback of stackable type cases is that they have to conform to the same general shape to actually be stackable which means customisation options are usually quite limited, but Makita have managed to get together a decent range of different cases to suit almost every need.

Starting with the basics, there are four sizes of “standard” stackable cases that will fit just about anything from hand tools to SDS+ drills. They’re really just boxes that come in four sizes, so we won’t spend too much time on them, however Makita have given them the option of being a bit more special. Almost every LXT tool (within reason) has a solid plastic inlay that you can put into the case and give your tool the best protection possible.

If you have an older Makita model, or a totally different tool, you can still use the Makita stackable cases, but you would need to get the foam inlay and cut it to suit your tool.

On top of tool cases, you can also get the open top stackable tool totes that allow quick and easy access to the contents and the stackable cantilever tool box that ensures all your fixings stay in one place and, more importantly, are always to hand.

All this work organising your tools is sure to leave you in need of a sandwich and cold drink so it’s a good job Makita have thought of that as well! The MakPac Cool Boxes are stackable cases designed for sandwiches rather than sanders and will keep your lunch cool all day on site.

The MakPac Cool Boxes are available in 11 litre capacity for a quick bite and 18 litre for a real hungry-man lunch so choose wisely.

Makita offer a fantastic variety of easy to use, easy to maintain, and tough to break cases that are ideal for the seasoned siteman and the keen DIY’er. You really can’t go too far wrong with a good stackable case and Makita have hit the nail on the head with this one.

You can shop the entire range of Makita MakPac by following this link here

Alternatives to hard cases

“Will I need that saw today? What about those flat bits?” Sometimes our crystal ball glitches and we turn up with the standard tools for the standard job but the plan changed overnight and now you’re left in the wind.

Worry no more! With the heavy duty Trolley Bag from Panasonic you can take your entire tool kit to and from work and never have to worry about leaving a critical piece behind.

Be warned though, no matter how much work has gone into it a bag is still a bag and will not offer the same level of protection as a hard case so, if you are worried about your tools taking a knock, its best to stick with a hard shell.

That’s not to say that nothing has been done to limit the amount of knocking around your tools will be subjected to. Almost every reputable tool bag on the market today is made from extremely tough material and comes with padded sides and a hard base. Some will even have dividers and pockets inside, so you can keep the extra special bits extra secure.

For example, the Panasonic Trolley Bag features multiple internal and external pockets for perfect organised storage of your tools and accessories as well as 3 removable hook and loop dividers to make internal sectioning a breeze. All the space maximising and storage features combine to give you a massive 45L of carry space, so you can keep everything you need ready for when you need it.

The bag itself only weighs 5kg but its going to weigh a lot more once you’ve got all your kit in it and all the Panasonic engineering expertise in the world can’t change that, however Panasonic have added some handy little features to help you lighten the load a bit.

Robust wheels and heavy duty carry handle mean you can flip the bag up, whip out the handle, and be on your way in seconds. The large wheelbase gives you a very stable wheeling experience making it feel as if you were gliding through the gates at Stansted instead of making a run for the van.

If the wheels and handle seem like too much of a hassle you can just attach the extra padded shoulder strap and carry the bag like any other tool bag.

The ease of use and transport options make the Panasonic Trolley Bag a real contender if you are shopping for a new bag and definitely worth a look if you are thinking of binning the plastic cases.

Everyone has different needs and different preferences so it is impossible to give you a definitive guide. If you are ever in doubt and need a bit of advice you can always give our team a call on 0208 532 5000 or drop us a message to [email protected] and we will do what we an to help you out!

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